How to get rid of lower back pain fast!

Dr. Sneha Ganatra
November 03, 2020

In the human body, the back is the large posterior area that houses the spine, muscles, bones, ligaments, spinal cord, and several nerves. It supports the weight of the body and allows you to carry out a range of movements flexibly. Naturally, this means that in the unfortunate circumstance that you experience back pain, you should prioritise recovery. There can be several back pain causes ranging from an improper sleeping position and muscle strain to serious reasons like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Whatever be the back pain reason, the key to addressing it is to first understand the type. There are 3 main back pain types that you should be aware of. They are:

  • Axial: Pain that is limited to one spot, typically from strain
  • Referred: Pain that moves around and affects nearby bones or muscles
  • Radicular: Pain that feels like an electric shock or searing that follows the path of the spinal nerve and may sometimes travel to the leg

For axial and referred back pain, depending on the severity, simple rest can offer some relief. However, with radicular pain, medical treatment is almost always necessary. Thankfully, for common back pain, lower or upper, there are ways that you can get relief without needing to visit a doctor. These are generally based on soothing the muscles and bones in the area while reducing the inflammation that causes pain.

Here are 7 back pain remedies that you can try at home.

Get a massage

A good way to relieve back pain is to get a massage. Research shows that massages have beneficial effects on health as well as serve as a viable solution for back pain. This is mainly because a back massage improves blood circulation, which is necessary for recovery from any soreness in the muscles. Secondly, massages are known to relax the muscles. Relaxed muscles have an improved range of motion and also help reduce insomnia. Lastly, and most importantly, a massage facilitates the release of endorphins in the body. These chemicals make you feel better and help you effectively manage acute pain.

There are specialised massage practices that also target pain in the back. A good example is neuromuscular massages, which greatly help muscle spasms. These are usually very painful to touch, but such a massage can help alleviate pain.

Perform light exercise

To reduce back pain, exercise may just be the best way to experience immediate relief. However, you must remember that due to the pain, you should perform light exercise that doesn’t strain your body, especially your back, too much. Activities like a short walk, touching your toes, water exercise and adopting the cobra pose can work wonders. This is because exercise causes the release of endorphins and can relax tense muscles. Endorphins effectively work as painkillers and exercise can help blood circulation to affected areas.

Besides this, a good way to prevent future back pain is to exercise your core. Muscles in your abdomen and back support your spine and regular exercise help keep them active. Simple movements that activate your core along with your regular exercise or even after your workout will make a big difference.

Use ice packs and heating pads

Studies have proven that using heating and cooling pads on your back can alleviate pain. When facing back pain, the first step is to immediately apply an ice pack on the affected area. This reduces inflammation greatly and can provide a numbing effect for serious injuries. However, be careful not to apply ice directly to your skin for extended periods of time as this can cause frostbite. Generally, you should ice your back for not more than 20 minutes. The next step can be to use a heating pad or a hot water bag on the affected area. Swapping between hot and cold relieves achy muscles and reduces soreness. Heat therapy increases blood flow and helps the muscles relax, reducing pain significantly.

Apply a pain-relief cream

This is a common remedy that you should consider. You get a variety of pain-relief creams at pharmacies and these have proven to work effectively. Such creams contain either capsaicin or menthol. Capsaicin, a compound found in hot pepper, not only relieves pain but has also been found to treat osteoarthritis pain. Menthol, on the other hand, has a cooling effect that can temporarily numb back pain and desensitize the pain receptors in the affected area. However, overuse of menthol-based pain-relief creams can increase pain sensitivity. So, make sure you do so only when necessary.

Try anti-inflammatory beverages

Inflammation in the back can cause pain and drinking beverages with anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce or get rid of it. For instance, turmeric milk has antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. Drinking it regularly can curb inflammation and keep back pain at bay. Similarly, you also consume tart cherry juice. This helps relieve muscle pain and drinking it regularly can have positive effects. Another option is drinking green tea with ginger.

Stretch your hamstrings

While you may feel pain in your back, the main source for it may be another body part altogether. Tight hamstrings are often the cause of back pain, especially in the lower back as they stress your joint and muscles in the area. This is why you should stretch your hamstring muscles daily. Popular exercises you can try include touching your toes, the wall hamstring stretch, the seated hamstring stretch and the towel hamstring stretch.

Improve your sleep quality

Lack of sleep or improper sleep has been found to not only make the pain worse but can also alter your tolerance to pain. Moreover, when it comes to back pain, sleeping enough, and in the right position, is key to solving issues that may arise. The ideal position is to ensure that you have enough support to keep your neck and spine in a straight line, with a pillow between your knees, if you sleep on your side, to keep your spine in a neutral position. To add to that, you can also get supplements for vitamin C and vitamin B6 as these control metabolism and promote good sleep.

Addressing back pain as it surfaces is something you should prioritise as it can develop into a chronic issue if left untreated. Moreover, dealing with pain on a regular basis can affect your mood and become a source of stress. This can lead to anxiety and muddle your everyday interactions. So, the best solution is to try some of these back pain home remedies and if the pain persists, contact your local physician.

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