Homeopathy Medicine for PCOD: 5 Top Things to Know about It

Homeopathy Medicine for PCOD: 5 Top Things to Know about It

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May 23, 2023 mins read


PCOD impacts the reproductive system of females and increases the production of male hormones - leading to irregular periods and associated conditions such as infertility. Find out how homeopathy medicines can help relieve PCOD symptoms.

Key Takeaways

  • PCOD homeopathy medicines are made from natural herbs and substances
  • Women having a regular menstrual cycle may also have PCOD
  • PCOD can lead to associated problems such as infertility and depression

Definition: What is PCOD?

What is the PCOD problem? PCOD is the abbreviation of polycystic ovarian disorder, a syndrome that impacts the reproductive system of females. In this condition, ovaries tend to secret more male homes, such as testosterone and less female hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. This condition leads to the formation of multiple cysts in the ovaries and is named accordingly.

Though you cannot cure PCOD completely, you can manage the condition with lifestyle remedies and medications. For example, you can opt for homeopathy medicine for PCOD, which helps dissolve ovarian cysts. One key benefit of PCOD homeopathy treatment is that you will get natural benefits without any side effects or toxicity. In addition, it is beneficial for the patient in the long run as homeopathic medicine for PCOD treats the problem from its roots. Read on to learn more about homeopathy medicine for PCOD, its uses, and its benefits.

PCOD homeopathy treatment: An introduction

Homeopathy medicine for PCOD doesn’t only treat the main condition but also reduces the associated symptoms. PCOD homeopathy medicine is made from natural herbs and substances as an alternative treatment. They are completely safe, and they treat the problem along with the associated symptoms. Here's a look at the signs that are associated with PCOD and can be treated with PCOD homoeopathic medicine:

  • Irregularity in menstruation
  • Excess hair growth in unusual places
  • Loss of hair from your scalp or male pattern baldness
  • Infertility
  • Painful periods with excessive bleeding
  • Depression
  • Development of acne on your skin
  • Disturbances in sleep
  • Chronic pain in your pelvic region
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Cardiac problems
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PCOD Homoeopathic Medicine: What are your options?

While opting for PCOD treatment in homeopathy, you will get multiple options among homeopathy medicine for PCOD. Doctors prescribe them based on your symptoms and treatment objectives. Here’s a look at the common medications doctors prescribe:

  • Graphites: As constipation is one of the major conditions associated with PCOD, this homeopathy medicine for PCOD help ease your bowel movements and relieve other PCOD symptoms
  • Apis Mellifica: As part of PCOD homeopathy treatment, doctors often prescribe this medication to PCOD patients who suffer from pricking pains. The homeopathic medicine for PCOD stimulates the mucosal membrane of the uterus and uterine organs to ease PCOD symptoms
  • Sepia: This homeopathy medicine for PCOD is usually prescribed to patients who are experiencing chronic pain in their uterine region
  • Pulsatilla: It is a popular PCOD homeopathy medicine often prescribed in case of irregular and delayed menstruation
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A few interesting facts about PCOD

  • The global prevalence of the condition varies between 5% to 18% [1]
  • In India, the range varies between 3.7% to 22.5% [2]
  • Half of the women with PCOD get a late diagnosis or don’t know about their condition at all [1]
  • Women with PCOD may also have normal menstrual cycles
  • The cysts in PCOD may be in places other than ovary
  • It causes infertility among some women
  • Women who have this condition may be more prone to mental health illnesses such as anxiety and depression than other women
  • If you have PCOD, there is a high chance of good cholesterol going down and total cholesterol going up. Under such circumstances, doctors may prescribe modifications in diet and lifestyle
  • As women with PCOD have a high amount of testosterone, they can develop muscles faster than women without the condition
  • Individuals with PCOD may have trouble breastfeeding or producing sufficient milk for their child

PCOD homoeopathic treatment: Can homeopathy treat PCOD?

Remember, no treatment procedures can ensure a complete cure for PCOD. However, treatment with homeopathy medicine for PCOD can help you treat PCOD and associated conditions together, giving you long-term relief. Not just that, you can continue your homeopathy medication as long as you need.

For a better understanding of PCOD causes, symptoms and treatment, you can book a gynaecologist consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Resolve your doubts in minutes and start managing PCOD effectively. Book an online appointment right away!

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  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6902362/

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