Wisdom Teeth Pain: Home Remedies That are Easy and Effective!

April 07, 2021

Between the ages of 17 and 25, it is quite common for many to have their wisdom teeth come in. These are the third set of molars that come in at the very back of your mouth. At these ages, such an experience is quite unique, and you may have doubts about it. Some of the more popular questions about it on the internet are, ‘Is growing a wisdom tooth painful?’ and ‘Is wisdom teeth removal painful?’

Such questions are justified as anyone who has had wisdom teeth come in will tell you that it can be quite a painful experience. This is why it helps to know the different ways you can go about seeking wisdom teeth pain relief.

As they come in, you’ll find the wisdom teeth pain growing in intensity gradually through the days. This is because the teeth move through the jawbone and break through the gum line. This is when you’ll feel most of the wisdom teeth pain symptoms. At this stage, it is important to contact a dentist and get an appointment for further care. This can take some time and in the meanwhile you must do all you can to manage the pain. To help with that, here are 8 wisdom teeth pain home remedies you can try to address this problem.

Use peppermint extract

A common measure for treating pain, of any kind, is to rely on the use of natural oils. As such, one good option is peppermint as it contains substances known to reduce inflammation and soothe pain. This works as a neat stopgap solution that you can have recourse to until you can get professional care for wisdom teeth pain symptoms. To do this, simply put peppermint extract on a cotton ball and gently rub it either on the gums or on the wisdom tooth that’s hurting. Alternatively, you can consider making peppermint tea and rinsing your mouth with it once the tea has cooled down.

Try an ice pack

An age-old trick to dealing with any sort of pain is to apply ice to it. Ice reduces inflammation and provides a numbing effect, thus reducing the sensation of pain. In situations where wisdom tooth pain is unbearable, all you have to do is apply an ice pack against the jaw near the affected area. Do this in small bursts while maintaining 15-minute breaks in between. This should help keep the pain in check and provide wisdom tooth pain relief.

Apply aloe vera gel

When a wisdom tooth is erupting from the jaw, it often causes damage to the gums as well, leaving them tender. A good way to deal with this is to apply aloe vera gel, which is non-toxic, to soothe the area. This gel can reduce inflammation and help heal damaged gums.

Do a saltwater rinse

In addition to the painful process of eruption, other wisdom teeth pain causes include infections due to harmful bacteria. To keep your discomfort in check, it is smart to do a saltwater gargle every few hours to halt the growth of bacteria. Doing so over the course of a day should offer some relief as the harmful bacteria start to get washed out of the mouth.

Chew raw onion

In a study, onions were found to possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria helps keep pain levels tolerable. With this pain treatment measure, all you need to do is cut a piece of onion and chew on the side that you’re experiencing the pain. The juice from the onion will enter the gum and provide pain relief.

Rub a paste of garlic and ginger on the gums

It is known that garlic is incredibly effective at dealing with pathogens or harmful bacteria that could harm the gum. As such, it was found that a mixture of crushed garlic and chopped ginger served as a viable solution for pain relief. This may seem a bit unorthodox, but it is worth a try.

Place a tea bag over the gums

Tea is known to contain tannins that have both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As such, tea can be useful in controlling pain and swelling. Here, all you need to do is brew a cup of black tea with a tea bag and leave the cup with the tea bag to chill in a refrigerator. Once chilled, place the tea bag in mouth, nearest to where you feel the pain.

Make a baking soda mixture

A quick solution to dealing with wisdom tooth pain is to take baking soda and mix it with your toothpaste. This mixture should then be applied to the affected area for near-instant relief. 

Relying on natural wisdom teeth pain solutions is a smart way to manage the distress you may experience during this time. Remember, the symptoms of wisdom teeth pain don’t stop at a toothache and can worsen if left unchecked. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth pain causes aren’t solely linked to the eruption but may also boil down to an infection. If an infection has set in, you could get a fever or face other dental issues that can be quite tricky to treat.

This is why many consider having their wisdom teeth removed at the first sign of eruption and avoid the hassle of undertaking wisdom teeth pain relief practices. However, if you find yourself facing dental problems with your wisdom teeth and need access to a quick solution, use the Bajaj Finserv Health App to find the right specialist for the job.

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