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Hey...can please help.... actually my newborn baby is having cough...she is coughing sometimes and sneezing alot and also voice coming from her chest....i really don't know what to family said that try home made remedies.....but i am just getting panicked.....she is just 23days old....and also she is premature.....she born in 36weeks can you please tell me if i should wait and try home remedies....or should I go to hospital?? please help
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doctor profileDr. Priyanka Rajvanshi
Pediatrician | 12 years | Ghaziabad
I hope the baby is fine now,but dont try home remedies for such a small child,show her to nearby pediatrician or at least take online consultation,especially if there is associated fever,sneezing is otherwise normal and also noise,which occurs due to nose block,can nasoclear nasal saline drops in baby's nostrils ,one drop in both nostrils 4 to 5 times a day for nose block
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Kunalkumar Manubhai Amin
Pediatrician | 10 years | Anand
Is she having fever?? If no complain of fever than nothing to worry about.. Sneezing is normal for newborn child.. If she is taking feed properly & passing urine atleast 4-5 times a day..then every thing is fine. If fever arise then visit your nearby paediatrician
Answered 2 months ago
doctor profileDr. Ashutosh Shrivastava
Pediatrician | 52 years | Gautam Budha Nagar
I hope he is fine now
Answered 24 days ago
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