don't feel hungry and stool is watery

Male, 32
since 4 months my stool moment are not regular as it used to be before 4 months . few years back I had very bad constipation for 2 days and when I went to stool I had some blood in it . since then I had mucus in my stool for an year then now my stool is not in same quantity as I eat and even the colour has changed from brown to pale yellow and soft stool sometimes watery . before 4 months my liver enzymes were normal after 2 months my liver enzymes are bit high sgot, sgpt, alkalane prospate , total protin and albumin globalin all are above normal range . i have a fatty liver and enlarged liver . with kidney stone of 4 mm in left side and 5 mm in right side . with multiple small stones . and a cortical crist in right kidney . my cholesterol level are also high . ldl cholesterol . 181, serum triglycerides 250, and vldl cholesterol 50 . i have burning sensation in my hands and chest some times . my vitamin d is under deficiency . but since 4 months I have been on a veg diet with no spicy
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doctor profileDr. Seema Math
Gastroenterologist | 1 months | Bengaluru
Are diabetic,what's ur Triglycerides levels Please have a consultation with me Stool examination
Answered 7 months ago

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