Gums pain

Female, 26
Tooth ache and red gums
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doctor profileDr. Chandan Jha
Dentist | 4 months | Bengaluru
if your gums are puffy, inflamed, or enlarged, you can say that your gums are swollen.  Under most circumstances, this swelling will involve several of the triangle shaped areas of the gums between the teeth called papillae. The swelling itself is often a result of an accumulation of white blood cells and fluids that are reacting to irritation and inflammation caused by bacteria and plaque along the gum line. It only takes a couple of hours for bacteria to form plaque and only a couple of days for that plaque to harden into tartar.
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Dhiraj Sehgal
Dentist | 22 years | West Delhi
Tooth ache is a very broad term.exact type and the reason can only be ascertained by history and clinical examination. Similarly red gums indicate inflammation which can be because of a many reasons. Please consult your dentist for correct evaluation and treatment.
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Dr Sharma
Dentist | 8 months | West Delhi
Good evening mam the problem you are reporting needs the proper diagnosis first and xray so for better diagnosis and treatment plan you can consult us the best possible treatment will be provided according to the condition of the same thank you
Answered 19 days ago
doctor profileDr. Khushi Patel
Dentist | 3 months | Pune
Clinical examination is a must to find out the exact cause. Toothache could be due to a cavity or food lodgement. Red gums could be due to tartar buildup.Treatment varies depending on the causative factor.Kindly visit any nearby dental clinic.
Answered 19 days ago
doctor profileDr. Priyanka S
Dentist | 1 years | Krishnagiri
Hello.. red gums means there might be some infection.. age factor also matters.. tooth ache also might be related to gums.. clinical and radiographic examination is needed.. so kindly visit your nearest dentist and get it checked
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Preeti Rokade
Dentist | 52 years | Pune
Tooth ache is due to caries need to rule out through clinical examination and x ray. Red gums due to vitamin deficiency or calculus associated with poor oral hygiene requires regular dental check up
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Uday Kiran
Dentist | 1 months | Hyderabad
First we should check clinically thn if needed we have advice radiographically for tooth ache and for red gums we have to advice cleaning and advice paradontox gel it reduces redness
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Faiyaz Rahaman
Dentist | 3 years | North 24 Parganas
Tooth ache is due to caries..u need to visit dentist to undergo gum is due to inflammation. There r many etiology for inflammed gum..need to identify the etiology first.
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Shruti Porwal
Dentist | 6 years | Lucknow
There could be many reasons for red gums . Most probably it could be tartar deposition . Visit a nearby dentist and do not forget to tell him about your medical history.
Answered 19 days ago
doctor profileDr. Nimmi Singh
Dentist | 52 years | Bhopal
Due to poor oral hygiene...May be your gum pain for relief maintain proper warm saline gargle to reduce swelling...and visit a dentist as soon as possible
Answered 19 days ago

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