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Having fever and heavy back pain.

Female, 35
Having fever and having back pain during the time for 2days. Tested all but all reports are negative. How can i come out of it.
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Answers (11)
doctor profileDr. Ashish Kumar
General Physician | 11 years | Tarn Taran
This is viral fever.. After vaccination symptoms are only fever n back aches. Take tab. Acetaminophen bd. No medicine else is needed. Take fruits as much u can n salad or fresh and raw 🥦🥕🌽 or fruits.. For 3 days. Hot fomentation for back ache
Answered 12 days ago
doctor profileDr. Pandian Periyasamy
General Physician | 26 years | Kanchipuram
Kindly take antibiotics, paracetamol and probiotics for 3days Keep your self hydrated well Drink plenty of fluids Adequate hydration and rest Kindly consult
Answered 13 days ago
doctor profileDr. Ujjyani Pawar
General Physician | 2 years | Mumbai
Can help you with the next course of action and treatment plan. Would like to discuss in details and provide apt solution. Kindly consult.
Answered 13 days ago
doctor profileDr. Abdul Qayoom Mir
General Physician | 52 years | Srinagar
Yes dear it is only viral fever plz take plenty of fluids and symptomatic treatment. For further advice kindly connect over app.
Answered 12 days ago
doctor profileDr. Hari Rastogi
General Physician | 1 months | Bijnore
Something is wrong with your bladder kidney system. Please investigate further 🙏.
Answered 13 days ago
doctor profileDr. Shalini Nadar
General Physician | 0 months | Mumbai
What test has been done send report . kindly consult for detailed evaluation
Answered 13 days ago
doctor profileDr. Prasymol Ps
General Physician | 1 years | Kanchipuram
T Dolo 650 tds fr 3 days and evaluate ur back pain
Answered 10 days ago
doctor profileDr. Animesh Gupta
General Physician | 14 years | Patna
It’s viral fever. Did u check for COVID
Answered 13 days ago
doctor profileDr. Akhter Hosen
General Physician | 4 months | Hyderabad
Are you currently on which medications?
Answered 13 days ago
doctor profileDr. Noushad Ck Mbbs Dnb General Medicine
General Physician | 7 years | Kozhikode
Its look like viral fever
Answered 13 days ago

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