Height not increasing

Male, 16
My height is just around 4feet even though I am heading towards 17. Treatment is going on in safdarjung but not that much effective, please help.
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Answers (16)
doctor profileDr. Shaishav Patel
Pediatrician | 3 years | Ahmedabad
See you are now 17 years old..and you are taking a treatment for short heights..but which treatment are you taking.. is it growth hormone or anything else? And if growth hormone then I will not be that much beneficial to increase height.. because at the age of 17 years..your skeletal growth will be growth hormone or any kind of treatment is less effective or even not effective after 16-17 years should start treatment quiet early ..around 12-13-14 year age..
Answered 3 months ago
doctor profileDr. Pallavi Sachdeva
Pediatrician | 8 months | North West Delhi
Need detailed evaluation and endocrinology opinion - on urgent basis. As the age is approaching 17 years, most likely puberty issues will also be there if the height is low. Don't keep your morale down. Getting the right diagnosis for your short height is utmost important and accordingly the treatment.
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Sameer Awadhiya
Pediatrician | 18 years | Indore
There could be many factors for this the most important is the the genetic factor then it could be nutritional deficiency and one more thing which needs to be ruled out is any hormonal factor for which you can consult to an endocrinologist
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Praduymna Ku Patra
Pediatrician | 1 months | Khorda
Need to know detail history Have to look at your groth chart Have to see if it is familial or congenital.As you are under treatment we got to know details of treatment & investigation before commenting.
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Bhargavi J
Pediatrician | 52 years | Surat
Hey dear For any kind of advice need to know about detailed history, clinical examination,and investigation till now.... Its better to in person consultation...
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Priyanka Reddy Mulamalla
Pediatrician | 10 years | Rangareddy
You hardly have two more years to attain a good height , donot delay further consult us online for detailed blood tests to see where the problem Exactly is …
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Priyanka Rajvanshi
Pediatrician | 12 years | Ghaziabad
How much is the height of your family members,esp yur mother and father,it could be familial,to rue out pathology detailed workout is required
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Nikhil Mehrotra
Pediatrician | 16 years | Gautam Budha Nagar
For height parameter Proper hormonal and growth chart is to be checked properly kindly have a proper workup with endocrinologist
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Soumyadeep Kundu
Pediatrician | 4 months | South 24 Parganas
Consult offline as detail evaluation is needed. Consult endocrinologist
Answered 8 months ago
doctor profileDr. Ajay Tiwari
Pediatrician | 31 years | West Delhi
Please continue treatment at safdarajang hospital, they are the best👍💯
Answered 8 months ago
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