How to tackle bad breath

Male, 33
I have a bad breath issue
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doctor profileDr. Subhabrata Ghosh
Dentist | 6 years | North 24 Parganas
Bad breath can be due to problems of mouth and upper throat(oro pharynx). One of the most common reasons is due to poor hygiene of your gums, teeth and tongue. Quit habits like smoking or chewing gutkha if you are doing so, and visit a dentist for cleaning your teeth (Oral prophylaxis). Also ask the doctor to educate your about how to clean your tongue. Brush twice daily, ans rinse your mouth and throat well after having food.
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. Ashima Singhal
Dentist | 1 months | Pune
A dental checkup is must before diagnosing the cause of bad breath. It can be due to many reasons, most common being bad oral hygiene. So, you should visit a dentist once & then get the relevant treatment done. Meanwhile start brushing twice daily, you can use mouthwash twice daily, clean your tongue in the morning after brushing, drink plenty of water.
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. Krishnapriya G
Dentist | 9 years | Chennai
Hello sir, Bad breath can be caused due to various reasons such as deposits(plaque) over teeth, gum bleeding, decayed tooth, negligence of tongue cleaning, infections such as ulcers or even dry mouth.. My advice would be visit your nearby dentist first so that Doctor can guide you with it.. Probably you might need a professional dental cleaning..
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. Hridayesh Singh Surya
Dentist | 11 years | Haldwani
Reasons for Bad breath are mainly bleeding gums, indigestion, no tongue cleaning. Check what it is or what it’s not and work on it. If you do not clean your tongue, start cleaning today. If it bleeds when you brush, visit a dentist to get your teeth and gums cleaned. If it is indigestion, visit a physician.
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. Amit Sharma
Dentist | 12 years | Nagpur
Brush twice a day. Consult a dentist for proper cleaning and polishing. Book an appointment for proper evaluation of condition before medication can be started.
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. Achla Verma
Dentist | 6 years | Gurgaon
Bad breath can be tackle by brushing twice daily, specially brush your tongue with brush followed by non-alcoholic mouth wash as per doctor’s prescription.
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. S B Deshmukh
Dentist | 11 years | Bidar
Could be due to Bad oral Health condition and having Deep caries in tooth or Periodontitis
Answered 4 months ago
doctor profileDr. Manjusha Warade
Dentist | 6 years | Washim
Please do brushing twice daily and use mouthwash. Kindly visit dentist and do scaling .
Answered 3 months ago
doctor profileDr. Shailesh Kumar
Dentist | 2 years | West Delhi
Visit vs dental nd cosmetic centre pillor no 704 Uttam nagar contact *****
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Nageswaran G R
Dentist | 1 years | Chennai
Get an appointment for scaling followed by use of mouthrinse for 2 weeks.
Answered 3 months ago

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