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I feel pain in my throat

Female, 24
I feel pain in my throat, unable to swallow properly and speak loudly..
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Answers (5)
doctor profileDr. Manit Mandal
Ent | 4 years | Surat
Do you also have a sensation of 'something' in your throat? If yes, start with some restrictions in your diet like avoiding oily-spicy food, tea, coffee, packed and processed food. If you have a work that involves speaking a lot or maybe you have kids at home after whom you need to spend a lot of time shouting around - you need to put some restrictions there as well. Speech hygiene will include voice rest in your case. Start with Tab Pantop-D twice a day 1 hour before meals, Tab Levocet one tablet twice a day post-meals and Syrup Mucaine Gel 2tsp thrice a day half an hour before meals - for atleast 10 days. Follow up SOS with me post 10 days.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Oliyath Ali
Ent | 7 months | Kargil
You may be having pharygo-laryngitis, gargle with betadine 1tsf diluted in half glass of water three times a day, lorfast am bed time, pirox dt 20 suck on this tablet when you feel pain in throat
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Kumar Gaurav
Ent | 1 years | Bhagalpur
Any history of fever ? Take tab azithral 500 mg daily one tab Along with Tab zymoflam-d twice daily Also do warm saline gargle
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. L M Pandey
Ent | 40 years | Gautam Budha Nagar
You may be having Tonsillitis, is there fever with pain. Take some antibiotics and do gargles. It will go in 2-3 days
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Rajashree Sp
Ent | 1 years | Raichur
Start tab moxikind CV 635mg Tab Zerodol sp
Answered 5 months ago
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