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I have headeaheque past 2 days

Female, 23
I have headaheque past 2 days kindly advice
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Answers (13)
doctor profileDr. Ojashwin Mishra
General Physician | 3 years | Khorda
Just saying headache is very non specific. Its like saying i am eating food. Unless we know the details, we cannot comment. A good approach would be to first consult and talk to a doctor instead of writing vague queries. Ophthalmological causes can be very common.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Muralimohan Reddy Thonduru
General Physician | 23 years | Hyderabad
First and foremost question is, what's your age and what's your daily activities Take tab: Dolo 650mg -1 sos not controlled then consult and detailed examination required with good history evaluation
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Kadaba Chandrasekhariah
General Physician | 52 years | Bengaluru
As earlier Doctors have said, is this the first headache or would you get it before?. Any assosiated symptoms. A detailed history and eye & ENT Check is required if it persists. Please consult
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Ujjyani Pawar
General Physician | 2 years | Mumbai
Can help you with the next course of action and treatment plan. Would like to discuss in details and provide apt solution. Kindly consult.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Aayush Rai
General Physician | 3 years | Ujjain
Do you have headache all over the day ?or it's just for sometime your sleep okay ?did you have eye checkup in last few days ?
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Sakshi Sharma
General Physician | 5 years | Jammu
Take tab dolopar 650 mg sos and kindly elaborate on your complaint like how severe is the pain with any other symptoms
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Anas Memon
General Physician | 2 years | Ahmedabad
avoid spicy food Get ophthalmologist consultation (if possible) Tab naproxen 250 1-0-1 And consult any physician
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Krishnan Nair
General Physician | 1 months | Ernakulam
Kindly take common analgesic tabs and take rest for few days-if aggravate-Consultation with Doctor -Adviced
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Pushpendra Yadav
General Physician | 5 years | Etawah
Rx Tab pan d ....empty stomach Tab Acceclo mr For 2 day
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Ramavath Naik
General Physician | 1 months | Ananthapur
Location of headache??? Consult doctor
Answered 5 months ago

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