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Is my newborn normal?

Female, 28
My newborn baby is 5 days old, having whitish discharge from vagina. Is it normal? She is otherwise active and feeding well.
view count422 days ago
Answers (6)
doctor profileDr. Rashika Jain
Pediatrician | 6 Years Experience | North West Delhi
Yes this is normal. Most girl babies tend to have some sticky secretions from the genitals around 2-7 days of life. This happens due to the decreasing levels of the maternal hormones in the baby’s blood after delivery. Just keep the area clean and it will resolve soon.
Answered 22 days ago
doctor profileDr. Radhika Gupta
Pediatrician | 7 Years Experience | Pune
This is normal and usually happens in the first week of life in female newborns. Please keep the area clean by wiping with every diaper change.
Answered 19 days ago
doctor profileDr. Prakhar Nyati
Pediatrician | 7 Years Experience | Indore
Yes It is normal for newborn female babies to have whitish discharge from vagina in the first 2 weeks of life.
Answered 18 days ago
doctor profileDr. Jayalakshmi R
Pediatrician | 16 Years Experience | Tiruvallur
Yes it's normal.due to hormonal changes ,while adjusting to life outside uterus
Answered 16 days ago
doctor profileDr. Sanjeev Kumar
Pediatrician | 15 Years Experience | Araria
It is normal, don't worry. It is due to maternal hormonal influence.
Answered 19 days ago
doctor profileDr. Aditi Birje
Pediatrician | 7 Years Experience | Mumbai
Yes it's normal. It is due to estrogen withdrawal. Don't worry
Answered 16 days ago
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