Kidney stone

Male, 41
I have a 9.9mm kidney stone in right side. Also a simple cortical syst. I have used many type of homeopathy medicine. Like burbeies bulgarise, licopodium, renul calculie.. but broblem are not soluted.. plz give more suggestions.
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Answers (36)
doctor profileDr. Harshita Gupta
Homeopath | 6 months | Pune
kidney stone iz primary thing dear location size no. of it details ur age your urine reports any crystals are present...we need to figure out right or left type of pain u r suffering from.calculi.sometimes right medicines with wrong dosage also doesnt work if u wanna details contact arsn healthcare *****
Answered 25 days ago
doctor profileDr. Shweta Wankhede
Homeopath | 5 years | Chandrapur
Hello sir,my self dr.Shweta wankhede,firstly i am suggesting u to do blood investigation like blood urea and creat,change in diet , decrease consumption of non veg,calcium rich food and for correct medicine selection i have to take ur complete history,if u want contact me on *****
Answered 25 days ago
doctor profileDr. Dhanshri Rohinkar
Homeopath | 12 years | Pune
Homoeopathic Medicines will Definitely help for removing this renal stone,and also stop the tendency for renal stones. Some diet modifications needed,you can consult me ,will Definitely help with Homoeopathic medicines.
Answered 10 days ago
doctor profileDr. Preeti Srivastav
Homeopath | 5 years | Jaipur
Your stone is easily cure by homoeopathic medicine . you should proper consultation and cure your disease and you should must intake a lot of drinking water plz. Consultant *****Plz send your all reports
Answered 25 days ago
doctor profileDr. Jaisveen Kaur
Homeopath | 2 years | Jalandhar
Firstly we have to understand the main root cause of your complaints which can be done by analysing your history after that medicine will be given which will cure your problem🙂
Answered 24 days ago
doctor profileDr. Neha Jangid
Homeopath | 3 years | Jaipur
I can help you to get rid of your problem. Even I will provide you with good medication along with diet plan ensuring you won’t be getting further stones. Contact on *****
Answered 24 days ago
doctor profileDr. Vivek Gupta
Homeopath | 6 years | Lucknow
I have handled this kind of case with a successful result but it takes 2 to 3 months time to remove your stone.Contact me with more details and your report
Answered 25 days ago
doctor profileDr. Maniya Arora
Homeopath | 3 years | West Delhi
These medicines are not for specific individual. Anyone with kidney stones can take them. Give a proper case then only your medicine will be suitable.
Answered 25 days ago
doctor profileDr. Sudha Rani Sudha Rani
Homeopath | 52 years | Medak
Yes by homoeopathic medicine we can reduce the size of kidney stones book Consultation for more information call ***** Proper diet also mandatory
Answered 25 days ago
doctor profileDr. Rohtash Barad
Homeopath | 6 months | Karnal
Okay fully cure call me Dr Barad clinic and appointment after consultation with ur case is best treatment in homoeopathic call me *****
Answered 20 days ago
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