Lot negative thinks. Stress. Anixety

Male, 32
Anixety. Stress
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doctor profileDr. Soundar Rajan S
Physiotherapist | 9 months | Vellore
Excellent Treatments are there in the Physiotherapy. So, It is far better to Consult a nearby Physiotherapy Doctor immediately... or ... if you wish to Consult with me, you can have eConsultation by Bajaj Health portal for online consultation... My contact number is *****... - DR.S.Soundar Rajan, Chief Physio and Fitness Consultant, Vellore, TN.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Neha Vasani
Physiotherapist | 4 years | Rajkot
Firstly find d reason behind it.. Due to workload or any other reason behind it... If it is due to workload thn take break in between or if it is due to any other factor which is disturbing u.. Thn consult pychologist... With it u can meditate or do some relaxing exercise
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Makwana V
Physiotherapist | 6 months | Anand
1. Try to rethink of the good memories you had 2. Avoid to be alone as much as possible 3. Get engaged with people who makes you feel comfortable and understand you, do things which make you happy 4. Meditate 5. Consult a psychiatrist for further help
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Husaina Vejalni
Physiotherapist | 8 years | Rajkot
You can do law intesity exercise and yoga to maintain your stress and for anixety consult any physiotherapist for learning this exercise via bajaj health app.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Hemang Jani
Physiotherapist | 12 years | Rajkot
For mental issues yoga asanas and Pranayam practice is best. You can learn Sudarshan Kriya which gives you inner strength for handling your emotions.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Manish Sharma
Physiotherapist | 3 years | Bengaluru Rural
Go ur favourite place.enzoy your me time.take some rest from ur daily routine.make change in ll help. Do exercise have good good.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Supriya Dhumale
Physiotherapist | 6 months | Thane
Mediation and breathing exs helps in reducing anxiety.pls consult medicine specialist to find out the cause
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Abhishek Parekh
Physiotherapist | 3 years | Ahmedabad
Yoga and yogic breathing will to relieve your stress. You can join me for personal Yoga session.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Kumari Nalini
Physiotherapist | 1 years | Gautam Budha Nagar
regular exercises and medication under the guidance of doctor.for more query kindly contact me.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Mohammed Wajid
Physiotherapist | 19 years | Hyderabad
Post your query in psychologist/psychiatrist section or consult in person with psychologist.
Answered 6 months ago
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