Nose Blockage

Male, 74
I am suffering from Nasal Blockage,not much sneezing .Headache in forehead in morning on wake up from sleep..Feels easy on taking stem vaoour Will you suggest something like nasal spray steroid or non steroid
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Answers (6)
doctor profileDr. Manit Mandal
Ent | 4 years | Surat
I would suggest that if you are relieved by taking steam inhalations, no medicines need to be started. Allergic rhinitis causing this kind of issues are very common and not life threatening. If you are not very relieved with steam, start with Tab Histafree-M twice a day and Allegra Duo Nasal Spray two puffs twice a day for 7 days whenever you get your episode of nasal complaints. For headache, add Tab Paracip 650mg if pain is there. Use of Xylometazoline and Oxymetazoline popularly sold by the brand name Otrivin and Orinase nasal drops is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED as they may lead to major complications on long term use. Follow up SOS with me if complaints persist. A CT scan may be required but can be only concluded after detailed history taking.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. Prasanth Bachu
Ent | 4 years | West Godavari
Nose block and headache in the morning is nothing but a filled up sinus... Start Antibiotcis and nasal decongestants yo get benefitted.
Answered 5 months ago
doctor profileDr. L M Pandey
Ent | 40 years | Gautam Budha Nagar
Take steam inhalation and not spray without consulting a doctor
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Sabyasachi Chakroborty
Ent | 13 years | Kolkata
Not without having a proper diagnosis. Please consult.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Abid Ahamed
Ent | 6 months | Warangal
You should consult ent surgeon... Do not neglect..
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Ravishankar Ramachandran
Ent | 25 years | Chennai
It is frontal headache. Consult your nearby ENT
Answered 6 months ago

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