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Male, 35
Pailes in the morning time
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doctor profileDr. Krishnan Nair
General Physician | 1 months | Ernakulam
.have review by the doctor and obey advice. Along with that—restrict food to avoid recurrence of problems--avoid oily ; egg;chicken containing;spicy ;junk ;preserved ;food items ; take ethnic soft and easily digestable food with vegetbles and fruits ; whole cereals etc ;avoid alcohol; smoking;over the counter drugs ;take anti helminthic medicines once in 3 months; Male a regular disciplined daily schedule with fixed timing for toilet; do yoga ; meditation;control mind with smile; happiness and have full of positive energy ; eliminate negative enrgy like anxiety; fear; depression .engage in social ;cultural ; devine activities etc.take any fibre based laxatives at night.
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Prateek Srivastava
General Physician | 5 months | Bhopal
eat at proper times,increase fibrous food in your diet and drink plenty of water for avoiding constipation, hard stools and recurrence in the future.pressure during passing stools causes piles or heammorhoids. take tab oxerute cd,2 times a day for 5 can be taken before or after meals.ointement of lignocaine and betamethasone will also provide relief.
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Manpreet Isser
General Physician | 31 years | West Delhi
Your question isn’t clear. Please post it again with symptoms
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Subash Chandra
General Physician | 7 years | Nainital
Plz share your sign and symptoms and consult us tomorrow
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Anand Kalaskar
General Physician | 8 months | Pune
Abhi information lagega. Contact Dr Anand Kalaskar
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Sajad Bhat
General Physician | 3 years | Kullu
Answered 7 months ago

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