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Premature ejaculation

Male, 26
Premature ejaculation problem . please help my. Any suggestions so please tell me. Thnx for help. Thanks
view count352 months ago
Answers (16)
doctor profileDr. Sushovan Khamkat
Homeopath | 11 Years Experience | Kolkata
Premature ejaculation is the most common thing in newly married couples or who are meeting for the first time. Because the tightness of the vaginal canal and the sensitivity of glans of penis is responsible for that. Please don't think that you're incapable of performing sexual activities. There is a myth that male can hold their stimulation for long time. If you started intercourse it will last for 5min not more than that. Those who are regular to do perform sexual activities may last for a few minutes more otherwise not. My advice will be to keep calm during meetings and spend more time in foreplay. Don't be in a hurry and enjoy your conjugal life. It must be educated to your partner for satisfaction.
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profile
Dr. Dr A.amin Homeopath Online Consult Fees રooo
Homeopath | 8 Years Experience | Kolkata
●Yes it  can be permanently cured with Homeopathy Treatment . ●Very effective medicines are there in Homeopathic ●With my treatment of 1.5 month you will get permanent relief. ●Will prescribe the complete treatment ●You can consult me now through online     Warm regards.-
Answered 2 months ago
doctor profileDr. Vivek Gupta
Homeopath | 7 Years Experience | Lucknow
With an appropriate homoeopathic treatment your problem for premature ejaculation can resolve within one month So must consult for your case , I have treated so many cases of the same problem
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Pooja Mishra
Homeopath | 3 Years Experience | Lucknow
Don't worry its just a problem which can be cure with homeopathy,, please take proper treatment, exercise and diet, it can be cure,,if you want you can contact us,,,
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Vishal Lodha
Homeopath | 31 Years Experience | Jaipur
Yes permanent cure available for premature ejaculation Consult me through bajaj here or through my google profile Dr Vishal Lodha
Answered 2 months ago
doctor profileDr. Dipayan Das
Homeopath | 12 Years Experience | South 24 Parganas
PE is a treatable condition in homeopathy, but life style suggestions and medicines are completely dependant on case evaluation
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Govind sharan Sharma
Homeopath | 18 Years Experience | Agra
Yes ,you can get permanent cure in your premature ejaculation problem by Homeopathic treatment.Consult me online through Bajaj.
Answered 27 days ago
doctor profileDr. Lalit Shankar Sharma
Homeopath | 38 Years Experience | Alwar
Yes,it can be cured completely.There are so many very effective medicines for such type of problems in homoeopathy
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Vivekrao Ts
Homeopath | 7 Years Experience | Hyderabad
Hello sir, If we get whole case history, definitely there would be good results, please book appointment.
Answered 20 days ago
doctor profileDr. Jeetendra Das gupta
Homeopath | 13 Years Experience | Varanasi
Its common problem in male..and has good treatment in homeopathy.. You fine in 2 months treatment
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Reny Miglani
Homeopath | 37 Years Experience | Mumbai
Yes we can help . You can consult online as well as in person
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Shilpa Ramdin
Homeopath | 10 Years Experience | Pune
Yes book consultation online on Bajaj total cure possible
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profile
Dr. Manish Pandey
Homeopath | Mumbai
Consult with homeopath, ur prbl can be cured permanently.
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Narendra Nanavare
Homeopath | 15 Years Experience | Mumbai
After proper case taking definitely we will get results
Answered 1 month ago
doctor profileDr. Rahul Sharma
Homeopath | 5 Years Experience | South West Delhi
Yes it can be completely cured by homoeopath treatment
Answered 26 days ago
doctor profile
Dr. Ritesh Trivedi
Homeopath | 14 Years Experience | Jhabua
Yes its cure by homoeopathy if you want contact me
Answered 1 month ago
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