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suffering from numbness in legs

Male, 49
Numbness in legs and suger and thyroid
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doctor profileDr. Akshay Koul
General Physician | 6 months | Gurgaon
Your numbness is coz of ur uncontdolled sugars are affecting your nerves. You should get your HbA1C levels checked every 3 months to ascertain the effective sugar control of ur oral anti diabetic medication and alter the medications accordingly. Also it is important for you to get renal function test bianually and eye check up annually. Diet changes may include more fibrous diet and food with low glycemic index. Avoid gluten in diet, so instead of wheat use bajra. Exercises daily, if u have a busy schedule, u can just do few basic yog asans like mandokasan. In case of your thyroid disorder, u should get your thyroid function tests every three months and alter ur medication dose accordingly. Also some yog pranayamas like ujjayi is beneficial in hypoactive thyroid.
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Krishnan Nair
General Physician | 1 months | Ernakulam
Your numbness in legs can be mainly due to diabetes.Control your diabetic and thyroid problems by regular investigation and check up by an Endocrinologist/Consultant physician.Also you have to make life style changes-diet;exercise;yoga;Sleep; Mental Health etc and leg care ;Thyroid care including avoiding cruciferous vegetables like radish;Cauliflower;Broccoli etc.Suppliments of egg ,liver;vegetables etc with vitamins ;minerals and probiotics;medicines for neuritis etc prescribed by your doctor will relieve your problem.Be confident and cheerful.You will be ok soon.
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Muralimohan Reddy Thonduru
General Physician | 23 years | Hyderabad
Numbness could be due to Diabetes or Lumbar spondylitis first check your blood sugar levels like FBS/PLBS/HBA1C and one X-ray Lumbosacral spine ap/lateral views and if you're talking tablets for thyroid problem check TSH LEVELS If not what exactly the complaints,Please consult me
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Tushant Garg
General Physician | 1 years | Bathinda
Add methylcobalamin in your medication once daily for 7days. And check ur FBS PPBS levels
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Sakshi Sharma
General Physician | 5 years | Jammu
Cap Meganeuron daily once For thyroid do one TSH free T3 T4 Consult me once reports done
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Gokul Poyyamozhi
General Physician | 5 years | Nilgiris
You’ll need to get a work up done for your diabetes. Consult with a gp to go forward.
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Raghavendar Reddy
General Physician | 6 months | Rangareddy
Get dose adjustment for both sugar and thyroid could be secondary to uncontrol
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Rizwan Ahamed
General Physician | 52 years | Chennai
Tab trigabantin 1 at night with tab amytrin 10 mg at night
Answered 7 months ago
doctor profileDr. Abhishek Atulya
General Physician | 5 months | Purnia
Consult a physician. This can be dangerous
Answered 7 months ago
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