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Hi doctors, my 10 year kid want to fit the braces is it good to having teeth braces in such age???
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doctor profileDr. Varsha Gaikwad
Dentist | 15 years | Hyderabad
Braces are usually a permanent fixture on a person's teeth and are not removed until the treatment is finished. This typically happens when the person reaches the age of 13 years old. However, there are cases where children as young as 10 years old need braces due to serious dental problems. In these cases, it is important to get the braces as soon as possible so that the child can have a healthy smile.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Zeeshan Ladhani
Dentist | 2 months | Mumbai
It depends on the cause of the problem. An in person consult with the requisite x-rays would help determine the best time for you to start your treatment. It would be best for you to contact either your family dentist or an orthodontist to help you with the same.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Kundan Tiwari
Dentist | 12 years | Ranchi
Braces in this age not recommended as because of mixed dentition and tooth root are also not completely. If any facial growth deformities are there than can go for such treatment. But tooth movements are possible. Can be done only 14 yrs of age your child.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Rajat Bajaj
Dentist | 7 years | Nagpur
For 10yr old kid fixed Ortho treatment is not recommended as kid is in mixed dentition phase.... But if kid is having some bone related issue MYOFUNCTIONAL appliance or expansion appliances are give IF REQUIRED....but need to see the patient first
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Alok Kumar Choudhary
Dentist | 15 years | Ramgarh
At this age myofunctional appliances are given so that u need not go for braces. There are better options than braces at any age like aligner. It's not at all costly. U just need to visit a good dentist only once. No monthly visit required.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Uthanda Harihara Sudhan B
Dentist | 6 months | Madurai
There is no age limit for braces.. Your kid may need Braces to control the growth of Upper jaw (which you can't do in later ages). But clinical evaluation will be a definitive one.. Pls consult your nearest Dentist.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Amit Sharma
Dentist | 12 years | Nagpur
Greetings. Although this is a little early but I will have to check the patient first, as ortho braces treatment is to be decided on case by case basis. Book an appointment for proper evaluation of condition.
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Sushobhit Suri
Dentist | 5 years | Faridabad
Kindly schedule appointment for orthodontic consultation. Best way is to get proper checkup so that expert advice can be given whether kid require braces or removable plates or no treatment
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Meghana Rao
Dentist | 6 years | Udupi
You can consult your child's dentist and get the teeth check up done for any malalignment..if required the doctor will suggest for the myofunctional appliance or braces on a later stage..
Answered 6 months ago
doctor profileDr. Chirag Desai
Dentist | 5 months | Mumbai
Consult a good orthodontist for the best advice.. It depends if there's a need for growth modification appliance or myofunctional appliance. And whether the problem is skeletal or dental
Answered 6 months ago
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