Unprotected sex

Male, 23
Last week of June I met with my gf. We didn't had sex, but did the foreplay thing. For protection I wore condom also with my boxers on. My concern is that two time I changed the condoms after I cum and while changing the condoms, sperm comes in contact with my fingers and after that we did foreplay (fingering in vagina). So any possibilities that sperm from my fingers which will went inside her vagina that will lead to Pregnancy as she is on her ovulation period. I know now nothing can be done other than, just to wait for period to come... but whether it is practically possible or not. sperms comes in contact with fingers.. after that it comes in contact with other things also like blanket.. than this fingering thing happened.. so in such case.. are sperms healthy for fertilisation that can seriously lead to pregnancy. no intercourse happened or ejaculation inside her.. concerned about the fingers on sperm.. while fingering*
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doctor profileDr. Jaydip Saxena
Sexologist | 3 years | Ahmedabad
I can help.with this.. Kindly do consult personally. More information needed. Tc
Answered 1 month ago

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