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Dr. Sandeep Agarwal


doctor experience.20 Years
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85% positive reviews
Aaryaa Endocrine, Diabetes And Haematology CentreAaryaa Endocrine, Diabetes And Haematology Centre

English, हिन्दी

₹ 500

Dr. Rashmi Chordiya


doctor experience.20 Years
Navkaar Cancer & Dental ClinicNavkaar Cancer & Dental Clinic

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 400

Dr. Mayur Ghadage


doctor experience.8 Years
Padmashree ClinicPadmashree Clinic

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 500


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Dr. Peerzada Ovais Ahmad


doctor experience.9 Years
Dr. Peerzada Ovais Ahmad CLINICDr. Peerzada Ovais Ahmad CLINIC

English, हिन्दी

₹ 650

Dr. Surendraprasad G


doctor experience.9 Years
Endofy Hormone Super Speciality CenterEndofy Hormone Super Speciality Center

English, हिन्दी, తెలుగు, اُردُو

₹ 750

Dr. Mallikarjuna Kirthi

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

doctor experience.21 Years
Cloudnine HospitalCloudnine Hospital

English, हिन्दी, ಕನ್ನಡ

₹ 100

Dr. Anusha Handral


doctor experience.11 Years
Anusha ClinicAnusha Clinic

English, हिन्दी, ಕನ್ನಡ, বাংলা, తెలుగు

₹ 1000

Dr. Aprajita Pradhan


doctor experience.8 Years
Vedanta Super - Speciality ClinicVedanta Super - Speciality Clinic

English, हिन्दी

₹ 1000

Dr. Ashutosh Sonawane


doctor experience.15 Years
Sarthak Health & Diagnostic CareSarthak Health & Diagnostic Care

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 800

Dr. Kaushal Sheth


doctor experience.9 Years
Kaushal Sheth ClinicKaushal Sheth Clinic

English, ગુજરાતી, हिन्दी

₹ 500

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Ms. Radha Batra

I live in Baroda with my family. I have three children and am 40 years old. My weight started increasing after my third childbirth, especially due to longer working hours, family stress and erratic eating. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with thyroid. I contacted a specialist through the Bajaj Finserv Health App. Through regular teleconsultations and appointments, my thyroid is now under control. I stick to the diet and medicines and keep in regular touch with my doctor. Thank you, Bajaj Finserv Health!

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Who is an endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist is a medical professional who diagnoses, treats and manages health issues pertaining to the hormonal and endocrine system of the body. These doctors are also called hormone doctors and deal with all small and big issues like diabetes, adrenal gland problems, metabolic irregularities, lipid related health issues etc. One must complete his/her MBBS and a postgraduate degree in Endocrinology to become an Endocrinologist. For any hormone-related problems, book a consultation with one of the best endocrinologists in Bangalore.

What subspecialties fall under endocrinology?

Endocrinologists can specialize in the following sub-areas of endocrinology:
  • Diabetes and metabolism
  • Endocrine oncology
  • Endocrinology nuclear medicine
  • Gender reassignment
  • Neuroendocrinology
  • Pediatric endocrinology
  • Reproductive endocrinology
  • Thyroid diseases

Diabetes and Metabolism

A subspecialty under which Diabetes types 1 and 2 also fall. Metabolism is essentially the way the body creates energy from the food consumed. Type 1 Diabetes can occur due to low insulin, which occurs due to the immune system accidentally attacking the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body stops reacting to insulin resulting in high blood glucose levels.

Endocrine Oncology

It is a medical specialty dealing with tumors produced by hormones, making it a combination of endocrinology and oncology. The different types of Endocrine tumors include- Gastrointestinal, pulmonary, Endocrine pancreatic tumors, adrenals, and Endocrine tumor syndromes.

Endocrinology Nuclear Medicine

This involves using nuclear medicine techniques for endocrine disorders, mainly concerning the thyroid gland.

Gender Reassignment

Endocrinologists assist trans women to include estrogens in combination with androgen lowering medications. They provide the desired physical feminizing treatments like enhanced breast growth, reduction of facial hair, etc. For Trans men, this includes testosterone therapy, virilization of voice, menses cessation, etc.


This subspecialty of endocrinology deals with the neurosecretion and physiological interaction that takes place between the nervous and endocrine systems.

Pediatric Endocrinology

Pediatric Endocrinologists specialize in treating children and their endocrine problems like- growth issues, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, etc.

Reproductive Endocrinology

This specific sub-specialty deals with the hormones, their control mechanisms, sexual development, and function, especially problems related to reproduction.

Thyroid Diseases

The Thyroid is an important gland that produces hormones for the body to function properly. Any medical condition that leads to the thyroid malfunctioning and producing more or fewer problems is treated by special endocrinologists dealing with thyroid diseases.

What are the various conditions treated by an endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist is a specialist in treating hormone-related disorders and problems that might occur due to dysfunction in the endocrine gland. The best endocrinologists in Kolkata treat patients with the following conditions:
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Obesity
  • Adiposity-based chronic disease
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Osteoporosis
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Lipid disorders
  • Growth issues
  • Metabolic abnormalities
  • Sexual dysfunction disorders
  • Reproductive issues

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is refers to a group or collection of diseases that can affect the body through glucose and blood levels.


It is a disease that deals with excessive amounts of body fat, which can lead to further complications like a heart attack, certain cancers, or high blood pressure.

Adiposity-Based Chronic Disease (ABCD)

It is a syndrome that is characterized by albinism, black lock, deafness, or cell migration disorders of the neurocyte.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction - this category contains several diseases, which face the common issue of the inability to promote normal levels of thyroid hormones to keep the body functioning properly.


This disease can lead to the bones becoming weak and fragile. They can face severe issues due to simple actions like coughing or even falling.

Adrenal Disorders

Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, Adrenal gland suppression, and Virilization all fall under Adrenal disorders.

Lipid Disorders

It covers a wide range of disorders dealing with issues of abnormal levels and quantities of lipids, fats, and blood, that can cause cholesterol or triglyceride.

Growth Disorders

Mainly affect children and their ability to grow at a normal rate. Growth Disorders can stunt height, weight, and sexual and mental growth. Too much or too less hormones released from the Pituitary Gland can cause this.

Metabolic Abnormalities

Can present themselves in the form of chemical abnormalities after a normal metabolic process. These alter the distribution and processing of macronutrients like fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Sexual Function Disorders

They are mainly classified into four categories under sexual disorders- desire, arousal, pain, and orgasm disorders.

Reproductive Issues

These mainly affect women and can cause HIV/AIDS, Uterine Fibroids, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and so many more.

Which procedures are performed by the best endocrinologists in Kolkata?

The best endocrinologists in Kolkata do the following procedures for diagnosis, treatment as well as minoring:
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Facial feminization surgery
  • Feminizing hormone therapy
  • Feminizing surgery
  • Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y)
  • Home enteral nutrition
  • Masculinizing hormone therapy
  • Masculinizing surgery
  • Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy (MIP)
  • Pancreas transplant
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Thyroid fine needle aspiration
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Transgender voice therapy and surgery

What can I anticipate from an endocrinologist visit?

An endocrinologist will begin by asking you the details of your symptoms. Then, they will do a physical exam and may also ask you to get blood tests and other medical examinations to arrive at a diagnosis. During the consultation, the endocrinologist will also ask you about your previous medical history, any medications that you are currently taking and your family’s health background. For any hormone-related issue that requires medical attention, book a consultation with one of the best endocrinologists near you in Bangalore.

How to find the best endocrinologist in Kolkata?

Simply search “endocrinologist near me” and select from the list of best endocrinologists in Kolkata.
To find an endocrinologist in Kolkata, follow these simple steps:
Click on “Show Doctors Near Me”.
It will show you a list of the best endocrinologists in Kolkata.
Make sure your location is enabled.

What endocrinology treatments are available in Kolkata?

The best endocrinology doctors in Kolkata give treatment for several hormonal issues like thyroid disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, adiposity-based chronic disease, adrenal problems, lipid disorders, metabolic issues and adrenal problems. Consult endocrinologists in the best localities of Kolkata like Khiddirpore, Salt Lake, Rash Behari Avenue, Mukundapur, Dumdum, Tangra, Kalikapur, and Garia. Furthermore, getting an appointment with an endocrinology doctor is easy on the Bajaj Finserv Health. Search for an endocrinologist near you and book a visit with the best endocrinologist in Kolkata.

FAQs about Endocrinologist in Shivajinagar, Kolkata

What is the cost of an endocrinologist consultation in Kolkata?

Every doctor has a different fee structure which depends on his/her experience level, clinic location in the Kolkata, consultation mode etc.

Do endocrinologists diagnose and treat hormonal problems in adolescents?

Yes. There are several endocrinologists in Kolkata who are well trained and experienced in treating hormone-related abnormalities in adolescents.

What are the educational qualifications required to become an endocrinologist?

To practice as an endocrinologist, one needs to finish an MBBS degree and then complete a postgraduate degree/course in Endocrinology to become a qualified endocrinologist. There are several well-qualified and experienced endocrinologists in Kolkata who are experts at managing hormonal problems.

What are the benefits of booking an endocrinologist consultation Kolkata through Bajaj Finserv Health?

When you use the Bajaj Finserv Health App or website, you get to browse through the details of the best endocrinologists in Kolkata at one go. Once you have seen their location, experience level, consultation fees, you can choose a doctor and make an appointment immediately.

Will Bajaj Finserv Health let me book an instant consultation with an endocrinologist in Kolkata?

Yes. Visit the App or website, choose an endocrinologist in Kolkata and book your appointment immediately with an available doctor.

Which consultation mode can I select for my endocrinologist consultation in Kolkata?

You can choose to consult your doctor offline (at their clinic in Kolkata) or online (teleconsultation or video consultation).

Can I use my UPI wallet to pay for my endocrinologist consultation in Kolkata?

Yes, it is possible to pay for your endocrinologist consultation in Kolkata with your UPI wallet. With Bajaj Finserv Health, you even have the options of paying with credit card, debit card, cash, netbanking or wallet balance (if you have a Bajaj Finserv Health plan with wallet benefit).

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