Oncologists available in Pune


Oncologists available in Pune


Oncology is the study of cancer and an oncologist in Pune is a doctor that specialises in diagnosing cancer and offering subsequent treatments. Cancer is one of the leading diseases, and responsible for many deaths across the globe. The condition may be treated when it is in the initial stages. In the advanced stages, cancer can be particularly hard to treat. Most treatments for advanced-stage cancers comprise managing symptoms and getting relief from the pain, rather than treatments for curing the disease.
To better understand the term oncology and the major role that doctors specialising in this field play in the healthcare sector

A top oncologist in Pune will study and finish their regular medical degree, and then specialise in one type of oncology, in the subject they wish to pursue. For example, they may choose to pursue medical, radiation, paediatric, surgical, or gynaecologic oncology, or even haematology-oncology.
i) A medical oncologist in Pune will offer treatments that are a combination of chemotherapies, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy.
ii) Surgical oncologists will perform surgeries to remove tumours and the surrounding tissues that have been affected. They may also perform biopsies to ascertain the type of cancer the patient is suffering from.
iii) Radiation oncologists treat cancers with chemotherapies.
iv) The best gynaecologic oncologist in Pune will treat uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers.
v) A paediatric oncologist will treat cancers in children, which often occur due to random mutations in their genes. These are tough to treat and often, there is no proper treatment plan for such cases.

The crucial role of the best oncologist in Pune is to diagnose and treat cancers. The oncologist will first explain the consequence of the particular type of cancer the patient is suffering from and how to reduce pain and recover, if possible. If recovery is not an option, then the oncologist will advise and guide the patient on how to deal with this difficult phase of their lives and also provide adequate care and medications to reduce pain.
The keyways through which an oncologist in Pune can assist patients with are:
  • Going through all the options for treatments and the costs involved.
  • Providing high-level compassionate care and guidance throughout the process.
  • Helping patients with the various treatment plans and how to manage the side effects.
  • Setting up follow-up visits and check-ups, in case the cancer is curable and treatments are effective.

Oncology deals with the study of various types of cancers. Different cancers require different treatments, which also depend on how aggressive the cancer is, how advanced it is, and the patient’s overall health. Often, an oncologist in Pune will work out a treatment plan that is a combination of therapies that yield the desired outcome and improve the patient’s health.

Oncology is called so, as the term “onco” means bulk, mass, or volume, or in case of cancer, tumours; the term “logy” means study. Therefore, oncology is the study of tumours and masses.

There are several types of cancers that a top oncologist in Pune will treat. The most common types of cancer are:
  1. Breast cancer
  2. Liver cancer
  3. Bone cancers
  4. Skin cancer
  5. Bladder cancer
  6. Colorectal cancers
  7. Kidney cancer
  8. Testicular cancer
  9. Lung cancer
  10. Melanoma
  11. Prostate cancer
  12. Pancreatic cancer
  13. Thyroid cancer
  14. Uterine cancer

There are also some rare types of cancers like:
  1. Sarcoma
  2. Head and neck cancers (Oral and oropharyngeal cancer)
  3. Neuroendocrine cancer
  4. Brain cancer
  5. Lymphoma
  6. Paediatric cancers

Some oncologists are certified to treat blood disorders, known as haematology. The most frequent causes of blood disorders are haemophilia, leukaemia, lymphoma, sick-cell disease thrombosis, and anaemia. Hematolo-oncologists are certified to treat such illnesses, and you can visit one, even if you do not suffer from cancer.
As cancer can be an all-consuming illness, it is prudent to get yourself checked at the earliest, when referred by your doctor. Moreover, if there is a family history of cancer, you consume alcohol frequently, or smoke often, you could schedule a check-up as a preventive measure.
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