Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

When it comes to your family, we know you want the best, especially for their health. With medical inflation at its highest today, managing healthcare expenses for the entire family can become difficult. However, you can ease your burden by investing a family floater health insurance plan. Such a plan has a sum insured that is floated upon the entire family. So, you not only get the best care for your family but also, keep your personal finances safe.
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What is Family Floater Health Insurance?

Your family and your health are the most valuable assets you have. Staying healthy is a privilege many people take for granted. However, it's prudent to remember that even the youngest and healthiest can fall severely ill without a warning. And it is impossible to solely rely on your life savings to pay for medical expenses during such unprecedented times. This is where your family health insurance plan comes in handy. A policy that comprehensively covers your family's medical expenses holistically is known as family floater health insurance. Within this policy, all policyholders can use the sum insured for each of them, multiple times, until the limit is exhausted, for as long as the policy is valid.
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Why Do You Need A Family Floater Health Insurance Policy?

Family Health Insurance has become increasingly important as medical inflation continues to rise.Comprehensive coverage for injuries and illnesses protects your family's health and wealth while reassuring you that if the going ever gets tough, you and your loved ones can still get going.

5 Reasons to Buy Family Floater Health Insurance Policy from Bajaj Finserv Health

  • Expenses


    Platinum Plan
    For every claim-free year you will get a bonus of 50% added to the total bonus

  • OPD Doctor Consultation


    Numerous Sum insured plan types
    You can pick from amongst different types of plan options in addition to choices for coverage amounts ranging from 1.5 lakhs to 1 crore

  • Network Discounts


    Immediate family cover
    This policy feature is created to cater to nuclear families comprising your spouse, your children and yourself

  • Cashless treatment


    Ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment
    With the option of two plans; Gold & Platinum, the policyholder will be covered for expenses arising out of inpatient hospitalization of up to Rs 20,000 in a recognized Ayurvedic/Homoeopathic hospital. The admission period must not exceed 24 hours.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio


    Convalescence benefit
    A hospitalization claim for a period stretching beyond 10 days is permitted for a benefit payout of Rs 7500 every year, given that the hospitalization claim is admissible.

Features of Family Floater Health Insurance Policy in India

  • A key feature of the family floater health insurance policy is that the sum that has been assured can be expanded to provide coverage to several family members if the need ever arises.
  • The family members who have been duly covered can claim cashless hospitalization if admitted to a network hospital. The other condition is that the intimation needs to be made within 24 hours of hospitalization. If an emergency is admitted due to an accident or illness in a non-partner hospital, the insurers may grant treatment and then reimbursement.
  • The policy can cover a certain amount of the rent per day of hospitalization.
  • Certain family floater health insurance plans function on a co-pay basis. Here, the insurers only pay a percentage of the incurred charges and the insurer pays the rest. Since the insured shares the cost of hospitalization the premium decreases
  • Companies will call in for a medical examination if the sum insured is high and the covered family members fall under a higher age group or show medical history.

Benefits of Family Floater Health Insurance in India from Bajaj Finserv Health

Transport costs incurred during the policy period due to calling the hospital ambulance will be covered for up to Rs. 20,000.As part of the accommodation expense benefit, one parent or legal guardian may claim Rs 500 per day, capping for 10 days in the policy year, to stay with a minor insured under the policy.
This policy covers daycare procedures and surgical operations for medical costs incurred during treatment. Medical recommendation is required for obtaining bariatric surgery coverage. Unless medically advised, coverage won't be provided. This is subject to certain terms and conditions.The policy covers medical expenses 60 days before and 90 days following hospitalization.The policy considers maternity expenses and medical expenses incurred for treating a newborn. However, certain terms and conditions apply.

Road ambulance coverage


Every day cash benefit


Daycare procedures cover


Bariatric operation cover


Pre and Post Hospitalization


Maternity/Newborn Baby Cover


The Higher your BMI Higher your Chance to get Diseases

Keep your health in check with our BMI Calculator

Height (cm)
Weight (Kgs)

Why just health insurance? Get a complete Family Floater Health Insurance package!

What is Family Floater Health Package?

A family floater health package is a policy document that comprehensively covers for all your family members under one single premium. The word package is derived from the fact that it covers the entire family.

Benefits of Family Floater Health Insurance Package?

Covers complete family in one single policy

Has an affordable premium

New members can be added to the existing plan easily

You are eligible to tax savings


Family Floater Health Insurance Plan - How to choose the right one?

There are certain details you need to be extremely mindful of when buying a family floater health insurance plan, these include:

Inclusions:Your plan's inclusions are coverage features- all benefits you will be eligible to enjoy, subject to certain requirements. Check if the policy includes: the type of treatment, the cost of hospitalization, pre-and post-hospitalization, in-patient treatment, other treatment options, daycare information, etc. The coverage scheme may vary from one health plan to the other. 7

Room Rent Limit:Room rent refers to the charges arising from staying in the hospital. Choosing the wrong room during hospitalization, or exceeding the room rent limit, may affect the claim settlement amount causing it to lower if the room rent limit is not adhered to. The amount you can claim can decrease proportionate to the mentioned rent limit if the room opted for exceeds the cost of the limit mentioned. Thus, you are advised to pick a room in alignment with the policy. All healthcare expenses, including the doctor's fee, vary with the room chosen during hospitalization. You must check the room rent limit before buying the policy.

Waiting Period:> If you have pre-existing diseases you will have to wait out the waiting period feature. As per standard procedures, the waiting period is around 30 days. But individuals with pre-existing disorders are subject to a waiting period even before being roped into health plans. Given the variety of waiting periods under every policy, careful research is a must. A shorter waiting period will work in your favor.

Exclusions:A health plan should be thoroughly examined for what is covered and what is not being provided. This way, it is easier to come to a decision.

Claim Settlement Ratio:When filing for a claim with an insurer, you need to be aware of the claim settlement ratio to ensure the claim is approved. If the claim is genuine and you have all the details to prove it, and it is as per the policy, it will be approved.

Your 7-point Checklist for Selecting the Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

  • checklist-icons_ Cover amount

    Choose the Right Plan

    Invest in a comprehensive plan protecting a wide variety of medical problems, along with benefits such as pre-and post-hospitalization treatment, travel expenses, and illnesses that you are at high risk of because of your family history. If family health insurance is what you are looking for, make sure the plan caters to everyone's needs irrespective of age. Factors you need to consider are your healthcare needs, affordability, benefits, inclusions, network hospitals and more.
  • checklist-icons_No Sub-limit

    Choose an Affordable Plan

    When trying to choose a health plan, it is important that it meets your needs and fits your budget. Instead of going for an outright expensive plan, it is best to settle on an affordably priced one, offering maximum benefits with a decent premium. Later, as your income your income, family size, and needs change, you can adjust the coverage accordingly.
  • checklist-icons_Co-pay vs No Co-pay

    Prefer Family Over Individual Health Plans

    People who don't have a family to support can benefit from individual plans. For reaping maximum advantages at a convenient charges price, it is recommended that you purchase a family health plan if you are blessed with a loving family.
  • checklist-icons_Waiting period

    Invest in Lifetime Renewable Plans

    You must check the health plan's renewal options at the time of policy purchase. The more your age, the greater your need for a health plan will be. Therefore, choose a plan that permits lifetime renewals.
  • checklist-icons_Beyond hospitalization

    Compare Quotes Online

    Comparing quotes is a part and parcel procedure at the time of policy purchase. Everyone does it! You can make this step easier and even get an estimated premium for your policy when you 'request a quote online. Research download pdfs and then compare the policies as well as the quotes before coming to a decision.
  • checklist-icons_Brand Goodwill

    Network Hospital Accessibility

    Selecting a health plan means you will need to determine if the hospital network includes the hospitals and doctors per your preference. An insurance provider with a large network of hospitals, labs, doctors and more worldwide.
  • checklist-icons_Claim Settlement Ratio

    Look for Value-Added Benefits

    Value-added benefits add value to your life as the name suggests. So, when comparing policy quotations, do not disregard such benefits.
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Here are the coverage offered by Bajaj Finserv Health

What's Covered?
What's not Covered?
Lab tests

Organ Donor Expenses

If poof organ donor treatment requirements, such expenses will be covered.

OPD Doctor Consultation

Reinstatement Benefits

Coverage of fully 100% of the sum insured applies to the same illnesses.

Teleconsultation Benefit

Ayurvedic/Homoeopathic Hospitalization

Up to 20,000 INR cover for Ayurvedic/Homoeopathic treatments

Choose diabetes health insurance coverage of your choice
5 lakhhealth insurance
5 lakh - Health insurance coverage
Avail upto 180+ doctor consultation
61+ lab tests packages
Wellness benefit upto 38000 Rs.
10 lakhhealth insurance
10 lakh - Health insurance coverage
Avail upto 180+ doctor consultation
61+ lab tests packages
Wellness benefit upto 56000 Rs.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum and Maximum Age Limit: The family members must be between 18-65 years old.

Age Limit of Dependent Children :Dependent children between the ages of 3 months to 30 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible age

    Age of Family Members
    18-65 years

  • baby

    Age of Dependent children
    3 months - 30 years

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How to calculate health insurance premium?

  • Personal Details


    Enter your name and mobile number.

  • Family members


    Select the family members whom you want to insure.

  • Age of eldest member


    Enter the eldest member's age

  • Premium Calculated


    Get your premium

10 factors that affect your health insurance premium:

India’s Leading Company

Health Insurance is a must for any individual or family who are looking to secure their health and financial future. Owing to medical inflation in the recent years, the cost of medical treatment and procedures often drains one’s lifetime savings and acts a burden. However, getting a health insurance means adding a fall-back cushion to safeguard savings as well as get tax benefits.

As you apply for a health insurance plan, the insurance providers do a thorough check/assessment of your health. Basis your health status, they offer a premium amount for the plan.


Your age is a major factor on which the health insurance premium will be decided. Most companies follow this mantra – the higher the age of the insured, the higher the premium to be paid. This is because older people are prone to illnesses. It is advisable to buy a health insurance plan when you are younger to enjoy more benefits and pay a lower premium.


Your occupation or the nature of your work will also determine the health risks you may be exposed to. Given our hectic lifestyles and sedentary jobs, you will be prone to stress, anxiety, etc. which will lead to other health issues. So, for example, if you have a high stress job, your premium will be higher.

Medical history

Medical history plays a vital role too in deciding the premium. If you have a chronic illness, or have suffered from any past major illnesses, or if family history points to any pre-existing illnesses, your health insurance premium will go up.

Copay feature

If you have a co-pay feature in your health insurance plan, then your premium will be lower as a certain percentage of the medical costs will be borne by you and the rest by the insurance provider..


Habits. Yes, your habits matter a lot. For example, if you are a smoker, you are at risk of serious illnesses like cancer. If you drink regularly, you are at risk of chronic diseases. So, your premium will be higher.


Duration of your policy will also affect your premium. If have a longer duration for your policy, you will pay less premium.


Your BMI or Body Mass Index also affects your premium. If your BMI is high, then you are at a higher risk of chronic or lifestyle illnesses. This means you will pay a higher premium.


Location If you stay in locations where food, water, air quality is an issue, it will lead to serious health issues and therefore, your premium will be higher.

plan type

Your plan type affects your premium amount.

Why To Buy Family Floater Health Insurance Online?

Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Hospitalization Cover.

Free Preventive Health Checkup Every 3 Years.

Lab Test Package (Prime network)-Take preventive/remedial measures against critical illnesses with a suitable lab test package.

OPD/Doctor Consultation Benefit-Get benefits on doctor consultations regarding critical illness and related health concerns.

Tele-consultation Benefits -Consult a doctor online via audio, video or chat according to your convenience and safety.

Network discounts -10% discounts on across Bajaj Finserv Health Prime network of partner hospitals and labs.

How to buy Family Floater Health Insurance from Bajaj Finserv Health

  • Login


    Step 1
    Log on to the website or download the ‘Bajaj Finserv Health’ app on your phone and sign up.

  • Search for Diabetes Insurance


    Step 2
    Search for the Family Floater Health Insurance Plan.

  • Apply Now for Diabetes Health Insurance


    Step 3
    Click on ‘Apply Now’ and enter your basic details.

  • Confirm Application


    Step 4
    Check and confirm application by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.

  • Pay your premium


    Step 5
    Pay the premium via credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, etc.

  • Get Details on Whatsapp


    You will receive the details of your membership via email/WhatsApp.

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Tax saving with Family Floater Health Insurance

Tax planning is a smart way of saving on health insurance. The moment you purchase either an individual health insurance policy or a family floater health insurance policy, you become eligible to take advantage of multiple tax savings.

  • For Preventive Health Check-Ups: A yearly deduction of Rs. 5,000 can be claimed for health check-up-related costs. This includes expenses for your family members check-ups too.
  • Under Section 80DDB: For incurring specific illness-related medical expenses, you can claim an additional tax deduction if it involves you, your family, or your parents. The deduction amount can be claimed if the bill is less than 40K, Senior citizens can claim a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh under this section.
  • Under Section 80DD: For nursing, medical treatment, training, preservation, and rehabilitation of a disabled dependent, you can obtain tax benefits up to Rs. 75,000. In cases of extreme disability, you can get up to Rs. 1.25 lakh in tax benefits.
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How to Claim Your Healthcare Benefits?

We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!
India’s Leading Company
We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!
With the Bajaj Finserv Health Insurance plan, you can avail health benefits and hospitalization benefits across the vast Bajaj Finserv network partners PAN India.
Download the Bajaj Finserv Health app or go to and log in to your account.
Go to your health plan and select the benefit you want to redeem or get reimbursed.
Follow the steps and claim your health plan benefits instantly.

How to make cashless claims & reimbursements?

Cashless Claims
Approach Hospital
Approach Network Hospitals
Approach Network Hospitals for complete cashless facility & once details are verified, send the duly filed pre-authorization form to the insurer
Verification of all details
Verification of all details
The insurer will duly verify the details of the pre-authorization request with policy benefits and intimate their decision to the healthcare provider
Myth Buster

One useful tip just for you!

Individual health insurance is a great plan for bachelors and unmarried people. The moment domestic life is embarked on with your significant other is the very opportune moment to widen your safety net with a family floater health insurance policy. This policy comprehensively covers one single member of the family with only one single premium.

Myths Busted

Myth #1: You can hide your medical history.

Truth: You should never hide your medical history no matter how bad it may be. Doing otherwise will put you into legal complications and you may find that the insurer may not accept the claim amount.

Myth# 2: A family floater health insurance policy is an effective tax-saving method

Truth: Although a family floater health insurance policy does offer you tax-saving benefits, it is never a single criterion. You must look out for other features and benefits.
Hear It From Our Customers
Female, 23
Shivani Datt
This has been very helpful to me and my family during the pandemic. I could reach out to the best doctors online and get the right treatment for my parents at reasonable pricing. Also, with preventive health check-ups as a part of the plan, it is a very good purchase.
Male, 29
Rahul M
This Health Insurance has been very helpful to me and my family during the pandemic. I could reach out to the best doctors online and get the right treatment for my family at reasonable pricing. Also, with free lab tests and other hospitalization benefits, it is the best product to manage all healthcare expenses.


Family health insurance covers the entire family. The family floater plan covers every member of your family for a single premium, in contrast to the individual plan. Thus, no separate premiums are required for any of the individuals, regardless of their age.

Typically, children are much more susceptible to illness than adults. And since kids tend to get sick more frequently, it is important to make sure they have a safe and affordable health insurance plan. That way, you can handle hospitalization and medical expenses for their treatment without a hassle and focus on just being there for the little one.

Bajaj Finserv Health offers the best cashless health insurance in India.

The concept of a family floater refers to a health insurance plan that covers the entire family. Because of a floater, all members of the family receive benefits from the same pool.

Yes, you can add your parents to the family floater health insurance, however, there may be an increase in the premium amount, depending on their age and pre-existing diseases.

In a family health insurance plan, for a single premium amount, separate policies are given to each member of the family based on their age and requirement. On the other hand, in a family floater plan, all the members are covered under one umbrella policy with the same benefits.

The premiums will be determined by the age and amount of insurance of everyone. However, most insurers will give you a 10 percent discount if you are insured with more than one family member at the same time. The sum insured by other members remains intact if a claim is made by one member.

Price starting @
₹592 x 10 months

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