Maternity Insurance

A health insurance plan carefully crafted to for new mothers-to-be and their babies. Pregnancy care and post-natal care is crucial for a mother and child’s health. A maternity health insurance should cover healthcare benefits like doctor consultations, tests, ultrasounds, etc., during the pregnancy as well as pre- and post-hospitalization care.
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What Does Maternity Health Insurance Entail ?

Motherhood is undoubtedly a life-altering experience. For some it can be an almost smooth-sailing process and for others it can be a nightmare, especially if they have been suffering from multiple health problems (physical as well as mental). And it can be a worrisome experience if there is financial constraints. In india, currently, the hospitalisation charges at the time of labour and delivery can cost anywhere between 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakhs alone. This excludes cost of medications, ultrasounds appointments, blood tests and post natal care if the child happens to be of frail health. Pegnancy although a wonderful phase for both mom and dad, can become a period of anxiety if worries of limited finances are always in the way. A maternity health insurance basically, helps you to mitigate the burden of expenses. Such a policy comprehensively covers features like surgeon fees, doctor consultations, ultrasound visits, lab tests and even anesthesiologists consultations. Pre-hospitalization benefits can be availed of upto 30 days prior to the scheduled date of admission. With an investment in a maternity health insurance policy, the possibility of pregnancy becomes much more practical.
Maternity Health Insurance

Is Maternity Health Insurance a Necessity?

Nowadays, medical care has become exceptionally expensive. And young newly-married couples these days often feel deterred when it comes to having their own babies and expanding the horizons of their family. One of the key deterrence is always money. Whether you have opted for natural delivery or a Cesarean operation, good quality pre and post natal care from the best doctor or hospital in your city will not come cheap. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt consider having a new member of the family. Financial stress is a big dampener and will continue to be your companion throughout your life. However, you shouldnt let it rain on your parade. There are ways in which you can absorb the shock of a cumulative medical burden. One of those ways is going for a maternity health insurance. This should be your top prioroty, the moment you embark on family life.

  • Financial support for maternal healthcare is key to a smooth pregnancy.
  • 14.1% women in India have health insurance support at a national level.
  • Lack of awareness about health insurance among women.

5 reasons to buy Maternity health insurance from Bajaj Finserv Health

  • Expenses


    Healthcare expenses
    The plan covers your regular healthcare expenses like doctor consultation fees, lab test fees, preventive health check-ups, etc.

  • OPD Doctor Consultation


    Doctor consultation
    You get free online doctor teleconsultations. If you do not want to step out of the house or need medical intervention 24/7, you can consult top specialists online.

  • Network Discounts


    Network discounts
    You can avail network discounts across Bajaj Health’s vast network PAN India for doctor consultation, hospitalization, lab tests, hospital room rent, buying medicines, dental care, eye wear and more.

  • Cashless treatment


    Cashless treatment
    You can avail cashless treatment at network hospitals or get bills reimbursed at non-network hospitals, clinics, etc

  • Claim Settlement Ratio


    Easy Claim Settlement
    Claim settlement process is fairly easy and hassle-free. Claim settlement ratio is 92.1%

Features of the best Maternity Insurance plan in India

It is crucial to carry out a detailed and appropriate cost-benefit analysis before choosing the best maternity insurance plan.

Maternity insurance premiums are usually higher than individual health insurance premiums because claim settlement ratios are very close to 100%.

While determining the premium amount, Mediclaim policies, the age and medical history of the woman, the health of her family, etc., are considered. The health condition of her mother and father are normally considered.

Some must-have features of a maternity insurance plan in India are:

  • Premium and coverage:As nearly everyone who takes out maternity insurance will need to file a claim at some time, premiums are generally high because maternity insurance has a claim-settlement ratio of nearly 100%. The amount of the premium payable depends on whether the insured has a base health insurance policy. When calculating the premium, the age of the mother, the background of critical illness, any genetic disorders, the hazards of her profession, nutrition levels, etc. are considered. Pre-and post-hospitalization, ambulance charges, consultation fees, room rent, and the newborn's entire inoculation schedule for the first few years are covered under the medical insurance policy with maternity coverage. Caesarean sections are also covered as part of a maternity plan, so insurance companies will reimburse it for you in case you undergo a C-section instead of a vaginal delivery.
  • Waiting period:An important part of maternity insurance is the waiting period. Maternity policies require you to serve a waiting period of at least 9 months, and you cannot make a claim just after purchasing one. Depending on your policy, the waiting period may be longer. Depending on the insured's health condition, the waiting period can be different for each person. The policy premium payable will increase if the woman reveals she has certain health problems as the insurer will assume that she may experience certain complications during delivery. For maternity plans, the waiting period generally ranges from three to six years.
  • Newborn coverage:Vaccines are recommended for a newborn baby's continuous care, so the doctor prescribes a complete vaccine schedule. A maternity insurance plan covers vaccination costs and other important health-related expenses. Postpartum coverage will extend for at least 90 days following delivery. The actual duration of coverage may vary from plan to plan.
  • Plan Exclusions:Some expenses are explicitly exempt from the list of admissible expenses under a maternity policy. A typical maternity insurance policy does not cover the cost of various tonics and vitamins prescribed by your doctor, daily checkups by your doctor, consultations with your doctor during your 9 months of pregnancy, and treatment of infertility. The insurance company is also not responsible for providing maternity benefits to a woman who becomes pregnant while serving the waiting period. Only once the waiting period is served, is the insurer responsible for coverage.
  • The right time to buy maternity cover:When should you invest in a maternity insurance policy? Maternity insurance should only be purchased after a couple has planned and considered how they will manage a child. They shouldn't put aside other goals to get maternity insurance. However, purchasing maternity insurance as early as possible is highly recommended. Such maternity plans provide the woman with plenty of time to fully serve the lengthy waiting period. A good time to purchase this plan is also after the couple has had their first child, and if they want to have a second.

Benefits of Maternity health insurance in India

There are many benefits of buying a maternity insurance plan. Most importantly, it helps to safeguard savings and covers the cost of treatment, pre-and post-hospitalization care for the new mother and even the newborn. So, just because treatment and care are expensive doesn’t mean a mother and child don’t deserve it! Benefits of a maternity insurance plan in India are:
benefit-img_<h4>Focus on Health</h4>

Focus on Health

benefit-img_<h4>Treatment for Newborns Inclusive</h4>

Treatment for Newborns Inclusive

benefit-img_<h4>Safeguards Personal Wealth</h4>

Safeguards Personal Wealth

benefit-img_<h4>Tax Benefits </h4>

Tax Benefits


The Higher your BMI Higher your Chance to get Diseases

Keep your health in check with our BMI Calculator

Height (cm)
Weight (Kgs)

Why just health insurance? Get a complete Maternity Health Insurance package!

What is a maternity health package?

A maternity health package offers complete maternity healthcare services along with health insurance. In a health package, you get prepaid doctor consultations and lab tests, which means you can consult top doctors aka gynaecologists, pediatricians, etc., in top hospitals and clinics and get lab or diagnostic tests done at top labs. You also get FREE preventive health check-ups, teleconsultations, and of course health insurance. So, unlike health insurance that begins at illness, a maternity health package offers wellness for moms and newborns.

Benefits of buying a health package?

There are many benefits of buying a maternity health package. Here are some benefits:

  • You get free preventive/annual health check-ups. This means that you will have to avail this benefit as its cost is already covered. It is great for timely health assessment.
  • You get discounts at network hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, labs and network doctors.
  • You can save a lot more in annual healthcare expenditure with a health package
  • You get health insurance coverage with pre-and post-hospitalization cover
  • You claim cashless or reimburse fees
  • You are covered for newborn post-natal care and treatments
  • Your post-partum care is included

How to choose the right Maternity health insurance package for you?

There are many health plans offered by Bajaj Finserv Health. To choose a maternity health plan that suits you best, you need to check what is being offered to you in terms of:

Health and wellness benefits for mothers & babies.

Health insurance cover.

Premium amount and whether the premium fits in your budget or not.

Check inclusions and exclusions of the health plan.

Waiting period before you can avail health benefits.

Post-natal care cover for mother and child.

Your 9-point Checklist for Selecting the Best Maternity Health Insurance Plan

  • checklist-icons_ Cover amount

    Comprehensive coverage

    Delivery expenses, hospital expenses, medicines and other pregnancy related expenses are covered under this maternity health policy.
  • checklist-icons_eligibility of children age

    Newborn Care

    The policy also extends its coverage to the newborn in case the newborn is diagnosed with any critical illness.
  • checklist-icons_Apply Now for Diabetes Health Insurance

    Easy application process

    You can easily apply for maternity health insurance online from the comfort of your home.
  • checklist-icons_covers ambulance expenses

    Ambulance cost

    Ambulance charges are covered under this maternity policy
  • checklist-icons_Approach Hospital

    Hospitalization coverage

    Hospital and any pregnancy related expenses that are to incur 30 days prior or 60 days post hospitalization will be covered under this policy.
  • checklist-icons_Cashless treatment

    Cashless facility

    You can avail the benefit of cashless facilities at any network hospitals of the insurance company.
  • checklist-icons_Claim Settlement Ratio

    Easy and quick claim settlement

    The policy’s claim settlement process is simple and quick with a single point of contact.
  • checklist-icons_pre and post hospitalization expenses

    Claim free bonus

    For each claim free year you will be eligible for a 10% cumulative bonus.
  • checklist-icons_benefits of insured reinstatement

    Tax Benefits

    you can avail tax exemptions up to Rs.60,000
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Here are the coverage offered by Bajaj Finserv Health

What's Covered?
What's not Covered?
eligibility of children age

Pre-and Post-natal Cover

During pregnancy, a mother needs constant attention. The health checkups and medicines she needs to take begin long before she enters into labor. Moreover, despite having a new baby, she will continue to undergo checkups and receive medications. All medical expenses will be covered for both mother and child during the 30 days prior to the due date and 30-60 days after delivery (depending on the mother's health plan).

joint replacement surgery

Delivery Cover

The cost of having a healthy baby delivered by a seasoned professional is quite high. A Maternity Coverage will provide this amount, as well as certain sub-limits, depending on the delivery mode; normal or Cesarean.

eligibility of children age

Newborn Cover

The costs of medical care for newborns with congenital diseases and other complications may be covered up to 90 days from the date of birth in some health plans.

Choose maternity health insurance coverage of your choice
5 lakhhealth insurance
5 lakh - Health insurance coverage
Avail upto 180+ doctor consultation
61+ lab tests packages
Wellness benefit upto 38000 Rs.
10 lakhhealth insurance
10 lakh - Health insurance coverage
Avail upto 180+ doctor consultation
61+ lab tests packages
Wellness benefit upto 56000 Rs.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum and Maximum Age Limit of Mother:For a new mother to-be to be eligible for a maternity insurance plan, she needs to be at least 18 years of age as most insurance providers want this minimum age entry and the maximum age of 45.

Minimum and Maximum Age Limit of Babies:For babies to be eligible for cover under this plan, it starts on day 1, i.e. the day of birth of the child and goes upto 24 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligible age

    Minimum & Maximum age of mother
    18 to 45 years

  • baby

    Minimum & Maximum age of baby
    1 day to 24 years

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How to calculate health insurance premium?

  • Personal Details


    Enter your name and mobile number.

  • Family members


    Select the family members whom you want to insure.

  • Age of eldest member


    Enter the eldest member's age

  • Premium Calculated


    Get your premium

10 factors that affect your health insurance premium:

India’s Leading Company

Health Insurance is a must for any individual or family who are looking to secure their health and financial future. Owing to medical inflation in the recent years, the cost of medical treatment and procedures often drains one’s lifetime savings and acts a burden. However, getting a health insurance means adding a fall-back cushion to safeguard savings as well as get tax benefits.

As you apply for a health insurance plan, the insurance providers do a thorough check/assessment of your health. Basis your health status, they offer a premium amount for the plan.


Your age is a major factor on which the health insurance premium will be decided. Most companies follow this mantra – the higher the age of the insured, the higher the premium to be paid. This is because older people are prone to illnesses. It is advisable to buy a health insurance plan when you are younger to enjoy more benefits and pay a lower premium.


Your occupation or the nature of your work will also determine the health risks you may be exposed to. Given our hectic lifestyles and sedentary jobs, you will be prone to stress, anxiety, etc. which will lead to other health issues. So, for example, if you have a high stress job, your premium will be higher.

Medical history

Medical history plays a vital role too in deciding the premium. If you have a chronic illness, or have suffered from any past major illnesses, or if family history points to any pre-existing illnesses, your health insurance premium will go up.

Copay feature

If you have a co-pay feature in your health insurance plan, then your premium will be lower as a certain percentage of the medical costs will be borne by you and the rest by the insurance provider..


Habits. Yes, your habits matter a lot. For example, if you are a smoker, you are at risk of serious illnesses like cancer. If you drink regularly, you are at risk of chronic diseases. So, your premium will be higher.


Duration of your policy will also affect your premium. If have a longer duration for your policy, you will pay less premium.


Your BMI or Body Mass Index also affects your premium. If your BMI is high, then you are at a higher risk of chronic or lifestyle illnesses. This means you will pay a higher premium.


Location If you stay in locations where food, water, air quality is an issue, it will lead to serious health issues and therefore, your premium will be higher.

plan type

Your plan type affects your premium amount.

Why to buy Maternity Insurance online

Buying insurance policies online is now easy. Before buying your maternity insurance plan online, you can compare similar plans by different insurance providers, you can check the premium, the inclusions, exclusions, etc. Plus, buying online is easier and faster.

How to buy Maternity health insurance from Bajaj Finserv Health

  • Login


    Step 1
    Log on to the website or download the ‘Bajaj Finserv Health’ app on your phone and sign up.

  • Search for Diabetes Insurance


    Step 2
    Search for the Maternity Health Insurance Plan.

  • Apply Now for Diabetes Health Insurance


    Step 3
    Click on ‘Apply Now’ and enter your basic details.

  • Confirm Application


    Step 4
    Check and confirm application by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.

  • Pay your premium


    Step 5
    Pay the premium via credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, etc.

  • Get Details on Whatsapp


    You will receive the details of your membership via email/WhatsApp.

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Tax savings with Maternity Health Insurance

Tax Benefits: you can avail tax exemptions up to Rs.60,000

Explore Our Robust Network

You can avail all your health insurance benefits PAN India. Explore our vast network partners.

Explore Our Robust Network

You can avail all your health insurance benefits PAN India. Explore our vast network partners.

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Documents You Will Need To Apply For Maternity Health Insurance

Personal Details
Proof of Age
  • Aadhaar card

  • birth certificate

  • Passport

  • school/college passing certificate

Proof of Identity
  • Aadhaar card

  • passport

  • driving license

Proof of Address
  • Ration card

  • Electricity bill

  • Driving license

An Easy, Hassle-Free And Quick Procedure

How to Claim Your Healthcare Benefits?

We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!
India’s Leading Company
We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!
With the Bajaj Finserv Health Insurance plan, you can avail health benefits and hospitalization benefits across the vast Bajaj Finserv network partners PAN India.
Download the Bajaj Finserv Health app or go to and log in to your account.
Go to your health plan and select the benefit you want to redeem or get reimbursed.
Follow the steps and claim your health plan benefits instantly.

How to make cashless claims & reimbursements?

Cashless Claims
Approach Hospital
Approach Network Hospitals
Approach Network Hospitals for complete cashless facility & once details are verified, send the duly filed pre-authorization form to the insurer
Verification of all details
Verification of all details
The insurer will duly verify the details of the pre-authorization request with policy benefits and intimate their decision to the healthcare provider
Myth Buster

One useful tip just for you!

Invest in a maternity health insurance policy well-before you wish to plan a family. This is because if you buy the policy when you conceive, you may not be able to avail healthcare benefits during your pregnancy due to the waiting period.

Myths Busted

#Myth 1: I am very young. I do not require maternity insurance.

There is no such thing as being too young for a maternity insurance. If you are a newly married couple, you must invest in a maternity insurance at the earliest. If bought early, maternity insurances are available at a lower cost.

#Myth 2: I can avail maternity benefits from Day 1.

No. Like all maternity insurance policies, there is also a waiting period for the policy provided by Bajaj Finserv and this can range from 9 months to a period of 4 years. A waiting period is basically like a phase wherein no policy claims can be made by the insurer except in the case of accidental injuries.

#Myth 3: My corporate health plan is enough.

No. The amount that is often offfered by corporate health plans in India is not enough to cover the entire cost of prenatal care, hospitalisation and post natal care. You need a maternity health insurance that will comprehensively cover all costs related to having a baby.

#Myth 4: A separate maternity health insurance is required as no insurance plan provides this facility

If you are planning to have a baby then a maternity insurance is the best policy for you since it is designed to meet the medical needs of the expectant mother and the baby. It covers apects of pregnancy such as ultrasounds, post natal care, lab tests, which may or may be be covered by other policies.
Hear It From Our Customers
Female, 23
Shruti Shivhare
This has been very helpful to me and my family during the pandemic. I could reach out to the best doctors online and get the right treatment for my parents at reasonable pricing. Also, with preventive health check-ups as a part of the plan, it is a very good purchase.
Female, 23
This has been very helpful to me and my family during the pandemic. I could reach out to the best doctors online and get the right treatment for my parents at reasonable pricing. Also, with preventive health check-ups as a part of the plan, it is a very good purchase.


Yes, that's possible. Women should consider purchasing maternity insurance along with their basic health insurance, because it helps them and acts as a supplement for maternity costs. Health insurance covers these costs. A separate maternity plan, on the other hand, provides a broader scope of coverage because health insurance has a set limit on different expenses. The costs associated with maternity have risen with better quality services, and for a pregnant woman to be able to enjoy the benefit of these services, the costs should also be covered.

To qualify for maternity benefits, there is a nine-month waiting period.

A person who is already pregnant cannot purchase maternity insurance from a health insurance company unless it is a group policy.

Prenatal and maternity costs are typically only covered to some extent according to your health insurance plan, but typically employee plans cover between 25 percent and 90 percent of the costs.

Delivery can either be done via normal/vaginal delivery or by C-section. Depending on the type of hospital you choose or the part of the city you live in, a C-section can cost anywhere between Rs 60,000 and 1.5 Lacs while a normal delivery could cost anywhere from Rs 40,000 to 1 Lac.

You may be required to provide the birth certificate of the child to your insurer to start the special enrollment period. The next open enrollment period may be necessary if a new parent misses the deadline for special enrollment.

Depending on the plan, the waiting period can range from 9 months to 24 months. Once the waiting period ends, you can start claiming the policy. No claims will be accepted during the waiting period. To reap the benefits of pregnancy insurance, get it well in advance if you plan on starting a family next year.

Generally, employee plans cover 25 to 90 percent of prenatal and maternity costs, depending on your insurance carrier.

Your newborn's coverage should be effective as of their birth date, if enrollment is within 30 days of their birth. Additionally, your baby cannot be excluded from coverage based on a pre-existing medical condition. Enroll your new baby within 30 days of her birth.

If you have maternity insurance or health insurance with a maternity rider, up to two child births will be covered.

No, there is no no-waiting-period maternity insurance. There is usually a 9-24 month waiting period for any maternity insurance.

Pregnancy-related expenses are covered by maternity insurance. A health insurance product covers maternity-related expenses only as a rider, which means the policyholder must pay an additional premium for it.

Buying insurance policies online is now easy. Before buying your maternity insurance plan online, you can compare similar plans by different insurance providers, you can check the premium, the inclusions, exclusions, etc. Plus, buying online is easier and faster.

Simply go the official website – and on the homepage, click on the Aarogya Care section. Under this section click, on health protect plans.

Price starting @
₹592 x 10 months

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