Parents health insurance

Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? We agree! And therefore, we believe you need to invest in a parental health insurance policy for your parents. This health insurance plan specifically crafted for your parents health needs will help you stay stress-free, will safeguard your finances and your parents savings too. Moreover, it will push your parents to get preventive check-ups as it is already covered in the policy. In case of sudden illness and expensive treatments, you can relax as everything is taken care of. Are you still asking us why? Read on….
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What Is Parents Health Insurance?

Parents' health insurance plans are tailored to provide medical coverage for your parents. Parents should have health insurance for themselves and establish a financial shield around themselves. Having regular check-ups is important, as is being mindful of their fitness and diet. Old age-related illnesses and their associated medical expenses are covered comprehensively by this policy. Moreover, to help manage their medical expenses effectively, a good parents’ health insurance policy provides lucrative benefits, such as annual health check-ups, cashless treatment, etc. You can consider a variety of health insurance plans for your parents, including ones that offer coverage for COVID-19 infection as well as other serious illnesses which can otherwise cost a fortune to treat.
Parents health insurance

Why do you need Parents Health Insurance ?

  • Increasing Healthcare Costs::The advancements in medical science and technology have led to the rising costs of advanced medical treatment and facilities. Adding that to medical inflation could cause a big dent in your savings if an unforeseen medical emergency occurs. Investing in a comprehensive health insurance plan for your parents at a young age can help you avoid such situations altogether
  • Comprehensive Care:An effective health care plan covers more than just hospitalisation expenses. Aside from ambulance coverage, day-care surgery, and periodic health checkup coverage, it also covers expenses incurred pre-and post-hospitalization. A comprehensive health insurance plan may also cover the costs of diagnostic tests and medicines.
  • Insufficient Benefit For Employees:Health insurance benefits from employers make it easy for some people to avoid buying comprehensive health insurance plans. Despite this, the majority of group insurance policies have inadequate benefits, and the rising costs of medical care may prevent your parents from obtaining the best and most comprehensive medical treatment. To be on the safe side, it's a good idea to have a separate medical insurance plan for your parents with better coverage and higher coverage amount over and above the group health plan provided by your employer.
  • An Increase In Lifestyle Illnesses:Health insurance was once considered essential only after one turned 60. However, changes in lifestyle have increased modern stresses and strains. It has, in turn, led to an increased risk of disorders, which have led to a number of health complications as we age. It is therefore crucial that we protect our loved ones by investing in a health insurance plan at a young age.
  • Tax Benefits : Section 80D of the Income Tax Act allows you to deduct the health insurance premiums that you pay for your parents. You can receive a tax benefit of Rs.50,000 on health insurance premiums for yourself and your parents under 60 years of age. In the case of parents who are over the age of 60, the limit is Rs. 75,000.

5 reasons to buy Parents health insurance from Bajaj Finserv Health

  • Expenses


    Healthcare expenses
    The plan covers your regular healthcare expenses like doctor consultation fees, lab test fees, preventive health check-ups, etc.

  • OPD Doctor Consultation


    Doctor consultation
    You get free online doctor teleconsultations. If you do not want to step out of the house or need medical intervention 24/7, you can consult top specialists online.

  • Network Discounts


    Network discounts
    You can avail network discounts across Bajaj Health’s vast network PAN India for doctor consultation, hospitalization, lab tests, hospital room rent, buying medicines, dental care, eye wear and more.

  • Cashless treatment


    Cashless treatment
    You can avail cashless treatment at network hospitals or get bills reimbursed at non-network hospitals, clinics, etc

  • Claim Settlement Ratio


    Easy Claim Settlement
    Claim settlement process is fairly easy and hassle-free. Claim settlement ratio is 92.1%

Features of Parents Health Insurance in India

When buying a health insurance plan for parents in India, you should look for the following features in the plan:

  • The premium amount for such a policy should be affordable and not be a financial burden
  • Sum Insured amount should be adequate and should cover regular health expenses as well as hospitalization expenses
  • Premium paid for the parental health insurance plan should be eligible for tax benefits
  • You can avail a free look period of upto 30 days
  • Coverage for daycare treatments including costs for medical equipment, tests, doctor fees, etc.
  • Coverage for regular healthcare costs like preventive check-ups, lab tests, etc.
  • Pre-existing diseases coverage
  • Pre-hospitalization care cover as well as cover for post-hospitalization care

Benefits of Parents Health Insurance in India

With a parental health insurance plan, you can be rest assured your parents health will be taken care of. You need not worry about draining your finances or their savings to afford best-in-class treatment. There are many benefits of buying a health insurance plans for your parents.
Parents can avail ambulance assistance, claim cashless hospitalization for hospital stay above 24 hours. It will cover all costs of medicines, room rent, nurse, medical equipment, etc. this means nothing has to be paid from your pocket.
benefit-img_<h4>Fast Claim Settlement</h4>

Fast Claim Settlement

benefit-img_<h4>Easy Renewal</h4>

Easy Renewal

benefit-img_<h4>Best Network Hospitals</h4>

Best Network Hospitals

benefit-img_<h4>Ambulance assistance</h4>

Ambulance assistance


The Higher your BMI Higher your Chance to get Diseases

Keep your health in check with our BMI Calculator

Height (cm)
Weight (Kgs)

Why just health insurance? Get a complete Parents Health Insurance package!

What is Parents Health Package

With the increase in nuclear families and having jobs outside of one’s hometown, even abroad, we are often worried about our parent’s health. Healthcare is expensive today and often times, due to the rising costs, our parents happen to delay their treatment and procedures. However, this only results in advanced health problems. While a parental health insurance is an option, it may not cover regular healthcare expenses which are very important. Therefore, it is best if you go one step ahead and invest in a complete parental health insurance package.

But why won’t a generic health insurance plan be enough?

A specialized parental health insurance plan is a plan that is carefully crafted to cater to your parents and senior citizens health needs. It includes and covers regular health expenses like doctor consultation fees, lab tests, preventive health check-ups so that parents can stay on top of their health. It should also cover pre-and post-hospitalization care expenses. It will also have an option to opt for AYUSH or alternative treatment therapies. Additional benefits are ambulance assistance, no claim bonus, pre-existing disease cover and so on.


How to choose the right Parents health insurance package for you?

When looking for the right parental health insurance package, you should consider the following points:

Helps you beat medical inflation:This health insurance plan should cover end-to-end health cover costs so that you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket.

Waiting period:It is better to invest in a parental health insurance before your parents turn senior citizens. This is because the waiting period will be over by then and they can avail all benefits.

Premium Affordability : The premium you need to pay for the parental health insurance should be easily affordable to you.

Coverage for Life Support & Life Saving Treatments : Old age brings many health complications. Your insurance plan should include cost of cataract surgery, dialysis, organ transplant, other implants, etc.

Critical Illness Cover : Yes, if your parents are diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, liver cirrhosis, etc. this plan should have provision for the same.

Your 5-point Checklist for Selecting the Best Parents Health Insurance Plan

  • checklist-icons_ Cover amount

    Health Insurance Coverage

    Reviewing the policy's coverage benefits is crucial. Consider things like the policy duration, pre-and post-hospitalization coverage, critical illness coverage, daycare procedures, in-patient hospitalizations, Ayush treatments, and domiciliary hospitalizations.
  • checklist-icons_benefits of insured reinstatement

    Adequate Sum Insured Amount

    Considering their age factor, you need to opt for a higher sum insured amount since your parents are more vulnerable to health risks. It will allow them to get the best treatment available without any financial constraints.
  • checklist-icons_Pre-diabetes check

    Pre-existing Disease Cover

    If your parents have pre-existing medical conditions, they will only be covered after the waiting period is complete, which is usually between 2-4 years. Depending on the plan chosen, it can differ from one insurer to another. You need to confirm how long before pre-existing diseases can be covered in your family health insurance plan.
  • checklist-icons_Co-pay vs No Co-pay

    Co-payment Clause

    You will be responsible for a certain percentage of the cost. The rest will be covered by your health insurance. For instance, if you have a 20% Co-pay clause in your policy and you have a claim of Rs 10 lakh, you will have to pay Rs 2 Lakh directly from your own pocket while the insurance provider pays Rs 8 Lakh. You can also include a no co-pay clause to have the entire amount covered by the insurance provider, by paying a higher premium.
  • checklist-icons_Apply Now for Diabetes Health Insurance

    Tax Benefits

    You can claim a tax deduction under section 80 D for health insurance premiums you pay for your parents. If you pay the premiums for yourself and your parents below 60 years of age, then you are entitled to a tax deduction of Rs 50,000. The limit is raised to Rs 75,000 if your parents are older than 60 years. Depending on tax regulations, the limit may vary.
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Here are the coverage offered by Bajaj Finserv Health

What's Covered?
What's not Covered?
benefits of insured reinstatement

Hospitalization Expenses

A medical emergency or an accident can result in expensive hospitalisation costs. The cost of hospitalisation is rising, but this comprehensive health insurance policy covers your medical treatment to the limit of your policy.

pre and post hospitalization expenses

Pre and post-hospitalization expenses

Pre and post-hospitalization expenses are also covered by the health insurance policy for parents. This period usually lasts for 30 to 60 days, but it can differ from one insurer to another.

covers ambulance expenses

Ambulance expenses

The policy also covers the cost of ambulances up to a limit of Rs. 20,000 per policy year.

Choose Parents health insurance coverage of your choice
5 lakhhealth insurance
5 lakh - Health insurance coverage
Avail upto 180+ doctor consultation
61+ lab tests packages
Wellness benefit upto 38000 Rs.
10 lakhhealth insurance
10 lakh - Health insurance coverage
Avail upto 180+ doctor consultation
61+ lab tests packages
Wellness benefit upto 56000 Rs.

Eligibility Criteria:

Age Limit of Primary Policy Holder:In order to avoid co-payment clauses, the primary policyholder should be between the ages of 18 and 65 when applying for coverage.

Nationality:The policyholder needs to be an Indian citizen.

Maximum age of enrollment:For most medical insurance plans, the maximum age of enrolment is between 60 and 80 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligible age

    Age Limit of Primary Policy Holder
    18 to 65 Years

  • Personal Details


  • Age of eldest member

    Maximum age
    60 to 80 Years

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How to calculate health insurance premium?

  • Personal Details


    Enter your name and mobile number.

  • Family members


    Select the family members whom you want to insure.

  • Age of eldest member


    Enter the eldest member's age

  • Premium Calculated


    Get your premium

10 factors that affect your health insurance premium:

India’s Leading Company

Health Insurance is a must for any individual or family who are looking to secure their health and financial future. Owing to medical inflation in the recent years, the cost of medical treatment and procedures often drains one’s lifetime savings and acts a burden. However, getting a health insurance means adding a fall-back cushion to safeguard savings as well as get tax benefits.

As you apply for a health insurance plan, the insurance providers do a thorough check/assessment of your health. Basis your health status, they offer a premium amount for the plan.


Your age is a major factor on which the health insurance premium will be decided. Most companies follow this mantra – the higher the age of the insured, the higher the premium to be paid. This is because older people are prone to illnesses. It is advisable to buy a health insurance plan when you are younger to enjoy more benefits and pay a lower premium.


Your occupation or the nature of your work will also determine the health risks you may be exposed to. Given our hectic lifestyles and sedentary jobs, you will be prone to stress, anxiety, etc. which will lead to other health issues. So, for example, if you have a high stress job, your premium will be higher.

Medical history

Medical history plays a vital role too in deciding the premium. If you have a chronic illness, or have suffered from any past major illnesses, or if family history points to any pre-existing illnesses, your health insurance premium will go up.

Copay feature

If you have a co-pay feature in your health insurance plan, then your premium will be lower as a certain percentage of the medical costs will be borne by you and the rest by the insurance provider..


Habits. Yes, your habits matter a lot. For example, if you are a smoker, you are at risk of serious illnesses like cancer. If you drink regularly, you are at risk of chronic diseases. So, your premium will be higher.


Duration of your policy will also affect your premium. If have a longer duration for your policy, you will pay less premium.


Your BMI or Body Mass Index also affects your premium. If your BMI is high, then you are at a higher risk of chronic or lifestyle illnesses. This means you will pay a higher premium.


Location If you stay in locations where food, water, air quality is an issue, it will lead to serious health issues and therefore, your premium will be higher.

plan type

Your plan type affects your premium amount.

Why To Buy Parents Health Insurance Online?

At Bajaj Finserv Health, the parental health insurance policy is not like any other health insurance policy that kicks in during pre-and post-hospitalization care before an ailment, illness or a treatment. With Bajaj Finserv Health’s Parental Health Insurance Policy, your parents can focus on wellness and health together. This means they can avail cashless doctor consultations, get lab tests at top labs, avail FREE preventive health check-ups and teleconsult doctors on the Bajaj Finserv Health platform from the comfort of their homes. Plus, they can avail hospitalization benefits too as the requirement arises.

How to buy Parents health insurance from Bajaj Finserv Health

  • Login


    Step 1
    Log on to the website or download the ‘Bajaj Finserv Health’ app on your phone and sign up.

  • Search for Diabetes Insurance


    Step 2
    Search for the Parents Health Insurance Plan.

  • Apply Now for Diabetes Health Insurance


    Step 3
    Click on ‘Apply Now’ and enter your basic details.

  • Confirm Application


    Step 4
    Check and confirm application by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.

  • Pay your premium


    Step 5
    Pay the premium via credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, etc.

  • Get Details on Whatsapp


    You will receive the details of your membership via email/WhatsApp.

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Tax savings with Parents Health insurance

You can claim a tax deduction under section 80 D for health insurance premiums you pay for your parents. If you pay the premiums for yourself and your parents below 60 years of age, then you are entitled to a tax deduction of Rs 50,000. The limit is raised to Rs 75,000 if your parents are older than 60 years. Depending on tax regulations, the limit may vary.

Explore Our Robust Network

You can avail all your health insurance benefits PAN India. Explore our vast network partners.

Explore Our Robust Network

You can avail all your health insurance benefits PAN India. Explore our vast network partners.

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Documents Required For Buying Health Insurance Policy For Parents

Personal Details
Age Proof
  • Aadhaar card

  • Passport

  • 10th or 12th mark sheet

  • Birth certificate

Personal Details
Identity Proof
  • PAN card

  • Driving license

  • Voting ID

Address Proof
  • Electricity bill

  • Telephone bill

  • Ration card

An Easy, Hassle-Free And Quick Procedure

How to Claim Your Healthcare Benefits?

We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!
India’s Leading Company
We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!
With the Bajaj Finserv Health Insurance plan, you can avail health benefits and hospitalization benefits across the vast Bajaj Finserv network partners PAN India.
Download the Bajaj Finserv Health app or go to and log in to your account.
Go to your health plan and select the benefit you want to redeem or get reimbursed.
Follow the steps and claim your health plan benefits instantly.

How to make cashless claims & reimbursements?

Cashless Claims
Approach Hospital
Approach Network Hospitals
Contact the hospital's insurance office.
Verification of all details
Bring your parents' health cards
You will need to bring your parents' health cards as proof of insurance.
submit all document
Submission of insurance provider's preauthorization by hospital

The hospital will submit the insurance provider's preauthorization form once the identity has been verified.

Myth Buster

One useful tip just for you!

Invest in a parental health insurance plan well in advance. This is because there can be a waiting period of upto 48 months. If parents are prone to lifestyle or pre existing diseases, they will lose out on the health benefits if policy is bought just before retirement.

Myths Busted

Myth #1: My parents don't require health insurance because they're in good health.

As people get older, diseases might affect them more easily. Therefore, if your parents are elderly, you must show them the deepest respect and take precautions to maintain their health. Even older people whose parents are currently in good health could see changes in their health in the future. A trustworthy parental health insurance policy must therefore protect them. Additionally, to receive coverage benefits from parental health insurance plans, a waiting time must be met. Therefore, it's important to register your parents in a parental health insurance plan to reduce the risk of long wait times and keep your savings safe in case of an unexpected medical emergency.

Myth# 2: Health insurance for parents are pricey.

The fact is parental health insurance plans are not that pricey. They make it possible for you to save a lot of cash today and provide your parents with the greatest possible medical treatment. You can manage your funds with the help of these plans and sound financial planning.

Myth #3: My family floater health insurance plan is enough for my parents.

Family floater health insurance covers you and your parents. The policy's predefined sum insured amount is subtracted when a family member is hospitalized. A family floater, health insurance plan, may often not be enough for parents because they sometimes have expensive requirements. Therefore, you need to get a separate health insurance plan for your parents as a family floater health insurance plan is insufficient.

Myth #4:Parental health insurance policies do not cover parents with health problems.

Pre-existing diseases are often covered under parental health insurance plans. However, before buying a policy, you must properly examine the insurance providers who will provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Hear It From Our Customers
Female, 23
Shruti Shivhare
This has been very helpful to me and my family during the pandemic. I could reach out to the best doctors online and get the right treatment for my parents at reasonable pricing. Also, with preventive health check-ups as a part of the plan, it is a very good purchase.
Male, 23
This has been very helpful to me and my family during the pandemic. I could reach out to the best doctors online and get the right treatment for my parents at reasonable pricing. Also, with preventive health check-ups as a part of the plan, it is a very good purchase.


Most health plans only includes children and spouse as dependents, if you’re looking for a policy that will cover medical emergencies for your parents you should go for a separate health insurance plan for your parents.

The best way to ensure your parents receive the best medical care is through a health insurance policy. These policies provide coverage for unexpected medical expenses well into the sunset of their lives.

Tax benefits for health insurance premiums are available to parents above 60 years of age.

Pre-existing conditions can be covered by health plans as long as the plan you choose specifies a waiting period. Try to choose a health insurance plan with a short waiting period.

Each medical plan has a certain age requirement. Be sure to check it before purchasing an insurance policy for your parents.

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₹592 x 10 months

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