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Allergy: Apricot Test in Khammam

Also Known asApricot IgE, Apricot Allergen

No fasting required


About Allergy: Apricot Test in Khammam

Oral Allergy Syndrome If you are allergic to peaches and apricots.

Allergy: Apricot Test Brief

Test Name

Allergy: Apricot Test in Khammam

Also Known as

Apricot IgE, Apricot Allergen

Preparation required.

No fasting required



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      Preparations and Precautions

      • No special precaution required

      Allergy: Apricot Test price in Khammam

      • The regular cost of Allergy: Apricot Test is ₹799 in Khammam, but we are offering a 5% discount, so you can book it for just ₹760. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

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      Redcliffe Labs

      Home Collection


      How lab sample collection for Allergy: Apricot Test in Khammam works?

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      Book a test at your preferred lab by selecting lab visit

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      Visit lab to get your sample collected at the designated time


      Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email



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      Digital report in 24-48 hours

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Allergy: Apricot Test in Khammam

      Can I have Allergy: Apricot test at home in Khammam?

      Check if selected lab partner in Khammam provides home sample collection for Allergy: Apricot test. If it is available, you will be able to choose the 'home sample collection' option; otherwise, you'll need to visit the lab for the test.

      What should be the next step after I receive my Allergy: Apricot test report?

      Once you receive your Allergy: Apricot test results, your physician might advise you with corrective measures if they are not in the normal range.

      How can I book a Allergy: Apricot test near me in Khammam?

      You can easily book an appointment for Allergy: Apricot test on our website. Just select the city in which you are located, and we will show you all the lab collection centres for the test. You can also call on our hotline 020-48562555 to book an appointment. We will be glad to help you.