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Frequently Asked Questions

Aarogya Care Solution is a packaged product for you and your family's healthcare needs. It provides a host of benefits such as Doctor Consultation, Health Check-up, Bajaj Finserv Health App benefits and a complimentary health insurance cover.

Aarogya Care has various plans catering to individual and family requirements. At present, the available plans are: Complete Health Solution, Pro Health Solution, Super Health Solution, and Hospicare.

Health check-up benefits consist of a comprehensive set of diagnostic test packages for adults, according to the plan purchased.
Doctor Consultation benefits consist of any Doctor consultations without hospital admission.

All offerings under Aarogya Care Solution come as packaged benefits to provide a holistic healthcare journey. No individual components can be purchased separately. However, the Ruby Hall Clinic Bajaj Finserv Health Card is available for individual purchase.

You can make your preferred purchase on the Bajaj Finserv Health App, or call our Customer Care number at 020-48562555.

All plans under Aarogya Care Solution have different variants that cover an individual as well as immediate family members. (Husband, wife & children)

Redemption of diagnostic tests can be utilized in single instance or over multiple visits, depending on the Aarogya Care Solution plan purchased.

All benefits of all plans under Aarogya Care currently have a validity of one year.


Because You Deserve More Than Just Insurance
Attending to your healthcare needs goes way beyond just visiting a clinic, getting access to the best of healthcare facilities or having insurance coverage against certain types of illnesses. A really holistic approach, starting with a proactive mindset, is the key to keeping tabs on your health. You deserve a comprehensive care package that is much more than just a basic insurance.

Bajaj Finserv Health brings to you ‘Aarogya Care’ an industry-first, one-of-its-kind healthcare solution for you and your family that offers an exclusive range of benefits that extend above and beyond a simple insurance coverage.
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