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Complete Health Solution Ultima


Save upto ₹60,000


98% Claim Settlement


Upto ₹20K Tax Savings

Family wellness benefit upto Rs. 56000
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Health plans starting ₹16 per day
Did you know that 8/10 people have heart diseases.
Find Affordable Healthcare Plans Starting at Just Rs. 592/Month
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Family Wellness Benefits
We pay upto ₹56,300 for you and your family’s cashless doctor consultations, teleconsultations & lab tests.
Family Wellness Benefits
We pay upto ₹56,300 for you and your family’s cashless doctor consultations, teleconsultations & lab tests.
Preventive Heath Check-ups
We pay upto ₹56,300 for you and your family’s cashless doctor consultations, teleconsultations & lab tests.
Preventive Heath Check-ups
Avail your annual health test package at the ease of your home for sample collection.
Health Insurance Cover
We keep you and your family covered upto 10 Lacs including pre-and post-hospitalization care, treatments, procedures, hospital room rent & more.
Health Insurance Cover
We pay for everything – fees for doctor visits, ICU room, treatments, procedures, hospital room rent, nurse fees, medical equipment, and more 60 days prior and 90 days post-hospitalization.
Network Discounts
We offer 10% OFF on doctor consultation fees, medicines & lab tests. We also provide 5% OFF on hospital room rent.
Network Discounts
Avail your discount across 700+ partner hospitals, 96K+ doctors and 3400+ labs PAN India.
Room Rent Cover
1 private a/c room or ICU bed for hospitalization
Room Rent Cover
1 private a/c room is allotted during hospitalization. Expenses incurred for one private room during your treatment period are covered. If you need ICU, the cost of an ICU bed is included.
COVID-19 Treatment
We cover any hospitalization for all COVID-19 variants, including all your treatment expenses and tests upto 10 Lacs.
COVID-19 Treatment
Avail this benefit for RT-PCR, COVID antibodies, etc. during hospitalization.
Our Offerings

What sets us apart?

While most health insurance plans offer hospitalization cover, Bajaj Finserv Health’s Complete Health Solution Ultima goes one step further, prioritizing regular healthcare as well as pre-and post hospitalisation care.
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28k+ customers
Claimed Insurance

Expenses incurred 60 days pre-& 90 days post-hospitalization


Avail in-clinic & online doctor consultations + lab tests upto ₹56,000


Curated package with 61+ tests upto Rs 6,000 for 2 adults


Consult any doctor across 35+ specialties online or get reimbursed


Hospitalization cover for COVID-19 variants


Ambulance assistance for hospitalization covered upto ₹3000 per year


Get 20% no claim bonus upto 100% for every year with no claims

Save Upto

+ ₹79,000

+ ₹5,000

Insurance upto10 Lacs10 Lacs
Starting Price₹480 x 10 months₹620 x 10 months

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Health Insurance: Need of the Hour!
Unexpected expenses for critical illness can come anytime

60% people

are diagnosed with critical illness in India

Most common critical illnesses in India today:

  1. Cancer

    Cancer amongst Indians is projected to increase to 29.8 million in 2025. With treatment, doctor visits, tests etc. the cost of treatment can go upto 2 Lacs a month.

  2. Cardiovascular Diseases or CVD

    There has been a 34% rise in the no. of deaths due to heart-related diseases. The cost of treatment ranges from ₹3 lacs for small treatment to 20 lacs for a transplant.

  3. Kidney Ailments

    1 in 10 people suffer from Kidney ailments. Cost of a kidney transplant can set you back by 7 lacs while regular dialysis costs between ₹18,000 to ₹20,000 for a session.

  4. Liver Cirrhosis

    Each year, approximately 10 Lakh people are diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis due to an uptake in alcohol consumption and obesity disorders, costing about ₹20-30 Lacs.

  5. Type 3 Diabetes or Alzheimer's disease

    Alzheimer’s is now very prevalent among the ageing population in India. Cost of treatment and care for Alzheimer’s can go upto ₹40,000 a month.

This is the average spend on critical illness that a middle class family pays out of their pocket.

SAVE so much with our Comprehensive Family Health Insurance Plan!

You and your family can SAVE so much with our Comprehensive Family Health Insurance Plan! This plan covers the cost of surgery, daycare procedures, nurse, doctor fees, lab tests, life-support equipment, organ transplant, and more. In short, this plan keeps you safe and ensures that you always have a fallback plan when the going gets tough!

Without Insurance

-₹2,47,000  avg. unexpected spend

With Bajaj Finserv Health Insurance

+ ₹10,64,000 avg. savings on health care

An easy and hassle-free claim process

How to Claim Your Healthcare Benefits?

We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!

Claim Process

We have 98% Claim Settlement Ratio!

With the Bajaj Finserv Health Insurance plan, you can avail health benefits and hospitalization benefits across the vast Bajaj Finserv network partners PAN India.
Download the Bajaj Finserv Health app or go to www.bajajfinservhealth.in and log in to your account.
Go to your health plan and select the benefit you want to redeem or get reimbursed.
Follow the steps and claim your health plan benefits instantly.

Bajaj Finserv Health Offers the Best Family Health Insurance Plans


A comprehensive health insurance policy is the best way to avoid spending your hard-earned life savings on hospital expenses.

The Bajaj Finserv Health Family Health Insurance plan lets each member of your family have a sum insured exclusively for them. Hospitalization costs, doctor’s consultations, ambulance services, treatment costs, and pre and post-acute care are covered for each of your family members included in the policy.

What is Family Health Insurance?

Your happiness lies in your family's well-being! So, when it's about your family's health, you want the best for them. You can secure their health and wellness with a family health insurance plan. A family health insurance plan is a cost-effective health plan for your complete family. It offers medical coverage and health benefits at a single premium for the entire family.

With a family health insurance policy, you can rest easy that your family's health needs like regular healthcare expenses of doctor consultations, lab tests, yearly preventive health check-ups, and hospitalization expenses are taken care of.

Health Insurance Is For Everyone

Why is Health plan suited for Everyone?

Health Insurance for Young Folks
Buying health insurance is not a priority for someone in their 20s and mid-20s. Plus, you think you are young, so you are healthy and don't need to invest in any insurance, let alone a health cover. But you need to understand this – the younger you are when you buy health insurance, you pay lower premiums. Yes, your health insurance is cheaper and crosses the waiting period sooner. This means you can avail benefits like maternity care or chronic illness care faster. You can avail doctor consultation benefits as well as lab tests, etc. You can also treat your injuries and claim the expense via your health insurance.
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Complete Health Coverage with upto 25 lacs sum insuredWellness benefits for doctor and lab tests worth Rs.56,000Preventive Health Full body Checkups upto Rs.12,000
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Monthly premium₹ 1000 x 10months
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Parental wellness
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Cover parental wellness with upto 10 lacs sum insuredWellness benefits for doctor and lab tests worth Rs.56,000Network Discount upto 10% at 1lac+ partners PAN India
Cover₹ 5 Lacs
Monthly premium₹ 1000 x 10months
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Complete Health Super Topup
4.5/5889 Reviews
Topup existing policies with upto 25 lacs sum insuredWellness benefits for doctor and lab tests worth Rs.52,000Pre and post-hospitalization covered
Cover₹ 5 Lacs
Monthly premium₹ 1000 x 10months
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Not sure which health insurance plan suits your family?
Health Plan Checklist

Here’s how to choose the right family health insurance plan!

Compare health insurance plans

Make a list of all family health insurance plans offered by different companies. Compare the inclusions and exclusions, premium, waiting period, health cover, etc.

Compare Network Coverage

Using a network hospital or a network partner can reduce your costs. So, the more extensive the network, the better coverage for you.

What’s included

Inclusions in your health insurance plan are vital as it is a list of things it will cover you for. Ensure it includes types of treatments, medical equipment, surgeries, and more.

Room Rent Limit

This is very important for hospitalization. You need to choose a plan with an adequate rent limit to cover ICU beds if the need arises.

Waiting Period

The waiting period is crucial if you have pre-existing illnesses. Generally, the waiting period is only 30 days.


Like the inclusions, the exclusions tell you what is excluded or will not be covered in your health insurance plan.

Premium Amount

The premium you pay for your family health insurance plan should be easy on your pocket and fit in your budget.

7 Tips to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

Get complete coverage
Get a health insurance policy that covers you against a wide range of medical issues and offers preand post-hospitalization cover.
Pocket-friendly & Affordable
While your health insurance plan should cater to all your health needs, it should also easily fit into your budget. The premium should be easily affordable to you.
Opt for Family Health Insurance over Individual Plan
An individual plan works best if you do not have a family to support. Else, invest in family health insurance. In this way, you can enjoy more health benefits at lower premiums.
Select Lifetime Renewability
You need to know how long your health insurance policy will cover you. This is important because you will always need health insurance. So, opt for a plan with lifetime renewability.

Hear It From Our Customers

24/7 customer support
Help & Support
Need Help? We have detailed out the plan for you. Read our fine prints below for all the details.

Health insurance should be bought by one and all. It could be a health insurance for an individual or for the family. With a health insurance plan, you can secure your healthcare expenses. It will safeguard you from sudden medical expenses of surgeries, hospitalizations, and more.

A top-up in health insurance acts like a booster to the plan. It is an indemnity policy that offers you additional coverage for your healthcare needs in addition to your health insurance policy. If you have exhausted the sum insured of your regular health insurance policy, a top-up gives you add-on benefits.

Just like you can port your mobile number from one telecom provider to another, you can port health insurance as well. Yes, health insurance portability is real, and it means that as a policy holder, you can port your health insurance policy to a different insurer. The benefits offered in your insurance policy will continue to remain the same. It also means that with health insurance portability, you can get better coverage, services and even prices.

If you have a health insurance or a medical insurance policy, you can file a claim multiple number of times during the insurance policy term but provided these claims are within the sum insured limit. For example, if your health insurance policy has a sum insured of 5 Lacs and you have been hospitalized 3-4 times, each time the claim amounting to 1 lac, it will be paid by the insurance company as it falls within the range of 5 Lacs.

A medical examination is a must before availing any kind of insurance. This examination is conducted for the health insurance company's understanding of your overall health and it helps them determine the premium of the policy. While medical tests are a mandate for most health insurance companies, you can avail a health insurance policy without a medical examination. For this, the premium will be calculated based on your age, the sum insured amount and the discretion of the insurer.

Yes, a person can have more than one health insurance policy. However, at the time of claim, you cannot claim the same expense amount from all insurers. If in case, one cover is not sufficient, the other health insurance policy can be utilized to cover expenses.

A health insurance company has tie-ups with a large number of hospitals. When you buy a health insurance policy, they will give you a list of hospitals that fall in their network, i.e., these hospitals have agreed to providing the insured, that is you, the benefit of cashless hospitalization. Plus, within the network hospitals, all bills will be settled directly by the health insurance company.

According to the IRDAI, any individual upto the age of 65 years can get health insurance. Also, there are comprehensive senior citizen health insurance plans available for older individuals between the age group of 65 to 80 years. On the other hand, there is no set lower age limit to buy a health insurance policy. However, it is a must for every individual to safeguard themselves with a health insurance policy.

A free look period is defined as the required time period during which a health insurance policyholder can terminate the policy without any penalties or fines or surrender charges. This free look period can last upto 10 days. During this time, it is upto you, the policyholder to decide whether or not they want to keep the insurance policy. If dissatisfied, they can cancel the policy and get a complete refund.

The health insurance policy offered by the employer will have a standardized sum set aside for each of the employees. While this is not bad, it may not be enough. Safeguarding yourself with a health insurance policy is the best way forward as it will take into account your age, your dependents, your overall health factors and offer you a much larger sum insured.

A pre-existing illness is any health issue that the person or proposer already suffers from at the time of purchasing the health insurance policy. These pre-existing diseases or conditions include health problems such as thyroid, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

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