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Family Wellness Benefits

Family Wellness Benefits

Family Wellness BenefitsCashless doctor consultations, teleconsultations & lab tests, up to ₹7,68,252 for you & your family.

Family Wellness Benefits

Choose from 1 Lakh+ doctors across 35+ specialties. Enjoy cashless lab tests & consultations. Family doctor consults also eligible for reimbursement with pre-auth.

Preventive Heath Check-ups

Preventive Heath Check-ups

Preventive Heath Check-upsWe offer FREE preventive health check-up packages up to ₹6000 for 2 adults, including 60+ tests.

Preventive Heath Check-ups

Convenient booking & home sample collection for your annual health test package.

Health Insurance Cover

Health Insurance Cover

Health Insurance CoverComprehensive health insurance cover up to ₹75 L for you & your family. Includes prior and post-hospitalization care, treatments, procedures, room rent & more.

Health Insurance Cover

All-inclusive coverage - doctor visits, ICU rooms, treatments, procedures, hospital room rent, nurse fees, home nursing, medical equipment, and more for 60 days prior and 90 days post-hospitalization.

Network Discounts

Network Discounts

Network DiscountsWe offer 10% OFF on doctor consultation fees, medicines & lab tests. We also provide 5% OFF on hospital room rent.

Network Discounts

Avail your discount across 700+ partner hospitals, 96K+ doctors and 3400+ labs PAN India.

Room Rent Cover

Room Rent Cover

Room Rent CoverYou can opt for any room of your choice, all covered under your policy.

Room Rent Cover

With our plan, you can enjoy the freedom to select the accommodation that suits your needs without worrying about additional expenses.

COVID-19 Treatment

COVID-19 Treatment

COVID-19 TreatmentCOVID-19 hospital cover for all variants.

COVID-19 Treatment

Complete COVID-19 coverage during hospitalization, including expenses for RT-PCR, COVID antibodies, and more.

Rest and rehabilitation Expenses

Rest and rehabilitation Expenses

Rest and rehabilitation ExpensesRest & rehabilitation expenses are not covered.

Rest and rehabilitation Expenses

Excludes expenses for rest cure, rehabilitation, respite care, obesity/weight control, change-of-gender treatments, cosmetic or plastic surgery, breach of the law, refractive error, sterility and infertility.

Cosmetic enhancements & external appliances

Cosmetic enhancements & external appliances

Cosmetic enhancements & external appliancesExpenses incurred for investigations and evaluations, spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids etc.

Cosmetic enhancements & external appliances

Expenses incurred for investigations and evaluations, spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, crutches, dentures, artificial teeth and all other external appliances

Damage due to War or Revolution

Damage due to War or Revolution

Damage due to War or RevolutionExpenses for injuries related to acts of war, invasion, foreign enemies, etc.

Damage due to War or Revolution

Excludes expenses for injuries due to war, invasion, foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, commotion, unrest, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, etc.

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Health Insurance: Need of the Hour!

Unexpected expenses for critical illness can come anytime

Most common critical illnesses in India today:

  1. Cancer

    Cancer amongst Indians is projected to increase to 29.8 million in 2025. With treatment, doctor visits, tests etc. the cost of treatment can go upto 2 Lacs a month.

  2. Cardiovascular Diseases or CVD

    There has been a 34% rise in the no. of deaths due to heart-related diseases. The cost of treatment ranges from ₹3 lacs for small treatment to 20 lacs for a transplant.

  3. Kidney Ailments

    1 in 10 people suffer from Kidney ailments. Cost of a kidney transplant can set you back by 7 lacs while regular dialysis costs between ₹18,000 to ₹20,000 for a session.

  4. Liver Cirrhosis

    Each year, approximately 10 Lakh people are diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis due to an uptake in alcohol consumption and obesity disorders, costing about ₹20-30 Lacs.

  5. Type 3 Diabetes or Alzheimer's disease

    Alzheimer’s is now very prevalent among the ageing population in India. Cost of treatment and care for Alzheimer’s can go upto ₹40,000 a month.

This is the average spend on critical illness that a middle class family pays out of their pocket.

Health Insurance: Need of the Hour!
60% peopleare diagnosed with critical illness in India

SAVE so much with My Health Care Plan!

You and your family can SAVE so much with My Health Care Plan! This plan covers the cost of surgery, daycare procedures, nurse, doctor fees, lab tests, life-support equipment, organ transplant, and more. In short, this plan keeps you safe and ensures that you always have a fallback plan when the going gets tough!

Without Insurance

- ₹2,47,000avg. unexpected spend

With Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

+ ₹11,13,772avg. savings on health care

What is Family Health Insurance?

Your happiness lies in your family's well-being! So, when it's about your family's health, you want the best for them. You can secure their health and wellness with a family health insurance plan. A family health insurance plan is a cost-effective health plan for your complete family. It offers medical coverage and health benefits at a single premium for the entire family.

With a family health insurance policy, you can rest easy that your family's health needs like regular healthcare expenses of doctor consultations, lab tests, yearly preventive health check-ups, and hospitalization expenses are taken care of.

What is Family Health Insurance?
Health Insurance is for everyone

Why is Health plan suited for Everyone?

Health Insurance for Young Folks

Health Insurance for Young Folks

Buying health insurance is not a priority for someone in their 20s and mid-20s. Plus, you think you are young, so you are healthy and don't need to invest in any insurance, let alone a health cover. But you need to understand this – the younger you are when you buy health insurance, you pay lower premiums. Yes, your health insurance is cheaper and crosses the waiting period sooner. This means you can avail benefits like maternity care or chronic illness care faster. You can avail doctor consultation benefits as well as lab tests, etc. You can also treat your injuries and claim the expense via your health insurance.

Not sure which health insurance plan suits your family?

Health Plan Checklist

Here’s how to choose the right family health insurance plan!

Compare Network Coverage

Using a network hospital or a network partner can reduce your costs. So, the more extensive the network, the better coverage for you.

Room Rent Limit

This is very important for hospitalization. You need to choose a plan with an adequate rent limit to cover ICU beds if the need arises


Like the inclusions, the exclusions tell you what is excluded or will not be covered in your health insurance plan

Compare Health Insurance Plans

Make a list of all family health insurance plans offered by different companies. Compare the inclusions and exclusions, premium, waiting period, health cover, etc.

What’s Included

Inclusions in your health insurance plan are vital as it is a list of things it will cover you for. Ensure it includes types of treatments, medical equipment, surgeries, and more.

Waiting Period

The waiting period is crucial if you have pre-existing illnesses. Generally, the waiting period is only 30 days.

Premium Amount

The premium you pay for your family health insurance plan should be easy on your pocket and fit in your budget.

7 Tips to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

Get complete coverage

Get a health insurance policy that covers you against a wide range of medical issues and offers preand post-hospitalization cover.

Pocket-friendly & Affordable

While your health insurance plan should cater to all your health needs, it should also easily fit into your budget. The premium should be easily affordable to you.

Opt for Family Health Insurance

An individual plan works best if you do not have a family to support. Else, invest in family health insurance. In this way, you can enjoy more health benefits at lower premiums.

Select Lifetime Renewability

You need to know how long your health insurance policy will cover you. This is important because you will always need health insurance. So, opt for a plan with lifetime renewability.

Hear It From Our Customers
Review Stars
Aarti Desai
29, Nagpur
When I was searching for a health insurance plan, a friend highly recommended the Bajaj Allianz top-up plan to me. As I already had health insurance, but my family was growing, I got a top-up plan. It offers a wide range of coverage options.
Review Stars
Neha Shah
31, Mumbai
I live near a drainage area, which increased the risk of diseases. My decision to go for Bajaj Allianz Insurance was spot on. When my son contracted malaria, the policy provided crucial financial support, covering hospitalization expenses.
Review Stars
Ashutosh Deshmukh
36, Pune
माझा बजाज अलियान्झ हेल्थ इन्शुरन्स मला आर्थिकदृष्ट्या सुरक्षित वाटतो. कॅन्सरच्या काळातील माझ्या हॉस्पिटलायझेशनचाही खर्च यात कव्हर केला गेला. माझ्या कुटुंबाला कमीत कमी आर्थिक काळजी करावी लागणार नाही याची मला खात्री आहे.
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  • Maximum of 4 children can be added as members insured
  • Sum insured can range from amount ₹3 Lacs to ₹75 Lacs
  • As of now we don’t offer in app quotes in case any member has any sort of health condition or illness. Please contact us on - 020-66847333 for more details.
Health Declaration
It is hereby declared that:None of the persons to be insured have suffered from or been investigated for disorders of the heart or circulatory system, chest pain, high blood pressure, stroke, asthma, respiratory conditions, cancer, tumors, diabetes, hepatitis, urinary tract or kidney disorders, blood disorders, mental or psychiatric conditions, brain or nervous system diseases, epilepsy, slipped disc, backache, congenital or birth defects, urinary diseases, AIDS, or tested positive for HIV.Neither you nor any of the family members to be covered have had any health complaints or accidents in the past 4 years or prior to that. There has been no ongoing treatment, regular medication (self-prescribed or otherwise), or plans for any treatment, surgery, or hospitalizationYou do not smoke cigarettes or consume tobacco, alcohol, nicotine, or marijuana in any form.You and your immediate family members (father, mother, brother, or sister) have not had cancer, heart attacks, or strokes before the age of 60.No proposals for life, critical illness, or health-related insurance on your life or lives have ever been postponed, declined, or accepted on special terms.
I Agree that none of the selected members have any of the above pre-existing medical condition
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Got questions? Here are FAQs to address your doubts about 'My Health Care Plan.'
1. Who all can I Insure?
You can insure yourself, spouse and upto 4 children
2. What's new with this plan?
Benefits include maternity, airlift cover, home nursing, baby care, unlimited reinstatement for a specific illness, and the flexibility to customize your plan.
3. What is the entry & renewal age?
  • Entry age for proposer, spouse: 18 - 65 years
  • Entry age for dependent children: 3 months – 30 years
  • Separate policy for Parents/Parents-in-law
  • Policy is renewable for life.
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