About Us

A health-tech company from Bajaj Finserv group.

Our legacy. Our future.

We are a Bajaj Finserv group company

Our group is in the business of financial services with core expertise in Lending, Insurance and Wealth Advisory and now with Bajaj Finserv Health, have even diversified into Healthcare.
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Dive into our DNA

At our very core, we are an idea. A deeply ingrained idea to disrupt the healthcare ecosystem.

We are a health management platform that aspires to be an enabler in the healthcare ecosystem by providing a network of

service providers and use latest technology to improve health of consumers. Our research tells that much of the healthcare

expenditure comes from household pockets, and this leads to both financial and emotional stress.

We saw a problem we could fix.

We evolved into Bajaj Finserv Health.

proactive affordable

Our aim is smart

Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach in illness management.

Our strategy is easy

Focus on preventive healthcare.

Our approach is simple

Provide access to affordable, preventive and personalised healthcare.

We are more than just an app or a website.

We are your Personalized Health Manager.


Our partners

We have collaborated with some of the best healthcare providers with whom we have crafted an edge with our offerings.