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General Physician

Starting @ ₹249

General Physician

Ensure preventive-care, fitness & wellness checks.


Starting @ ₹249


Find solutions to hair, skin & cosmetic problems.


Starting @ ₹249


For teeth/gum problems & dental well-being.


Starting @ ₹249


Treat health issues in children under 18.


Starting @ ₹249


For pregnancy & female reproductive health.


Starting @ ₹249


Solve bone, muscle & joint-related problems.


Starting @ ₹249


Seek advice on eye disorders & vision problems.

General Physician

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Get Primary Healthcare

Maintain wellness with Bajaj Finserv Health.



Got a fever & feeling fatigued? Runny nose, cough & cold? Consult now for your primary healthcare needs.

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What does a general physician treat?

For Better & Healthier Skin



Consult a dermatologist for the best health treatments that affect your hair, skin, and nails.

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What does a dermatologist treat?

Oral Health



Worried about oral hygiene? Or having problems with your gums or teeth? See a dentist for the best suitable treatment.

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What does a dentist treat?

Your Child’s Wellbeing



Concerned about your child’s health? Consult a pediatrician to clear your doubts and get the most appropriate advice.

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What does a pediatrician treat?

Women's Health



Consult a gynaecologist for issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, & other female reproductive health issues.

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What does a gynaecologist treat?

Why Online Consultation with us?

Online consultation is easy, simple and safe. Without stepping out of your house, you can receive guOnline consultation is easy, simple and safe. Without stepping out of your house, you can receive guidance by experts and trusted doctors around the country. Bajaj Finserv Health takes great pride in making affordable healthcare available throughout India. With tele-consultation and video calls feasible around the clock, a healthy and informed future is possible.

Ms. Priya Chaturvedi

With 4 kids, and a 9-5 job, it is not easy to manage and balance. In the past, when any of my kids used to fall sick, I had to take a leave and stay at home to take them to the local pediatrician. This affected work and my career responsibilities. Even my husband has a full-time job, so it becomes difficult for us to juggle. Thanks to Bajaj Finserv Health, we can now teleconsult the doctor at any time, video call and live chat when required. This has given me peace of mind and saved so much of time.

Why choose online doctor consultation with Bajaj Finserv Health?

Technology has optimized the way we think, the way we choose, and the way we function. Medical assistance is now faster and simpler. Online medical consultations have become the new normal for both doctors and patients, especially considering the threat of COVID.

Online doctor consultations are the best way to ensure good health while staying safe and protected from the risk of infections. You can browse through a list of expert medical specialists, select a doctor and book an online appointment with a doctor who best suits your medical needs.

Benefits of online doctor consultation

- Safety

If you book appointment online and avail the benefits of online medical consultation, it becomes easy to avoid any diseases that you might contract on the way to your visit. A clinic can often be a major carrier of diseases and infections, despite all precautions. Whether it is COVID-19 or Monkey Pox, you are always protected through an online doctor consultation.

- Comfort

The best part of an online consultation is that you do not need to travel anywhere to meet your doctor and resolve your health queries. This cuts down on any commute issues you may face when visiting a doctor, such as traffic, delays in finding the location, taking out time from your full-time job, and other logistical delays. This mode of a doctor visit is also useful in the case of people who live alone or do not have anyone to take them for the doctor's visit at the required time. Online medical consultation helps you reap the benefits of expert advice from the comfort of your house.

- Convenience

If you are working full-time, have children, or have old parents who are dependent on your care, it can be a tedious task to go to a doctor in person. The simplest task in such situations is to book appointment online. Every step of the process, from the doctor booking to the medical consultation is possible to do online without stepping out of your home. Location, outfit, distance, fuel, and other such variables are completely irrelevant when it comes to online medical consultations. Complete your booking online and take expert advice from top doctors across the country, irrespective of your current geographical location. This is the biggest advantage of any online medical consultation, which makes it a convenient and simple option for everyone. In addition, if there is a situation where you need medical advice while traveling or when you are in a new city, booking an online doctor appointment is the most trusted solution.

- Expert care

With Bajaj Finserv Health, you can be assured of expert health care. All our partner doctors have been selected with care and verified for authenticity. So, any doctor you pick from our list will be able to provide you with authentic and good medical guidance for your relevant health issue. Instead of using the internet for self-diagnosing, use it to book an appointment with one of our verified doctors and get the best healthcare you can get.

- Privacy

Many times, people shy away from going to the doctor, because of social taboos and stigmas. For example, mental health still remains taboo in most parts of the country. This issue is avoided and considered a non-issue or something to be hidden and ignored. This attitude is common among the rich, poor, educated and uneducated people. The problem is only made worse by the lack of awareness regarding the importance of addressing mental health problems in rural populations. Online medical consultation removes all threats to your privacy. You can make an online doctor booking for a time that is convenient to you. Book appointment online and be assured of privacy.

- Save time

Time is more precious than ever, in this world of multi-tasking, where we juggle amidst responsibilities, leisure, and ambitions. Waiting time for doctors can usually be a frustrating reality we have to deal with every time we visit a hospital or a clinic. Online doctor bookings completely eliminate the “waiting time” and make your doctor appointments efficient and quick.

How to consult a doctor online?

Before COVID-19 hit us, online medical consultations were unknown and unfamiliar to most of us. However, the pandemic has made it necessary to adapt to this new way of life where we can get the required healthcare while following social distancing norms. While we have started to visit our workplaces and have resumed our other routine activities, visiting a doctor who interacts with a lot of patients involves some amount of risk and online consultations are a part of the new normal.

It is extremely easy to consult a doctor online. A few clicks on our application/website are all you need to address your health problems.

- Understand who you want to consult

Many people get extremely confused about who they should consult for their health issues. If you have a mild health problem, like a cough or cold, speak to a general physician first. If you require advice from a specialist or if the health issue is chronic, the general physician can give appropriate guidance about the same. If you are already in touch with a specialist, and want a second opinion, you can look for more doctors of the same specialty using the search bar.

- Select an expert

After understanding which specialist you wish to consult, select an expert who deals in health issues that you are suffering. You can select the doctor on the location, consultation fees and appointment availability of the concerned doctor. Online medical consultations are extremely efficient, as you can filter the price, select your availability and check reviews instantly.

- Book an appointment

After going through your choices, it is time to make a decision. Select an expert as per your preferences and fix your slot. You will get a confirmation after completing the booking. After receiving the confirmation, you can relax! Your doctor will speak to you at the designated appointment time.


How can I consult a doctor online for free?

You can carry out an online doctor consultation on the Bajaj Finserv Health app. Download it on your smartphone for allopathic, homeopathic, or ayurvedic teleconsultations. Book appointments with general physicians or specialists including dermatologists, gynecologists, orthopedics, or psychiatrists. Generally, doctors charge an affordable fee for their online consultation service via audio or video. Right now, you can use the code 'WELCOME50' on the app to avail a 50% discount on an online doctor consultation! You can also get a free online doctor consultation when you opt for a health plan.

Are online consultations legal for doctors?

Yes. Online doctor consultation through telemedicine is legal under the Indian Medical Council Act of 1956. The Medical Council of India Board of Governors (MCI BOG) has permitted registered doctors to practice through telemedicine. However, it has laid down telemedicine practice guidelines for doctors to follow while practicing online medical consultation. This ensures that you are able to get needed treatment without leaving the comfort of your home. Doctors follow the same professional and ethical standards in this case as during in-person care.

Can I talk to an online doctor?

Yes. You can talk to a doctor online on the Bajaj Finserv Health online consultation app. Chat with a doctor, ask a doctor online about your health concerns over a call, or even book a virtual consultation through a video call. You can experience the best online doctor consultation by choosing from over 52,000+ health specialists in India. You can also get free online consultation by subscribing to health plans.

Are virtual doctor visits cheaper?

Sometimes an online doctor consultation may cost less, but top specialists often charge the same for online as well as in-person visits. This is because the doctor offers the same time and effort to help diagnose and treat your condition. However, an online doctor consultation can often be more affordable, convenient, and easily accessible. It is cost-effective as it eliminates expenses related to travel and transport. Besides, you save time and don't have to wait in long queues. An online doctor chat or a video consultation doctor helps in overcoming geographical barriers to healthcare.

How do I get a virtual doctor visit?

You can book a virtual consultation online on the Bajaj Finserv Health doctor consultation app. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your phone. Register on the app with your mobile number and click on 'Consult virtually with doctors' to get started. Select the type of doctor you want to consult and book an appointment with doctors on the list. Choose a convenient time and pay online. That's all you have to do for virtual doctor visits!

How much does a virtual DR visit cost?

A virtual doctor consultation can save you a lot of time and money. You can book a virtual consultation with top doctors on the Bajaj Finserv app. The actual cost of a virtual doctor visit depends on the consultation fees charged by the doctor you choose. You can also get free doctor consultations when you buy health plans with a one-time payment.

Are virtual doctor visits good?

Booking an online doctor consultation is safe, effective, and affordable. The Medical Council of India has set guidelines for registered medical practitioners practicing through telemedicine. This ensures that you get quality care. With more than 52,000 doctors from various specializations registered on the Bajaj Finserv Health app, you can get the best online doctor advice when you need it.

How do online doctor visits work?

To begin with an online doctor consultation, register on the Bajaj Finserv Health app. Then, select the specialists you want to consult. The app shows you a list of top doctors based on your search inputs. All you need to do is either book an appointment for virtual consultation by selecting your preferred time and making an online payment. That's it! The doctor gets intimated and you can get the right medical help. After your consultation, you will get a digital prescription, if needed.

What can virtual doctors diagnose?

A virtual or online doctor consultation over video is as good as an in-clinic visit, within the intrinsic limitations of telemedicine. You can book an appointment with almost all types of specialists on our online doctor consultation app including paediatricians, dermatologists, and physiotherapists. A general physician practicing through telemedicine can diagnose conditions including cold and flu, infections, diarrhea, allergies, insect bites and more.

Can a virtual doctor prescribe medicine?

Yes. A virtual doctor can diagnose diseases and prescribe medicines. Doctors practicing through telemedicine can prescribe a wide range of medicines including antibiotics, medications for hypertension, cholesterol, fever, common cold, and more. You can get a free online doctor consultation prescription on the Bajaj Finserv Health app. All you need to do is register on the app and book a e-consultation.

Does online doctor work?

Yes. Online doctor consultation is genuine and is as effective as getting an in-clinic consultation. The use of technology to consult with doctors offers many benefits. You can get timely medical support from the comfort of your home. You can avail a free doctor consultation with our affordable health plans too!

Can online doctors prescribe anxiety medication ?

Yes, you can book an online doctor consultation for mental health problems including stress, anxiety, and depression. Online doctors can diagnose and prescribe medicines for anxiety and other issues. To get started, book a virtual consultation with psychiatrist or other related doctors online on Bajaj Finserv Health. After diagnosis, you will get a digital prescription with relevant medicines to take as per the treatment plan.

What is the minimum fee for doctor video consultation?

We do not have a fix minimum prize for Doctor consultation, price can vary based on speciality

Can I get a prescription after an online medical consultation?


Are online doctors qualified?


Is online dr consultation safe and Secure on Bajaj Finserv Health


For How long I can consult online with a doctor?

Slot time for online consultation is 15 mins, outside the 15 min the chat is open for 7 days for that specific appointment

Can I Choose a specific doctor to consult with?


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, If user has made a prepaid payment for consultation, he would receive the refund post cancellation. TAT would be communicated at appointment detail page

How do doctors start an online consultation?

we have online doctor consultation available on both APP & Web and is available via search, homepage entry points (Video Icon, Banners, Insta consultation section and more)

What is online doctor prescription?

Doctor send the prescription online is available against appointment on both app & web and is sent in PDF format

What is slot booking in teleconsultation?

Slot is doctors available slot time for online / offline doctor consultation

What if I don't have any available slots for video consultation?

We have a list of doctor available

Where to do if payment option is not working ?

If payment option is not working on payment page, we have Call our helpline option available on Booking Review page, where you can connect with Customer care and they would help you with your booking

What is online doctor consultation or online medical consultation?

it’s the same (Medical / doctor) consultation both are meant to connect with doctor

Does online dr consultation work for medical emergencies?

You can either connect with doctor online / offline in next available slots

Will I get a refund incase I cancel online appointment with doctor?

Yes, If user has made a prepaid payment for consultation, he would receive the refund post cancellation. TAT would be communicated at appointment detail page

Is online presecription valid ?


How can I book a follow up session online?

Follow up book option is available from appointment detail page (Of booked appointment)

Is online consultation covered under any health plan?

Based on respective health plan, Teleconsultation is offered as a benefit)

What happen if my internet connection lost during video consultation?

You can either request to reconnect via video call (using the video call CTA from Appointment Detail page or from Chat window.User also has option to call / chat as well.

What are the payment methods in online medical consultation?

Prepaid only only for online consultation

What are the other methods to consult a doctor in Bajaj Finserv Health?

Can book using Video consultation / Inclinic consultation / Insta consultation

Is online dr consultation different from teleconsultation?

its the same

How can I chat with a doctor during video consultation?

Chat can be initiated from appointment detail page
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