5 Easy-to-do Sciatic Nerve Stretches to Minimize Lower Back Pain

5 Easy-to-do Sciatic Nerve Stretches to Minimize Lower Back Pain

Dr. Rajesh S Rao
October 13, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Choose easy and simple sciatic stretches and exercises to reduce pain
  • Back flexion stretch is one of the simplest back stretches for sciatica
  • Standing sciatic stretches can loosen your tight hamstring muscles

Sciatica is a condition where your sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve connecting your spine with muscles of your leg, feet and thigh, starts to hurt severely. This pain is so excruciating that you may not be able to stand up properly. Some of the common reasons for this condition include disk rupture or a spinal cord injury. The sciatic nerve travels from your lower back all the way down your buttocks and to the leg. Thus, the pain that originates in your buttock travels down till your leg [1].

You may usually experience sciatic pain on one side of the body [2]. While some people experience mild sciatic pain, others may face pain so severe that they are unable to sleep, sit or even stand. Meeting a doctor is one of the most common options to get relief from this pain. However, you can try doing some simple sciatic nerve stretches to get rid of it. Read on to understand some of the easy-to-follow sciatica stretches and exercises for sciatica pain relief.

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Do a Simple Scissor Hamstring Stretch to Ease Sciatic Pain

This is one of the easiest standing sciatica stretches that target your tight hamstring muscles. When your hamstring muscles become tight, it may cause a stress on your lower body affecting your sciatic nerves.  

Follow these simple steps to complete this stretch. 

  • Step 1: Place your right foot ahead of left foot and stand in this position. 
  • Step 2: Stretch your shoulders and hips forward. 
  • Step 3: Keep your hands on the hips. 
  • Step 4: Do a slight bend at the waist. Make sure to fold your torso forward above your front leg.
  • Step 5: Stay in the same position for 5-10 seconds.
  • Step 6: Repeat the whole process with the other leg.

If you are thinking about immediate relief for sciatica pain, stretches like these are beneficial.

Increase Spinal Mobility by Doing a Back Flexion Stretch

Flexion is a position formed when your spine is bent forward. Doing flexion exercises improves the mobility of your spine. They also minimize muscle tightness and increase strength of your abdominal muscles. All you need to do is lie on your back. Then, start pulling your knees towards your chest until you feel a proper stretch in the lower back. Lift your head slowly in forward direction. Remain in this pose for 5-10 seconds to feel the stretch. Finally, relax and get back your original position. This is one of the effective back stretches for sciatica you should not miss out on!

benefits of sciatica nerve streches

Relax Your Sciatic Nerve with a Simple Glide Exercise

The glide exercise is one of the simplest stretches to relieve sciatica. As it is a seated exercise, your sciatic nerves are relaxed. To execute this exercise, do the following: 

  • Take a chair and sit in an upright position. 
  • Keep one knee straight while placing the other foot on the ground. 
  • Slowly bend your ankle front and back, that is, your toes pointing towards you and then away from you. 
  • Continue this ankle movement 15-20 times. 
  • Repeat the same process with the other leg.

Relieve Pressure by Performing a Sitting Spinal Stretch

This is one of the best sciatic nerve stretches you should include in your exercise routine. When the vertebrae in your spine compresses, you experience sciatic pain. Performing this simple stretch increases space in your spine thereby minimizing pressure. Stretch your legs while sitting on the ground. Keep your feet in upward direction. Slowly bend your right leg knee while keeping your foot flat on the ground. Keep your left elbow outside your right leg knee. Turn your body slowly towards right. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds and then relax. Do the same on the other side.

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Execute a Pelvic Tilt Exercise to Minimize Your Pain

An exercise to relieve your sciatic pain, the pelvic tilt stretch is easy to do. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be amazed to see that your pain has reduced. 

  • Step 1: Bend your legs while lying on your back. 
  • Step 2: Place your back close to the floor and slightly lift your pelvis and hips.
  • Step 3: Keep your stomach muscles tight.
  • Step 4: Maintain this position and try imagining touching your backbone with belly button.
  • Step 5: Return back to the original position after few seconds.

While these simple sciatic nerve stretches and exercises can ease your sciatic pain, do not force your body to do these exercises if it is painful. Focus only on the stretches you are comfortable with doing. Take one step at a time and learn to be consistent. After all, consistency is the key to a healthy life. However, if you feel your pain is not reducing, consult the best specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an appointment and address your concerns quickly. If you are unable to go for an in-person consultation, talk to a specialist via an online doctor consultation from the comfort of your home. Be proactive about your health and nip the pain in the bud!

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