5 Essential Tips on Going Back to Work Stress-Free After COVID-19

5 Essential Tips on Going Back to Work Stress-Free After COVID-19

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September 13, 20214 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Over 75% of Indian employees are willing to go back to office life
  • Focusing on the positives of going back to office after lockdown helps
  • Practice self-care and set boundaries to stay safe during office hours

What was once considered alien has become the new normal as people have become accustomed to working from home. However, with offices gradually reopening, the re-entry stress of going back to the office after lockdown is now a common phenomenon. While remote work comes with its own benefits and challenges, over 75% of employees in India are willing to return to work, as per a recent workforce survey. [1, 2].

However, transitioning to normal office life isn’t easy. Things aren’t likely to go back to being what they were. To add to that, going to office with the fear of new variants of COVID can cause anxiety too. To help this process and to guide you on how to prepare yourself for going back to work after COVID, take a look at these tips.

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Be kind to yourself and work on a plan before going to the office

You may experience social, safety, or work stress. Finding the cause of the stress will help ease the process of going back to work. By knowing exactly what bothers you, you can find ways to solve the problem. For instance, if the stress is related to health safety, you can talk with your supervisor and propose a hybrid schedule.

Similarly, you can ask about the safety measures in place at the office. Learning about these policies can be a huge help and can put your mind at ease. On the other hand, if your stress is work-related, share your concerns with your supervisor and work out a plan to manage it better.

Self-care tips for going to office after the lockdown

Focus on the positives of going back to the office after lockdown

While working remotely has its benefits, there are downsides too. For one, you may not be able to distinguish your work life from your life at home. Secondly, working remotely can be lonely and can result in social isolation. Both these problems are solved by going to office, as you’re no longer working from home, and are around peers.

Moreover, working at the office helps your social life too! You can catch up with colleagues and share your thoughts with them. There are many benefits of going back to office after lockdown, and data shows that it may actually increase your work quality, promote better work-life balance and boost productivity [3].

Practice self-care when going back to work to cope with change

Going to office after lockdown can be quite overwhelming and you may end up neglecting your health. It can affect your sleep quality, eating habits, and your normal routine. This only makes matters worse for you. To avoid such problems, prioritize self-care at all times. Follow a routine, eat timely meals, sleep enough and well, be physically active, and take time to unwind. Take things gradually and set aside breaks to de-stress during work hours when you return back to the office.

Safety Norms for Post-Covid Workplace | Bajaj Finserv Health

Build a support network before going to the office after lockdown

Your peers might also be feeling hesitation, anxiety, and stress. Get in touch with them and communicate. Talk about your plan for going back to office after lockdown. Listen to their ideas, and incorporate them into your own plan. Going to work and socializing with the people you feel comfortable with will promote empathy, bonding, and reduce the feeling of burnout.

Seek help if you get anxious going back to the office after lockdown

If your stress lasts for more than a few days or if you still find it challenging to overcome your stress, seek professional help. You may be advised to practice stress management techniques like deep breathing or mindful meditation [4]. Talk to a therapist or a mental health professional to manage your anxiety better. These professionals can help you better adjust to going back to office after lockdown and will be able to address problem areas effectively.

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Post-pandemic stress and anxiety are normal, especially for those going back to work. If you aren’t among those that wonder, ‘When can I return to work after lockdown?’, then you may be anxious about the transition. Speak to a professional to address these concerns and when you do return, be sure to follow COVID-19 precautionary protocols. Use the vaccine finder on Bajaj Finserv Health to book a Covid vaccine slot conveniently. You can even consult doctors online for all your COVID-related queries, be it about mental health or physical symptoms.

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