7 Tips to Help Your Child in Coping with School Stress

7 Tips to Help Your Child in Coping with School Stress

Dr. Dhanashri Chaudhari
October 01, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Communicate with your child to help them deal with school stress
  • About 4.4 million children aged 3-17 years are diagnosed with anxiety
  • Teach your children yoga and meditation as coping skills for stress

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 4.4 million children aged 3–17 years are diagnosed with anxiety [1]. While back-to-school stress, especially after the pandemic, is common in children, there can be other stressors that are affecting your child. Academic responsibilities, racism, discrimination, bullying, and social pressures can also lead to school stress.

Remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic may have intensified school stress and anxiety in your children. A recent survey by SingleCare denoted that 13% of children feel anxious returning to school [2]. However, you can help your child in coping with school stress with creative strategies.

Read on to know how to manage school stress in your child by inculcating coping skills for stress and anxiety.

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  • Communicate and acknowledge your child’s concerns 

The first and foremost step to help your child deal with school stress is to be there for them. The feeling of someone available and present for any support can help your child overcome stress and anxiety. Do not try to force solutions on your children. Give them time to process their feelings. Acknowledge their concerns, communicate with them on the problem areas, and help them in overcoming them.

  • Help them in transitioning back to school

If your child is hesitant to go to a new school or has back-to-school stress, remind and encourage them about the things they will learn at school. Build a desire in them about the new things they will be doing, new friends they will make, or the activities they are going to take part in. Develop a school-time schedule before school starts. Help them set a timetable for homework and meals and create sleep schedule. Helping them organize things will let them overcome school stress. You can even accompany them to school on the first day or have a walk or drive through the school route to make the process more familiar for them.

signs of stress in kids
  • Be positive and encourage healthy living

Show enthusiasm about what the new school year has for them to convert their nervousness into excitement. Remember, lack of sleep can also lead to anxiety in children. So, it is important to promote healthy habits in your child. Encourage them to eat a healthy and balanced diet, monitor their sleep schedule, and limit screen usage. For instance, children between the ages of 6-13 require 9 to 11 hours of sleep every day [3]. Ensuring your child gets proper sleep will improve their physical and mental abilities.

  • Visit your child’s school and communicate with teachers

Take out some time to drop your child to school during the first few days. Visiting your child’s school can help you understand the environment that may be leading to school stress and anxiety. Communicate with your child’s teacher in person or over call to learn about how your child is doing academically, socially, and behaviorally. This will let you make better decisions and help your child learn the right coping skills for stress.

  • Don’t overburden your child and establish a routine for fun and hobbies

While it’s okay to set realistic expectations to monitor your child’s growth, do not overburden your children beyond their capacity. Get to know your child’s preferences and check how many activities they can handle or get involved in. Encourage extra-curricular activities they are interested in. Promote some fun or playtime in their schedule and support their hobbies. This way, your child will naturally learn ways of coping with school stress.

how to cop up school stress
  • Teach your kids yoga and meditation to deal with school stress

Exercise, yoga, and meditation can reduce mental problems like stress and anxiety [4]. Teaching your child yoga or meditation techniques will help them in coping with stress and quieten their anxious thoughts. This will also help your child be happy in the present moment and feel safe within themselves. There are certain yoga and meditation programs especially for school-age children that will help them overcome back-to-school stress. Choose a class or session like this for the best results.

  • Take advice from your pediatrician

If your child is having a hard time overcoming back-to-school stress and anxiety, it is better to see your child’s physician. The problem may be more serious, which includes anxiety disorders, bullying, or discrimination from a peer or someone at school. In such a case, you may consider talk therapy for your child.

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While school stress is temporary, be vigilant about your child to see if he or she shows persistent signs of anxiety, depression, or changes in behavior. Seeking professional help in such a case is appropriate. Book an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health and take guidance from a therapist or a child psychiatrist to help your child learn coping skills for stress.

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