Better Lifestyle: How Can Yoga Prevent Injury and Improve Our Focus?

Better Lifestyle: How Can Yoga Prevent Injury and Improve Our Focus?

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September 21, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Being able to focus is one of the vital benefits of yoga
  • Doing yoga helps increase your overall body balance
  • Prevent injury by building stability with regular practice

Be it the downward dog pose, cobra pose or bow pose, continuous yoga practice improves your flexibility, balance and strength [1]. While there are innumerable benefits of yoga, enhanced mental health and overall well-being are one of the reasons why it is so popular today. However, did you know that yoga can actually help prevent injury? It’s true! With consistent practice of yoga, injury prevention is possible. This is one of the least explored benefits of yoga, and can help empower you and your loved ones.

Yoga has a unique combination of movements like static, dynamic and isometric that can help you prevent injury. It also enhances your overall physical performance. Practicing yoga contributes to the health of your brain and respiratory system by reducing stress and improving oxygen flow. Together, this helps to keep your body stable, active, and less prone to falls. To understand more about the relationship between yoga and injury prevention, read on.

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Strengthens your connective tissues for better stability

Practicing yoga regularly not only improves your bone health, but also helps in strengthening your muscles and spine. Even your tendons and ligaments become stronger, which minimizes chances of injuries. No wonder yoga and injuries prevention go hand in hand as the amount of stability you can achieve by yoga is commendable!

Strength also plays a vital role in helping you do any kind of physical activity. A study revealed the efficiency of Hatha yoga in building muscular strength and endurance [2]. Yoga works on your functional strength too. In this way, yoga poses prepare you to withstand common strains

that may affect your body. With yoga, you attain stability by building strength. Some of the ideal yoga poses for building your strength include chair pose, plank, boat and bridge pose.

Enhances your flexibility by increasing your range of motion

Your flexibility is dependent on a range of motions with the help of which you are able to move your joints with ease. When this range of motion is limited, you may feel your muscles getting tight. When you practice yoga, your range of motion increases and you become more flexible.

Your mobility increases because yoga engages your muscles. With yoga, you absolutely needn’t worry about tight hips or shoulders anymore! Some of yoga poses you can try for gaining flexibility include downward facing dog pose, crescent lunges, pyramid pose, and half-moon pose.

While doing yoga regularly is beneficial for your health, it is important to prevent yoga injuries as well. Learn from a renowned instructor so that you may gain all benefits without causing any harm to yourself. Any pose done wrong can have adverse effects on your body, which may affect your overall body flexibility.

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Benefits of YogaHelps you attain better body balance to prevent slips

One of the most important benefits of yoga is promoting overall body balance. By practicing tree or triangle pose, your balance improves over a period of time. Eventually, balancing on one arm or one leg may not be difficult at all! With consistent yoga practice, you can switch from one asana to other with ease. That’s how yoga plays a major role in building your body balance, which is essential to prevent falls and injuries.

Increases concentration by getting the whole body to focus

Each part of your body is connected to and dependent on the other. Therefore, injury caused in one body part may be due to a strain caused in another. You can compare this to a chain reaction. Yoga focuses not on a single body part but on the body as a whole. It trains your body, making it work more efficiently, thereby minimizing the risk of any injuries. Yoga is also one of the tried-and tested techniques to increase your focus. This also helps you to focus better on your routine activities and avoid common falls or slips.

Prevent Injury with Yoga

Eases muscle tension and helps increase performance

When there is too much stress on your joints and muscles, you are more prone to injury. By doing asanas, you can minimize such stress and prevent injuries. Regular yoga practice helps you assess amount of energy required to do a particular physical activity and thereby also helps in increasing your performance.

Apart from all these benefits of yoga, you can also enjoy better energy and deeper relaxation with disciplined practice. Yoga also teaches you to be meticulous by increasing your awareness and mental resilience. All this minimizes the chances of injuries. While yoga and injuries prevention are two sides of a coin, make sure you do the poses under the supervision of an experienced teacher as a beginner. However, to address any symptoms of injury, you can easily reach out to specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an appointment with a doctor near you within minutes to address your concerns and continue your yoga practice with serenity.

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