Simple Office Exercises: 7 Desk Yoga Poses to Boost Your Productivity!


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Key Takeaways

  • The crescent moon exercise while sitting at computer gives a good stretch
  • The Chaturanga pose rejuvenates your arm muscles and your neck
  • A seated pigeon pose is an ideal desk stretch to boost your energy

When you have a hectic office schedule, be it while working remotely from home or physically at an office, it may get difficult to squeeze in time for exercise. However, leading a sedentary lifestyle lowers overall well-being. While staring at a computer or being seated at a desk all day may be professionally rewarding, it can take a toll on your body and mind. However, you can try doing simple office exercises that include a few basic yoga stretches using the same desk and chair!

Yoga is the perfect way to reduce stress and enhance concentration, which in turn increases productivity. Moreover, doing exercises in an office chair is both affordable and practical as it does not require special equipment or take up too much time. Practicing yoga is extremely beneficial for office-goers as it helps minimize shoulder and lower back pain. Try out some of the best yoga poses for sitting at a desk and bid adieu to body aches!

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Practice a finger and wrist stretch to increase flexibility 

Excessive use of computers may cause an overuse injury in your hands and wrist. This results in pain, inflammation, stiffness and weakness. [1] If you are looking for an ideal pose of yoga for desk jobs, the finger and wrist stretch is best suited for you. It is a simple stretch to increase the flexibility of your hands, fingers and joints.

To get started, sit straight and stretch your arms forward. After this, rotate your wrists both inward and outward and then open your fingers and close them to form a fist. You can place your hands on the desk and gently press them downwards to give a stretch to your wrists and forearms. To complete the stretch bring your arms to sides and shake your wrists vigorously.

Do the crescent moon exercise while sitting at computer for a side stretch 

This is one of the easiest desk yoga exercises! Start by lifting your arms overhead. Then, join hands and stretch your fingers. Lean slowly onto one side and take slow and deep breaths. Do the same for the other side as well. This pose helps to lengthen your spine by giving a good stretch to both sides and thereby helps you to work more efficiently.

Complete a chair cat and cow pose to relax your back 

This is adapted from cat-cow yoga pose and can be done by sitting straight on a chair and keeping your hands on the knees. While inhaling, arch your back and look up at the ceiling. As you exhale, you can drop your head down and make a curve of your spine. This is an effective pose to relax your shoulders and back. [2]

desk yoga exercises at work

Execute a standing seal pose to improve your mental function 

A standing seal pose opens up your shoulders, while giving a good stretch to your spine and legs. Amongst the different office exercises, this is one of the most effective ones as it improves mental health. Stand straight keeping your feet apart. Interlock your fingers and keep your arms behind by squeezing your shoulder blades. Bend forward and hold this pose for a few seconds. As you do this, take deep breaths.

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Perform a seated pigeon pose for an effective desk stretch 

A seated pigeon pose opens up your hips and chest. For doing this pose, keep one leg over another at a 90-degree angle by ensuring there is no pressure on the knee. Stay in an upright position and try to feel a gentle stretch on the outer thigh. Hold this pose for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat the same on other side.

Stretch your hip joint with the seated figure four pose 

This pose helps stretch the deep muscles around hip joints. Doing it after a hectic work session can rejuvenate and energize you. Start the pose by placing your left ankle on your right thigh and your left hand on the left knee. As you do this, exhale slowly but remember to keep your spine straight.

Awaken your arm muscles with the Chaturanga pose 

This pose is done in a standing position by placing your hands on the edge of a strong desk. Place your feet back until your chest is diagonal to the floor. Lower your body until you reach a 90-degree angle and inhale while you do this. When you get back to your starting position, exhale. This pose helps to relax muscles around the neck as arms.

Practicing these simple poses of yoga for computer users provides many advantages while harmonizing your body and mind. These poses need only a few minutes away from the daily grind but promise life-long benefits. Doing such office exercises can help promote mental peace while improving your problem-solving capabilities. If you face any discomfort while doing them or want to consult naturopaths or Ayurvedic doctors for any other conditions, book an appointment on Bajaj Finserv Health. Connect with specialists near you in minutes and take proactive steps to stay healthy.  

Published on 10 Aug 2021Last updated on 8 Dec 2022

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