Why is a Full Body Checkup for Your Family Important During Winters?


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Key Takeaways

  • Cold, influenza, and pneumonia are common winter illnesses
  • Risks of respiratory problems rise during the colder months
  • A full body checkup helps prevent critical diseases from worsening

Winter is considered a season of flu and cold. Respiratory problems are more common in winters as people usually stay indoors. This allows easy transmission of viruses [1]. The drop in temperature may also trigger various health problems. Sundry bacteria remain active in winters and affect your immune system, leading to illnesses. So, a full body checkup is essential during winters.

Around 68% of the urban Indian population don’t practice preventive healthcare, which is a grave concern [2]. Make sure that you give preventive care the attention it deserves. A full-body test is one way of doing this. It can detect health problems early on and help prevent severe diseases. Booking preventive health checkup packages for your family during winters can protect the health of your loved ones. Read on to know why it is necessary.

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What Is a Full Body Checkup?

A full body health checkup involves a complete diagnostic assessment of your body as a whole. It includes your heart, kidney, lung, liver, and other organs. The test helps screen for any abnormalities or diseases. It helps determine any signs of health conditions like:

Our current fast-paced and stressful lifestyle can lead to several lifestyle diseases. These include heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, and depression. So, doctors advise us to go for a full body health checkup as a preventive measure against diseases. It helps in early diagnoses of critical illnesses and helps us manage them better. It also contributes to us having a longer lifespan. 

A full body test is a must if you have a family history of pre-existing illnesses or live an unhealthy lifestyle. It is recommended if you are above 35 years as this is when the risk of age-related diseases increases. In fact, everyone should get the checkup done at least once a year. This is help in alerting you about your health and may motivate you to live a healthy life.

Full Body Checkup

Why Do You Need a Master Health Checkup for the Family During Winters?

As you are more prone to diseases during winters, this is the perfect time to undergo a preventive health checkup. A full body checkup helps identify such diseases so you can take steps to prevent them from spreading. Heart problems are also aggravated during winters as the chilly weather makes your blood vessels contract. This, in turn, limits the blood supply to the heart causing health problems. 

Your immune system is also at a risk during winters. Staying indoors facilitates easy transmission of diseases as you come in contact with others. Also, the drop in sunlight and a foggy climate give room for bacteria to grow. So, a master health checkup for your whole family becomes vital during this season. A full body test also helps your doctor make proper diagnoses to prescribe the right treatment.

What Are the Common Illnesses During Winter?

Here are some illnesses that pose a higher risk during winters making it necessary to get a full body test.

Common Cold

The probability of catching a common cold during winters is higher compared to other seasons. Some symptoms of the common cold include:

  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • headaches
  • nasal congestion

Many types of viruses are responsible for the cold. However, the rhinovirus accounts for almost 50% of the cases.

tests in full body checkup


Influenza is also known as flu. This infectious respiratory disease causes:

It can affect your throat, nose, and even lungs. It can spread from one person to another through coughs and sneezing.


The seriousness of pneumonia depends on factors such as your age, health conditions, and the germs that cause the infection. This lung infection is caused by a virus or bacteria and includes symptoms like:

Children below the age of two and older people above 65 are more prone to this disease.


Bronchial tubes are airways in your lungs that carry air in and out of your lungs,  allowing you to breathe. When these tubes become inflamed, the condition is called bronchitis. Acute bronchitis becomes more active during winters. Its common symptom is coughing that may bring up mucus. 

Gastroenteritis and Norovirus

These are highly contagious and acute stomach illnesses. They can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Gastroenteritis may be caused due to several viruses, bacteria, and parasites [3]. Norovirus is transmitted through contaminated foods or contact with an infected person [4].

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As there is a greater risk of illnesses during the winters, take preventive steps by booking a full body checkup package for your family. On Bajaj Finserv health, you can book such lab tests at a discount. You can also get most of the samples collected from home. Here, you can also go for online consultation with doctors from different medical fields. This way, you can take good care of your and your family’s health, especially during winters.

Published on 23 Dec 2021Last updated on 14 Apr 2023
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