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Consuming jeera water can help you by boosting digestion, aiding weight loss, preventing cancer, and benefitting your overall health. Find out more about jeera water benefits in this comprehensive blog.

Key Takeaways

  • It is best to have jeera water in the morning on an empty stomach
  • Jeera water can boost the overall digestion process
  • Consuming jeera water is also a recommended weight loss remedy

Jeera or cumin has been a popular spice across ages worldwide. Its unique punch to any recipe is unmistakable with anything else. You can also have it as jeera water and enjoy multiple jeera water benefits. Among them, consuming jeera water for weight loss has become extremely popular. Apart from that, there are a number of other health benefits of drinking jeera water at night or day. 

Jeera contains thymol, a substance that regulates the pancreas as it secrets bile and enzymes. It thus boosts the overall digestion process. Read on to learn about all jeera water benefits, its side effects, and more.

Jeera Water Benefits

Jeera boosts digestion

As mentioned in the introduction, jeera plays a key role in boosting the function of the pancreas. Thus, it can be a preventive measure for irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions such as burps, belching, and flatulence.

Jeera has anti-cancer roles

It has been medically proven that jeera can control the activities of free radicals, and as a result, they cannot cause damage to your cells. Apart from that, jeera water benefits your liver health. All these help in the natural detoxification of your body, which keeps symptoms of cancer at bay.

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Jeera is anti-inflammatory

Jeera contains thymoquinone, a compound that prevents inflammation in the liver. Research is on to extract the compound and make it available in the market in the form of capsules to boost digestion.

Jeera water is pretty much low in calories

With a teaspoon of jeera water containing only seven calories, it becomes a prudent addition to your meals. Not just that, these seven calories are also loaded with several nutrients. So while exercising on an empty stomach is unhealthy, you can conveniently go for your workout after having a glass of jeera water to keep you hydrated.

Consume cumin water for weight loss

Intake of jeera for weight loss can be beneficial. For example, a study conducted with 72 overweight participants showed that adding cumin and lime to meals led to faster weight loss [1]. In another study among 88 overweight women, consumption of cumin alone was able to accelerate weight loss [2]. Thus, having cumin seeds for weight loss is considered one of the crucial jeera water benefits.

Jeera helps boost insulin sensitivity

Consuming jeera makes your bodily systems more sensitive to insulin and helps keep your blood sugar in control. Apart from this, it is important to keep a constant check on your blood sugar and follow a balanced diet supplemented by exercise.

Jeera accelerates hydration in your body

In order to maintain hydration in your cells, jeera is a prudent choice. Cumin water fills your body with water and electrolytes and thus boosts their function to an optimum level.

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Jeera water is said to have aphrodisiac properties

If you have jeera water with honey and a pinch of black pepper, it can be regarded as an aphrodisiac. It can give a tangy sensation to your tastebuds, feeling you with positive energy.

Jeera Water Nutrition Value

Here’s a look at the nutrition value of jeera water, as per the USDA National Nutrient database:

Jeera seeds

Name of nutrient

Nutrient value

RDA (%)


44.24 g


Total fat

22.27 g



17.8 g32%

Dietary fibre

10.5 g





Energy375 Kcal



Vitamin A

1270 IU42%

Vitamin K

5.4 μg


Vitamin C

7.7 mg


Vitamin E

3.3 mg



10 μg



0.628 mg



0.32 mg



4.58 mg


Pyridoxine0.435 mg




68 mg



1788 mg




66.36 mg



0.867 mg



366 mg



931 mg



3.3 mg



4.8 mg



499 mg




448 μg



762 μg





Jeera Water Nutrition Value infographic

Side Effects of Jeera Water

Apart from the multiple jeera water benefits, there are certain jeera water side effects you must know about before adding it to your diet. Here’s a look at them:

A quick drop in blood sugar levels

Remember that the nutrients that jeera water contains have the capability to lower your blood sugar levels. That’s why it is wise to be careful about consuming jeera water during pregnancy or if you have diabetes.

Jeera may affect the production of breast milk

This is another crucial reason to avoid jeera water during pregnancy and after delivery. Though this is a rare occurrence, it is always better to consult your doctor to know whether consumption of jeera water would be right for you.

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Jeera Water Recipes

How you can consume jeera water for weight loss and other benefits

  • Dip a teaspoon of jeera seeds in a cup of water 
  • Let the seeds soak overnight
  • Steam the seeds for 5 minutes
  • Leave it for some time until it cools down, then strain off the seeds
  • Drink the jeera water

You can also follow these tips to leverage jeera water benefits in the best way possible:

  • For faster outcomes, you can just add jeera powder to water and drink it
  • However, for best results, using jeera seeds is always prudent. Remember, jeera powder can be old and adulterated, so you may not get the intended outcome
  • If you are not able to soak jeera seeds overnight, make sure to boil the raw seeds and have it
  • It is wise to drink jeera water when it is fresh and warm
  • The best time to have jeera water is morning on an empty stomach


With a thorough knowledge of jeera water benefits, side effects, and its recipes at your disposal, you can start having it regularly to leverage its nutritional aspects. In case of any queries regarding adding it to your diet, you can get a doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. 

You can talk with a general physician registered with the platform, who will answer your every query and help you form a proper diet plan. Make sure to priorities metabolism for a happy stomach and a happier you!

Published on 28 Feb 2023Last updated on 9 Mar 2023

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