Newborn Care Week: How to Have Fun with Your Newborn?

Newborn Care Week: How to Have Fun with Your Newborn?

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November 18, 20225 mins read


Reaching every newborn with quality, developmentally appropriate health services while ensuring safety and dignity across all service delivery platforms, including health facilities, community outreach, home, etc., is the focus of the Newborn Week 2022 theme. 

Key Takeaways

  • The neonatal phase possesses the highest risk of infant mortality throughout the first 28 days of a newborn's life
  • The neonatal phase lays the groundwork for your child's health
  • The baby's strength as an adult will depend on how much attention and work you put into maintaining their health

Ideas for how to play with newborn  

Newborn Care Week preaches that playing is vital to a newborn's growth, learning, and well-being. By playing, your child learns about the world around them and how to engage with it. New play experiences also assist your baby's brain in connecting and growing. In addition, active playing habits help your infant to develop physical strength, gross motor abilities, and fine motor skills. 

Playing with your infant fastens their journey of learning to speak and understand language. Understandably, you may not always have time to play, but you may still talk to your infant about what's happening, such as when cooking meals, shopping, or folding clothes.

Playing together also lets you and your infant get to know each other, as it may reveal a lot about your baby's personality.

You will quickly learn if your infant likes rigorous and silly or quiet and peaceful.

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Here are Some Suggestions on How to Entertain a Newborn

Learn some tips on how you can keep your newborn entertained on Newborn Care Week: 

Face time 

Place the infant on your chest and converse with them or sing to them for an experience. They will feel happy with a look at your smile.

For babies, who often spend their time lying down, tummy time is a crucial daily exercise, even if it may not be their favourite pastime. The proximity and physical contact can make lying on the stomach more enjoyable for the baby. In addition, their posture influences how they may engage with the outside environment, affecting their development.

Newborn Care Week - why newborn care is important

Having fun when folding clothes 

With a newborn in the house, you might be doing a lot of laundry. Newborn care week suggests time spent on this chore can be merged with your quality baby time. While you work on the pile of clothing, keep a blanket or bassinet nearby.

The colors of the clothing, the rush of air as you shake a towel, and the obligatory game of peekaboo when you lift and drop a blanket may all stimulate the senses. Then, again, you may chat with the baby about the colors, textures, and uses for various things as you do your chores.

Stretch, cycle, and tickle the baby 

As the baby is lying on a blanket, stretch and tickle the baby. Hold their hands gently while moving their arms up, out to the side, and around. Squeeze their cute toes and pedal their legs (this one works wonderfully for gassy babies!). Light massage and tickles from the soles of their feet to the crown of their heads may be enjoyable for your newborn.

It is also an excellent time to introduce some toys. A rattle, a plush toy with contrast, or an unbreakable mirror are all great possibilities. Hold things near enough for your baby to concentrate, talk about what you're doing, and allow them to reach for and touch the items while you play.

Let your baby enjoy a dance 

Babies adore motion and find it relaxing, as any parent who has rocked, bounced, or driven in circles will agree. Of course, you can always cradle the baby in your arms.

Put on some music and scoop or sling your child. You may dance and move around the living room, but you can also utilize that time to clear up the home or make phone calls while you move and groove with your child.

How to Have Fun with Your Newborn-17

Read out loud 

Your infant isn't old enough to demand that you read ''Hop on Pop'' for the 35,675th time. They only like hearing your voice. So, if you've been up late with your little night owl and are dying to read that baby sleep article, do it. 

It'sIt's about tone -how you say it, rather than content — what you say. So read whatever you want, but read it aloud. Early and frequent reading is good for brain growth, better processing speed, and increased vocabulary.

Sing a song 

Go ahead and sing your heart out, whether it's a lullaby at sleep or some Lizzo in the drive. Your infant doesn't care about the tone of your voice; they only appreciate the comforting sound of it.[1] 

This one is helpful if you want to sneak in a shower when a cranky infant is desperately waiting for you.

Go on a break 

You can be available during your baby's entire awake period; however, it's not necessary. Infants require a mix of stimuli and quiet time to digest their surroundings, just as adults might benefit from some relaxation.

It is OK to leave your baby in their cot or another secure location if they are awake and calm while you enjoy some well-earned alone time.

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Important days in November 

Other than the Newborn Care Week, the month of November observes a few other significant days to promote awareness on certain important subjects, World Pneumonia Day on 12th Nov, World Diabetes Day on 14th Nov, and World COPD Day on 17th Nov.

Playing together allows you and your kid to get to know each other because play may reveal a lot about your baby's personality. Talking to a baby or singing a song for them might make tummy time more enjoyable. Reading a book out loud, singing a song, or cradling a baby in your arms works wonderfully.

While parenthood is a lovely experience, it can also be stressful and exhausting. All you have to do is cherish every moment with your kid by giving it your undivided attention. Newborn Care Week also suggests never to ignore your health throughout this procedure. After all, only healthy parents can provide good care for their children. If you are a woman who is having problems after giving birth, you may consult with top gynaecologists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Make an appointment with a professional near you to clear up any confusion about parenting and newborn infant care. 

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