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The pandemic has prevented patients from visiting hospitals and clinics for non-COVID-19 issues for the most part. This has hit the healthcare industry hard, creating roadblocks for proper medical management. Thanks to the internet, however, if the patient cannot come to you, you can take your services to the patient. Several doctors now provide online consultations via video, phone calls, and even messaging apps. On the other side of the equation, doctors also require better clinic management to cater to patients digitally and otherwise. While the popularity of practice management platforms is growing across the country, their full potential is yet to be realized [1]. The need for robust, universal management of all departments within a medical practice is only going to grow in the future. Now is the time that doctors should establish themselves on cutting-edge practice management sites in the market. These online platforms facilitate teleconsultation while also providing the necessary administrative support from appointment management to billing. They also provide quick access to a doctor’s patient database and better prescriptions management. The many advantages of online sites for doctors outweigh the initial hesitation you may have [2]. So, if you are ready to transition to online consultations and more, here are the best practice management platforms to choose from. 

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor

Need a tool that uncomplicates administration and finances? Want to take your practice online and set up your digital clinic? Bajaj Finserv Health for Doctors is one of the best practice management sites for doctors replete with features that help you establish an online presence while streamlining your offline practice. Using it you can automate processes like creating prescriptions, tracking payments, and managing appointments. Moreover, you can offer teleconsultations via call, chat or video to patients anywhere and access patient records at the click of a button. What’s more, you are also listed on the Bajaj Finserv Health app and website for consultations by joining this site. This boosts your exposure, increasing your patient base. Most importantly, listing your practice on this site helps you serve your patients better. You can remind your patients about appointments via SMS. Furthermore, you can share test results, invoices, and prescriptions digitally through this all-inclusive platform. The site is in complete compliance with telemedicine guidelines too. This guarantees integrity, confidentiality, and security. Leveraging its intuitive dashboard, you can optimize all the avenues of your practice so you can focus on what you do best – offer the best possible patient care. The great thing is that for now you can access all these features at zero cost. In other words, registering on this site and utilizing all these features is free for a period of three years. Practice Management Sites for Doctors

Practo Ray 

Practo Ray offers powerful practice management solutions with a simple and easy interface. It is an intuitive platform that streamlines both your online and offline presence. By automating everyday operations, Practo Ray allows you to focus on your patients, simplifying overall healthcare. Using it, you can book, manage, and reschedule patient appointments. You can digitize patient reports and history and access them on the go. Accessing these reports after every appointment is also simple to do. Moreover, you can manage your practice via your mobile. Another advantage is that Practo allows you to access your online practice even without an internet connection. Practo Ray offers automated messaging services, allowing patients to confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments. This reduces the probability of empty slots, saving you time and money. Moreover, it simplifies payment, allowing patients to pay online with a single click. Replete with features that help you provide comprehensive care to patients, it allows you to conduct follow-ups online and even make necessary changes to a patient’s prescription. You get access to a gamut of other features such as Practo Profile, Consult, and Health Feed. In addition, you get visibility on the Practo website so patients can book online and offline appointments with you. While the trial version is free for 7 days, Practo Ray’s charges start at Rs.999 a month if you sign up for a year and go up to Rs.1499 a month.


Lybrate holds its own as a practice management platform and one of the top online sites for doctors. It helps you connect better with patients and other doctors alike. Via its GoodMD feature, you can connect with the medical community to share and exchange ideas or consult on clinical cases. Moreover, you can relax, express opinions, and stay updated with medical news using this feature. Using its GoodConsult feature, you can increase your patient base and offer teleconsultation services too. The USP of this site is that it provides utmost security and confidentiality. All you need to do is set up your profile and tell your patients about it. You can then offer comprehensive care to patients no matter where they are. Apart from this, the site automates payments, generates e-prescriptions, and allows communication via WhatsApp. It allows you to chat, talk or video call your patients. The site also lets you record and archive past consultations for future reference. Lybrate further simplifies and automates patient appointment management, financial tracking, and patient records. However, using it entails a cost. Its services start at Rs.799 per month for one clinic and goes up to Rs.2799 depending on the features and device you use.


While this one can’t be called a site for doctors, it allows for teleconsultation and growing your online reputation. This app-based platform helps you answer healthcare questions that its patient subscribers have and enables people to schedule appointments with you. You can answer health-related queries to gain visibility, which can boost your practice. Doctors can register on this app free of cost. Using these platforms, you can ensure that your patients get the best healthcare possible from the comfort of their homes while also simplifying all the administrative and invoicing tasks related to your practice.

Published on 22 Mar 2022Last updated on 4 Jan 2023

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