Put sleeplessness to rest! 9 easy home remedies for insomnia

Dr. Jayakumar Arjun
February 12, 2021

Restless or incomplete sleep is a common woe for many. This is called insomnia and there are several reasons for the onset of the condition. Inadequate sleep schedules, high levels of stress and anxiety, or simply poor self-care practices are just a few from a long list of causes. Not getting enough sleep for a prolonged period leads to serious problems, some of which include the inability to concentrate, reduced reaction time, and even depression. This is why it is important to get sufficient sleep every night, and if this isn’t happening, you should try some home remedies for insomnia.   

On the other hand, there are medicinal insomnia remedies that you can rely on, but it is advisable that you first learn about the condition. Understanding the causes of insomnia and the related symptoms can give you valuable insights into the way out. Moreover, it teaches you about the various insomnia home remedies you have at your disposal. Many of these involve inculcating good sleep hygiene habits. To help you get started in the right direction, take a look at the key information you should know about this sleep disorder.  

Causes of insomnia 

Insomnia may be caused by several factors and is often associated with another underlying condition. This is especially true for chronic insomnia, which can be very disruptive. This is why knowing the cause can help, as it allows you to address insomnia independently. Listed below are different causes of insomnia:   

  • Poor sleep schedule or habits
  • Jet lag from travelling 
  • Odd work schedules 
  • Stress 
  • Anxiety and mental disorders  
  • Heartburn due to overeating before bed
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Sleep apnoea 
  • Restless leg syndrome 
  • Depression 
  • Tobacco, caffeine, or alcohol use
  • Certain types of medication 
  • Asthma, heart disease and other medical conditions 
  • Old age 

Symptoms of insomnia  

If you’re suffering from insomnia, it is quite common for you to feel tiredeven after a night’s sleep. Tiredness is just one of the many insomnia symptoms and the others can be quite debilitating if you aren’t aware of them.  

Here are the common insomnia symptoms to note:

  • Difficulty falling asleep  
  • Restless sleep 
  • Incomplete sleep 
  • Daytime tiredness
  • Increased irritability 
  • Depression or anxiety 
  • Inattentiveness 
  • Trouble remembering or weakened memory 
  • Increase in accidents and errors 

Home remedies of insomnia 

When dealing with insomnia, natural treatment is likely the best route to go with if you don’t have underlying health conditions causing this sleep disorder. Often times the challenges and stresses of life can be the cause and simply dealing with them in a more constructive manner can work wonders.  

To highlight that, here are some home remedies of insomnia you can try.  

  1. Lavender oilThis is an essential oil that is known to bring about a calming feeling. It can help improve the quality of your sleep and is a natural remedy you should be sure try. This oil can be inhaled with help of a diffuser or sprayed on a pillow. It can also be used as a massage oil in some cases. 
  2. Chamomile teaThis is an essential oil that can be used to make tea. Studies have found that consuming chamomile tea significantly improves the quality of your sleep and this helps those struggling with insomnia. 
  3. Progressive muscle relaxationThis is a technique used to promote relaxation and feelings of sleepiness in the body. Here, you simply tighten and relax your muscles and you do it slowly, trying one muscle at a time. This technique can be hard to master, but with practice, it can bring about wholebody relaxation.  
  4. Physical exerciseExercise improves fitness and is also known to help those suffering from anxiety and depression. These two mental conditions can negatively affect your sleep and dealing with them has positive effects. Additionally, scheduling exercise for the morning or afternoon rather than the evening helps too, as this ensures that the body’s temperature falls by the end of the day, when it is time for bed. 
  5. Proper sleep hygieneSleep hygiene is simply your sleeping habits and having good habits can help improve sleep. This includes avoiding screens before bedtime, using your bed only for sleep, avoiding alcohol or tobacco in the evening, and having a comfortable bed to sleep in. 
  6. Dietary modification to include magnesiumMagnesium is needed to help the body relax and shed stress and not getting enough through your diet can be problematic. This is why it is important to eat a balanced diet, rich in magnesium, in the evenings. Ideally, something small like a banana, warm milk, or whole grain cereal one hour before bedtime works well. 
  7. MeditationMeditation relaxes the body, reduces stress, and helps promote better sleep. Doing mediation sessions, even as little as 15-minute session, in the eveninghas proved to help with insomnia.  
  8. Set sleep scheduleHaving a consistent sleep schedule is crucial to resting well and completely. This is because your body’s circadian rhythms behave as an internal clock. These are known to guide sleeping cycles and having an unpredictable sleep schedule can disrupt your internal clock. 
  9. Nap appropriately, if at allAvoid naps during the day, as it makes it harder to sleep at night. However, if you must, limit your naptime to 30 minutes and avoiding sleeping past 3PM.  

Giving these home remedies for insomnia a try is sure to help you tackle insomniaThis is because getting good sleep is more than just being tired enough to need rest. Proper sleep requires a relaxed mind and proper dietary nutrition to be truly restful. This is best achieved with a disciplined and conscious effort, but is also possible with medications. Unfortunately, certain health conditions that cause insomnia may require prescription medications for truly restful sleep. Such insomnia treatment requires guided care from a trained physician and you can the best one with the help of the Bajaj Finserv Health App.  

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