Safety Measures After COVID-19 That Schools and Your Kids Should Follow

Safety Measures After COVID-19 That Schools and Your Kids Should Follow

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March 30, 20225 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • It is important to ensure that your child follows safety precautions at school
  • Wearing a mask is one of the most important safety precautions for COVID-19
  • Make sure you ask the authorities about school safety protocols on COVID-19

After the ease of pandemic restrictions, many schools have started offline classes. While sending your children to school, keeping them safe from the COVID-19 infection will be your top priority. And with new variants coming to the fore [1], it’s important to make sure that both your children and the schools they study at follow the safety precautions for COVID 19. Keeping in mind the safety of the children, authorities have already issued social distancing guidelines for schools. To ensure maximum safety, you should also educate your children about COVID-19 and the school safety protocols on COVID-19. 

Read on to understand some of the COVID-19 safety measures to be followed after the reopening of the school.

The COVID-19 classroom rules for students all across the country

As per the government guidelines, here are the rules that your children should follow in school. Make sure they understand the importance of following them.

Ensure to use a mask 

Mask is one of the top back-to-school safety tips. COVID-19 transmission is highly possible in large gatherings, and masks can help protect your children from contracting the infection. Make sure your children wear the mask in a way that covers the mouth and nose properly. Tell them to keep the mask on at all times when at school and until they are home. Strictly instruct your children not to share their masks or play with them.

These are the places where there could be a risk of coronavirus transmission. Send extra masks with your child in case one gets dirty, damaged, or lost. Ensure the masks are clean and not unwashed for days at a stretch. An extra step that can also help is to leave a distinguishable mark on your child’s masks. Something as simple as the initials can work well to help your child spot their mask in case of any confusion. Lastly, remind your kids to wash or clean their hands before touching the mask.

safety precautions for COVID-19

Social distancing measures

Physical distancing is an important factor in staying safe from coronavirus. According to healthcare professionals, there should be a distance of at least six feet to prevent COVID transmission. Make sure to explain to your children why they should maintain distance from their classmates and not get too close while playing.

Stay clean and tidy.

Inculcate this habit in your kids at an early age. Instruct them that they should wash their hands and use a hand sanitizer constantly. Make sure they follow these, especially before they eat something and after they touch any surface. This practice can help reduce the chances of COVID-19 transmission.

Keep your children home if sick.

If you notice that your child has symptoms of COVID-19, keep them at home. This can ensure their safety and help them recover properly. It will also help avoid the spread of infection to other students or faculty members in school. Symptoms that you should keep an eye out for are fever, cold, cough, or weakness.

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Recommended safety precautions at school

Physical distancing 

There are ways to implement this precautionary measure. For one, limiting the number of children allowed to get on school buses can help minimize the spread [2]. They can also use outdoor and open spaces to ensure break time doesn’t restrict children to smaller classrooms. Spacing out the desks of students in the classroom can be another way.


Schools should encourage all their staff and students to follow all the hygiene practices. They should also keep a constant check that everyone is wearing their masks. Also, teachers will have to encourage the children to develop healthy habits like washing their hands or using a sanitizer.


Schools should also measure the temperature of students before they enter the campus. This is standard procedure for COVID-19 screening at most establishments. If anybody is found with the symptoms, they should be sent home to avoid spreading the infection.

Use Sanitizer

Questions to ask the school authorities 

Ensuring that your children’s school is adhering to the government health guidelines is integral to keeping them safe. Schools generally reach out proactively about safety measures, but you can also ask the following questions as a concerned guardian.

  • How has the school adjusted to minimize the spread of COVID?
  • What protocols has the school implemented to ensure appropriate distancing?
  • Has the school made provisions to ensure clean washing stations or sanitizers are available? 
  • What is the protocol to follow in case a student or teacher shows signs of COVID-19?
  • Are there ways in which I can support the school to ensure the safety of the children?
  • Is there a dedicated POC in case of emergencies?
  • How has the curriculum changed to adjust to the new normal?
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A safe return to school is possible if everyone pitches in. Parents can start by educating their children on the importance of social distancing and cleanliness while also being a proactive part of the support system. Lend a hand to school authorities wherever possible to ensure a seamless transition. If you or your children have any symptoms, you can get an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health to understand more about the condition. With guidance from specialists, you will be able to identify a proper solution from the comfort of your home. Do your bit and make your children learn about COVID safety, and make the school a safe place for them!

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