5 Types of Yoga Equipment Required to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

5 Types of Yoga Equipment Required to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

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September 13, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • A good yoga mat is one piece of essential yoga equipment to invest in
  • Buy yoga equipment such as bolsters and straps for easy alignment
  • Wear comfortable clothing during yoga for getting the postures right

Practicing yoga has become the need of the hour! It not only stimulates flexibility and tones your body, but also helps you beat stress by giving you the tools to manage your mind. As a beginner or amateur practitioner, you may be wondering what yoga equipment you need to invest in. The social media and influencer era that we are living in may force you into getting numerous expensive things before even kickstarting your yoga practice! However, all you require is simple yet essential yoga equipment to begin or deepen your journey mindfully.

To know more about yoga equipment for beginners that can help you prevent yoga injuries and help you achieve the right poses, read on.

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Invest in a Quality Yoga Mat to Prevent Injuries

The most basic yoga equipment you require is a yoga mat. The primary purpose of a yoga mat is to keep you safe and protect you from injuries. Go for mats having length and breadth of about 180cm and 61cm so that you get the required space and grip when doing your asanas. If you are taller than 180 cm, opt for a longer yoga mat.

Ensure that it is well-textured and designed to provide a stable surface that prevents you from slipping while doing yoga. These slips and falls occur as a result of excessive sweating during yoga practice. Another purpose of a yoga mat is to provide a proper cushion for your joints. Be it cobra or bow pose, you need a good quality mat so that you don’t feel the hard surface of the floor. This also helps you hold the posture for a longer time. So, check the texture and thickness before you buy yoga equipment, especially when it comes to the mat.

Choose the Right Yoga Block to Improve Your Pose and Balance

Though they aren’t considered essential yoga equipment, yoga blocks help you get the right balance and alignment while doing asanas. They also help you get advance yoga poses right without overstretching your muscles, which may cause injuries. For example, yoga asana like one-legged pigeon pose is an effective hip opener exercise to enhance your flexibility. Using a block may help you practice this pose without exerting your back or hips.

When you practice the chaturanga pose by placing a yoga block under your shoulders, blocks can help you stay up without hurting your shoulder blades. Take proper care to choose proper blocks made of a suitable material and height. Blocks may be made from materials like cork, foam or wood. However, most yoga teachers recommend foam blocks to start with.

Yoga Equipment

Buy a Yoga Strap for Greater Stability and Stretch

This lightweight and compact piece of yoga equipment helps you to improve your alignment. When you begin yoga, your muscles may be tight. Using a yoga strap can help you complete the pose without overstretching your muscles. In yoga poses like the seated forward fold, you may strap it around your leg, which may help you reach forward with ease [1].

When practicing the chaturanga pose, wrap it around your upper arms and form a loop so that your shoulders and elbows are in a straight line. This way you get better stability. Before investing in a yoga strap, choose the material you are most comfortable and check for the length so that you are able to complete your poses without any glitch.

Get a Good Yoga Cushion for Comfort During Seated Poses

Using yoga cushions or bolsters can provide better blood circulation especially in poses where you need to be seated for a long period. While doing pranayama or other breathing exercises, your legs may get numb due to prolonged sitting [2]. Using a yoga cushion helps you get better alignment by elevating your hips. Another advantage is that for chest opening yoga asanas, lying on a bolster or cushion may make you more comfortable.

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Wear Appropriate Clothing for a Better Practice

This is yet another important factor to consider while practicing yoga. Go for a pair of comfortable yoga pants that can help you complete poses without any difficulty. Make sure not to wear tight clothes otherwise stretching and bending during asanas may not be easy.

While some people prefer to add bolster pillows and adjustable back support pillows apart from backless yoga chairs to their equipment list, all this depends on you. Do you really have to do yoga with equipment? No. In reality, all you need to get started with yoga is a mat and focus! However, practicing yoga with the right supporting equipment can help you flex your muscles better and achieve the ideal posture. When you are buying yoga equipment, make sure to invest in good quality.

To address symptoms like back and neck pain, muscle pulls and other more serious injuries, talk to specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online doctor consultation within minutes and get your concerns resolved from the comfort of your home. This way you can enjoy your wellness and fitness journey with yoga stress-free.

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