World Food Day: Tips to Keep Your Diabetes in Check

World Food Day: Tips to Keep Your Diabetes in Check

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October 14, 20227 mins read


World Food Day is to honor the foundation, Food and Agriculture Organisation, founded by the United Nations in 1945. Before getting into other details, let us understand the motto of this day. 

Key Takeaways

  • World Food Day is celebrated on the 16th of October of every year
  • World Food Programme and International Fund For Agricultural Development are also part of this celebration
  • The main motto of the FAO organization is to improve nutrition and food security and eradicate hunger

World Food Day is celebrated on the 16th of October to appreciate nutritious food due to the efforts of thousands of unknown people. This day is also observed to spread awareness of a healthy diet.  

World Food Day is celebrated with different themes every year [1]. The World Food Day 2022 theme is to leave no one behind and the prime focus is production, nutrition for a better life, and building a sustainable world where everyone is counted. One of the major crises in the way of better nutrition is not following a healthy diet which leads to health conditions like diabetes. On this World Food Day 2022, diabetes nutrition and controlling this serious ailment must be prioritized.

How Deadly Disease is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder caused due to increased blood sugar levels. It happens because of a lack of a hormone called insulin. This hormone is either low or missing in diabetic patients. It is a major health problem concerning a large population. According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas committee, by 2030, this health condition will affect 578 million people, and by 2045, the number can touch 700 million. The main concern about diabetes is that it can become the cause of other life-threatening diseases, and in chronic cases, it can be life-threatening. Here are the details of a few health problems associated with untreated diabetes: 

Damage to the Eye

It can affect the blood vessels, which can lead to eye damage and sometimes blindness. Similar to World Food Day, there is world sight day which addresses the importance of eye care, and here diabetes is also a topic of discussion since it can become the reason for eye damage. 

Damage to Kidney

The kidney is a major organ that filters waste from the human body and keeps the body active. However, diabetes can damage the kidney, and this affects the filtering system. 

Damage to Heart

Untreated diabetes results in many heart diseases like stroke and heart attack

Diabetes enhances the risk of deep-vein thrombosis when blood clots block veins and arteries. However, many people are not aware of this condition. Hence, world thrombosis day is to spread awareness of this condition. World thrombosis day focuses on the misunderstood condition of thrombosis and organizes several educational events to spread awareness of this growing health problem.

Diabetic tips on World Food Day

A Healthy Step on World Food Day

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can be prevented or managed via lifestyle modification. The modification begins by staying physically active and having a nutritious diet. Given below are some food plans for this World Food Day, which will help to prevent glucose spikes. 

Maintaining a diet plan will help to keep the blood sugar level in a target range. A diet plan is nothing but meal planning which includes what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat.

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What to Eat?

The diet of diabetes patients [2] should be well-balanced. Therefore, the quantity and quality of food are essential for diabetic patients. 

  • Glycemic Index - Before knowing what to eat, it is crucial to understand the glycaemic index concept. The Glycemic index ranges between 0-100, a rating assigned to food. The value of the glycemic index shows how quickly food affects blood sugar levels. Foods that increase blood sugar levels will have a higher glycemic index. 
  • People with diabetes should include non-starchy foods like broccoli, spinach, and green beans in their diet because they have a low glycemic index. In addition, they are high in fiber and water content 
  • Carbohydrates can increase the blood sugar level; hence, high-carb foods must be reduced in daily diet. Rice, white bread, and pasta are on the list of high carbs and processed foods 
  • People dealing with diabetes are encouraged to eat foods rich in fiber and protein because they are low in GI value. Foods with high fiber content, like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, provide minerals and also keep blood sugar levels within control 
  • Protein-rich foods like chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, and peanuts provide energy and help in muscle repair 
  • Try avoiding juices and sweet beverages. Instead, have fruits with low GI
  • Fruit juice can raise blood sugar faster in comparison to fruits
  • People dealing with diabetes should start their meals with fiber and protein-rich foods like salad and curd and then move to carbohydrates. In this way, the sugar level will remain constant for a longer time
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Measuring carbs and the plate method are the tools that can help to maintain a balanced diet.

Plate Method 

Eating without realizing the right amount often puts a person at risk of developing diabetes. This problem can be resolved with the plate method. In this technique, proteins and carbohydrates are distributed in the required proportions:

Take a 9-inch Plate 

  • Fill half of the plate with non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage 
  • Fill a quarter with chicken, tofu, and eggs which are proteins essential for muscle repair 
  • Fill other quarter carbs with food items that include vegetables rich in starch like potato, rice, grains, and pasta 
  • Complete the meal with water or a low-calorie drink

In this way, you can have all the essential nutrients and fiber on one plate and keep both diabetes and weight in control. As per the American Diabetes Association pairing high GI items with low GI items is a smart way to reduce the GI of the meal.

Keep Track of Carbs 

Keeping track of carb intake and setting a limit for each meal will reduce the spike in blood glucose levels. It is also good to speak with a dietitian and ensure how many carbs you can include each day in your diet.

When to Eat?

Eating at the correct time is important, not only for a person dealing with diabetes but for every individual. Some diabetic patients need to maintain the same food timing each day. Do not delay or skip the meal if you are on insulin because there is a higher chance of a drop in blood glucose level. Ask your healthcare provider about food time for safety.

Heard of Diabetes Myths? 

There are lots of myths related to diabetes. So on this World Food Day, let us disclose a few myths related to diabetes and start a diabetes-free journey by gathering the correct information.

Myth 1: It is Not Safe for a Diabetes Patient to Exercise

Being physically active is also part of lifestyle modification. Regular exercise keeps the body's glucose level in control. Set a goal of 150 minutes of exercise per week to build your fitness. Before planning your exercise routine, take confirmation from the doctor on your exercise program.

Myth 2: Medication Can Be Halted When Glucose Levels are in Control

Some type 2 diabetes patients can control sugar levels by maintaining a healthy diet, losing weight, and exercising regularly. However, diabetes can develop over time. Hence you may have to continue the medicines even if the glucose level is under control. Do not try to stop medication without a doctor's consultation.

Myth 3: Family History of Diabetes is the Only Reason for Developing It

A person with a family history of diabetes has a higher risk of suffering from it. However, many people with no family history are affected by diabetes. Lifestyle choices play a major role in determining the chances of getting diabetes.

Every change starts from a thought. Hence if you are eager to start a healthy life, there is no better day than World Food Day. Diabetes is a common disorder. However, untreated diabetes can lead to other health conditions. As per source, diabetes is linked to certain psychiatric disorders. Suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts are some psychiatric emergencies observed in diabetic patients. So, to prevent suicides, we can spread awareness on the topic through world suicide prevention day.

Let us join hands to support this reform for a better life and take a step toward a healthy life on this World Food Day. If you want information regarding World Food Day 2022, visit the official FAO website. 

To encourage a healthy way of living, Bajaj Finserv Health has initiated the facility of online doctor consultation. With this option, the patient can have a proper conversation with health experts at their convenience. Diabetes patients can gather information on what to eat from a dietician via video call. The process is simple, download the app, register details, and book the appointment. Let us plant a nutritious thought today for a better tomorrow.

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