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World Pharmacist Day aims to makes you aware of medicines and overall health. Before taking medication, consider beings aware of the dose and side effects of the medicine. Everyone should ask several questions to their pharmacist about medicines.

Key Takeaways

  • Become aware of the questions you must ask your pharmacist on World Pharmacist Day
  • World Pharmacist Day makes you conscious of the side effects of the medication before taking it
  • Everyone must celebrate this Day and should not compromise on the medication's name, dose, side effects, and function

A worldwide celebration of World Pharmacist Day takes place each year on the 25th of September to promote proper medication and health practices. At the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) council created World Pharmacist Day. FIP's date of establishment is the 25th of September, so we celebrate it as World Pharmacist Day. The theme of World Pharmacist Day 2022 is 'Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world.' On this day, FIP has organized a campaign to unite the world to lead healthy lives regardless of beliefs, religions, politics, and cultures. The World Pharmacist Day 2022 theme illustrates pharmacy's potential to impact global health and strengthen professional solidarity positively.

World Pharmacist Day is about improving health practices and empowering the positive role of pharmacists over the world. It demonstrates the positive influence of pharmacy in every corner of the world. Below you will find the questions you need to ask your pharmacist to be mindful of your medication.

What Is The Name Of My Medication? What Does The Drug Do?

Before taking any medication, knowing the name is important. The main objective of this World Pharmacist Day is to prevent people from buying medicines in the medical store by their shape and color. Instead, people should ask the store owner for the medication's name and function. Different drugs have different functions- antibiotics treat bacterial infections, and antihistamines treat allergy symptoms. As a result, taking the wrong medicine may worsen your health. Also, many medications are for external use only. If you are unaware of their function, it can lead to severe incidents.

Knowing the function of the medication can be helpful during any time of crisis when the doctor is unavailable. In addition, knowing the name helps you order the medicine online. Be aware of important aspects of your medication from this World Pharmacist Day.

World Pharmacist Day

What Is The Right Time To Take medication?

Knowing the right way and time to take medication on World Pharmacist Day is essential. Some medicines work well on a full stomach after a meal, while others work well on an empty stomach. For proper medication functioning, you must follow the appropriate direction of taking the medication. Otherwise, the drug will not work correctly. Also, knowing how often to take the dose of medicine is essential—taking medication more than the prescribed dose may result in several side effects. Similarly, taking less than the specified amount may not cure your problem correctly in the expected time. World Pharmacists Day makes you aware makes you aware of these minor considerations while taking medication.

Can You Provide Me With Any Written Information About The Medicine? If Not, Where Can I Find One?

Let's address this question on World Pharmacist Day. One can forget the information regarding the medicine from the pharmacist, so it is never safe to only memorize it. There may be some differences in the suffix or the dosage of the drug (200, 400, 650 mg, etc.). Taking written information about the medicine is important because even if you forget the medicine's dosage or name, you can quickly see and recall it. However, pharmacists may not have such written information. So, on this World Pharmacist Day, you can ask where to find written information about the medicine.

Nowadays, there are many online sources of information. So, you can search for the information on your browser and get the result. But, at least make sure to know the name and dosage of the medication on this World Pharmacist Day.

When Should I Stop Taking The Medication?

Most of the time, people ask about the dosage of the medicine, the proper way to take medicine, or the timing to take medicine, but they forget to ask when they should stop taking medicine. Many medications have a specific amount of intake.  If you exceed the limit, side effects may take place. So, you must ask your pharmacist how long you should continue this medication. You should also ask, what if the symptoms disappear before completion of that recommended period? Asking when to stop the medicine intake is vital on this World Pharmacist Day.

What Should I Do If I Miss The Dose?

Taking a recommended dose is best for getting the intended outcome. However, in many cases, patients forget some doses, and may not know what to do. World Patient Safety Day (the 17th of September) teaches people these small things we need to care about while taking medication. The next question to ask your pharmacist on World Pharmacist Day is the course of action in case of a missed dose. First, the pharmacist would recommend you with proper advice regarding this. Afterward, you should follow the pharmacist's instructions carefully to avoid skipping any future dose. Your pharmacist may suggest taking two doses the next day at the usual time.

World Pharmacist Day

When Taking Medicine, Should I Avoid Anything?

Some medicines may have a negative impact when taken with water, some specific kind of food, or other medications. You need to be completely aware of which type of food or drink can be harmful while taking medicine. World Pharmacist Day is about awareness about drugs and healthcare. The pharmacist would also make people aware of such food or drinks. If you take those foods or drinks along with the medicines, your health may deteriorate, and the medicine activity will reduce. In such cases, some medications show adverse effects too. So, be aware of such instructions from the pharmacists.

How And How Long Should I Store The Medicines?

If medicines are not stored correctly, their activity may deteriorate. So, you need to store the drug properly.  It would help if you asked your pharmacist how to store the medicine, so its function remains. Generally, if you keep your medication in some hot places, they lose its proper function. Also, in direct sunlight, the functionality of the medicine deteriorates. You should check the medicine package carefully to find out if the seal has any cracks or if the coverings have busted. Also, if your pharmacist recommends any other condition, you should obey that.  

What Are The Side Effects Of The Medication?

It is crucial to know the side effects of medication on World Pharmacist Day. Some medicines have side effects like drowsiness, nausea, stomach pain, and constant urge to pass stool [2]. Therefore, you must know if the medication is okay for general consumption or follow the pharmacists' instructions while taking medicine. You should also ask for the course of action in case of any side effects.

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World Marrow Donor Day will be celebrated on the 17th of September, 2022. Also, World Alzheimer's day is on the 21st of September. Both days are celebrated worldwide with utmost positivity.  

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You should be very careful about your health and take the necessary information regarding your medicines. Bajaj Finserv Health allows you to consult the best pharmacists across India. In addition, you can avail medical bill discount every time you buy medication from Bajaj Finserv Health.

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