World Vegetarian Day: 6 Top Protein-Rich Foods You Should Include in Your Diet


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Key Takeaways

  • International Vegetarian Day is celebrated globally on October 1
  • Peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts are examples of protein-rich foods
  • Oats and cottage cheese are essential superfoods low in calories

World Vegetarian Day is usually observed on October 1 globally. This day helps to create awareness about the importance plant-based foods in your diet. With many people becoming vegan and preferring vegetarian dishes, Vegetarian Day is gaining popularity. While the 1st of October is the day marked as the International Vegetarian Day, it shares a similar mission with International Meatless Day, celebrated on the 25th of November.

Many countries celebrate this special day with their own version of a national vegetarian day. The purpose of this day is to not only stress on the health benefits of vegetarian foods, but to also send a message. It raises awareness about the environmental, ethical and humanitarian impact of vegetarianism.

Some of the ways to celebrate World Vegetarian Day 2021 include sharing vegetarian food with your friends and colleagues, consuming meals without meat, and purchasing vegetables from a local market. Vegetarian food benefits your body by providing the essential proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber for more roughage. To understand more about the health benefits of different vegetarian protein-rich foods, read on.

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Improve your heart health with peanuts

Peanuts are rich sources of carbohydrates and proteins. As they contain unsaturated fats, peanuts are a heart-healthy food [1]. Half a cup of peanuts approximately contains around 20.5g of protein. Peanuts are also rich in vitamin E and folic acid. While vitamin E functions as an antioxidant, folic acid helps in the production and maintenance of new cells. Since peanuts is one of the protein rich foods, consuming them can keep you satiated for longer. Peanuts have a low glycemic index and so your blood sugar levels do not increase.

Have a bowl full of protein with delicious chole

Chickpeas contain several nutrients like vitamin K, iron, phosphate, magnesium, zinc and calcium. If you have a cup of cooked chickpeas, your body gets 12g of protein. As these are rich in fiber, a bowl of chickpeas can keep you full for a long period. This can keep your appetite in control. Apart from helping you manage your weight, chickpeas also help in regulating blood sugar [2]. Chickpeas are easily available and can be a part of many homemade dishes. Have it in a dry salad or make a delicious gravy out of it to enjoy the benefits of this healthy vegetarian food.

High protein Indian diet

Incorporate green peas to boost your protein consumption

One of the healthiest vegetables that often go unnoticed is green peas. You’ll be surprised to know that this simple vegetable is packed with the goodness of proteins. Have a cup of cooked green peas and you get around 9g of protein. Green peas also contain several other nutritious vitamins like vitamin A, C, and K along with fiber. These nutrients help in boosting your immunity [3].

Snack on healthy nuts to get the required protein

Nuts are an essential superfood you should not miss out on. They are excellent sources of proteins. Include almonds and cashews as a part of your daily meals. A quarter cup of almonds contains 7g of protein and the skin of almonds is rich in antioxidants. You can also consume other nuts like walnuts, pistachios, or hazelnuts for similar benefits.

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Toss paneer in salads to curb your hunger pangs

Paneer is among the low-calorie, protein-rich foods to eat. Consuming 100g of cottage cheese or paneer can essentially give you approximately 23g of proteins. This is higher protein content than you’ll find in an egg! Paneer is loaded with calcium and vitamin D that promotes good bone health. As it contains easily digestible fats, paneer can be included in your weight-loss diet plan too.

Vegetables for immunityEat essential superfoods like oats regularly

Oats are rich in soluble fiber and proteins. This superfood helps in lowering your bad cholesterol and promoting good cardiovascular health. Having a small cup of oats can give your body approximately 6g of protein. Start your day with a cup of normal oats along with milk. You may sprinkle nuts, dribble honey, or even add chopped fruits to enhance flavor.

The idea behind celebrating World Vegetarian Day is to create awareness about eco-friendly and sustainable plant products. It also serves to remove misconceptions about the nutrients in vegetables. Vegetarian foods provide several health benefits. While many contain rich protein, vegetarian foods improve your heart health as well. For expert advice regarding vegetarian meal plans or a high protein Indian diet, reach out to top dieticians and nutritional experts on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online consultation within minutes and get personalized plans to keep you living healthier.

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