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Healthcare Infrastructure in Jammu

You can safely entrust the responsibility of your swift recovery from your ailments to the hands of capable physicians, nurses, and doctors at the top hospitals in Jammu. The best hospitals in Jammu will have quick and practical solutions to any healthcare problems you may suffer. They work to provide thorough patient care and employ medical professionals from a range of specializations. The scope of care in surgery and therapeutic cases for patients who range in age from young children to older people includes everything from preventive actions to cutting-edge treatment, encompassing the whole field of cardiology. It offers a big pool of committed physicians, heart surgeons, and other specialists that work together to provide adequate services to people with various illnesses.

Government and Private Hospitals in Jammu

The Department of Health and Medical Education seeks to significantly improve the nation's healthcare system and the health of all citizens, particularly those who reside in rural areas. It aims to continue providing people with equitable, inexpensive, and high-quality healthcare, lower IMR and MMR, stabilize the community and achieve gendered and generational equilibrium, all of which contribute to attaining goals. The department aims to give citizens more power by using efficient tools like NRHM and Rogi Kalyan Samiti. Distributed development and execution, bolstering necessary infrastructure, and ensuring people can access fully working services at their doorsteps despite obstacles like topography and environmental restrictions. With that prospect in mind, Jammu has seen the development of quite a few government-run hospitals and centers of health. The best hospitals in Jammu administered by the government aim to provide inexpensive and accessible healthcare for the masses at fair prices.

Infrastructure for Health Governmental agencies in J&K can be presented as follows: 91 percent of the inpatient load is in the public sector, compared to 41.7% nationally. Almost 5800 doctors, 12855 hospital beds, and 3400 medical centers, comprising four medical colleges, 22 district hospital systems, two ayurvedic healthcare facilities, 273 ayurvedic pharmacies, 2 Unani hospitals, and 235 Unani drug stores, are currently in operation here. On average, 3127 people must be served by one medical facility. There are 111 hospital beds and a total of 48 doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers per lakh people.


The hospitals located in Jammu offer comprehensive healthcare and competitive medical assistance, thanks to the experienced doctors and well-trained medical and nursing staff.

There are various specialty and multispecialty hospitals in Jammu that offer medical services across several specialties like cardiology, nephrology, neurology, hepatology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, etc.

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Most hospitals in Jammu provide ambulance services for emergency transport of critically ill patients. You can get detailed information about the medical services provided by specific hospitals in Jammu by visiting the page of the hospital on the Bajaj Finserv Health website.

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