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About Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital

Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital is one of the leading hospital in Pune. The best healthcare professionals provide Comprehensive healthcare. It is located at Mundhwa. It provides advanced levels of care in over different specialties including General Medicine....

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Monday to Saturday
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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On the Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital page on our website, you will see an OPD section where the OPD consultation timings of the hospital are mentioned. This section also contains the contact details of the hospital so that you consult Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital doctors for your medical issues. You can call the mentioned number and book a preferred appointment slot at Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital.

Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital, Pune accepts payments in cashless and online forms. You can make your payment in cash or using online modes such as debit card, credit card, UPI and internet banking.

No, it is not mandatory. You can pay the expenses out of your own pocket in Ankur Multi Speciality Hospital.

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