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Searching for a lab center nearby to get your Folic Acid Test in bengaluru? Bajaj Finserv Health has made it simple. Book your test online from the comfort of your home.

About Folic acid test

Folic acid or folate or vitamin B9 is required by the body to produce red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and for proper development of the foetus in the womb. Folic Acid test measures the level of folic acid in the blood.

Folic Acid Test Overview

Test NameFolic Acid Test in Bengaluru
Booked for 100+ times
Report time48 hrs
Preparation required.No fasting required

    Who needs folic acid blood test?

    • People who show signs of anaemia like pale skin, easily fatigued, breathlessness, poor health.

    • Patients diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency.

    • Pregnant women with previous history of babies born with birth defects.

    • As a screening test for pregnant women.

    • People on folic acid supplements to monitor treatment.

    • Patients with absorption problems like bowel surgery.

    Preparations and Precautions

    • No special precaution required

    Folic Acid Test price in Bengaluru

    • The regular cost of Folic Acid Test is ₹399 in Bengaluru. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

    Folic Acid Test Price in Bengaluru


    Collection Type


    HealthiansHome Collection₹399
    Dr. Lal PathLabsHome Collection₹910
    Thyrocare Technologies LimitedHome Collection₹1000
    Orange HealthHome Collection₹1100
    Redcliffe LabsHome Collection₹1300
    Medall DiagnosticsLab Visit₹750
    Aster Clinical Lab LLPLab Visit₹800
    Core Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.Lab Visit₹850
    Konnect Diagnostic CentreLab Visit₹900
    Diagnostica Span Private LimitedLab Visit₹1000
    Curemax HospitalsLab Visit₹1190
    Neuberg DiagnosticsLab Visit₹1270
    Tenet Medcorp Private LimitedLab Visit₹1330
    Bhima Lifesciences LLP (Prima Diagnostic)Lab Visit₹1445
    Apoorva Diagnostic & HealthcareLab Visit₹1730
    Manipal HospitalLab Visit₹2000
    Narayana HealthLab Visit₹2080
    Vydehi Superspeciality HospitalLab Visit₹2460

    How home sample collection for Folic Acid Test in Bengaluru works?

    collection type

    Book a test at your preferred lab by selecting home sample collection

    sample collected

    Get your sample collected by the lab technician at your home


    Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email



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    Frequently Asked Questions about Folic Acid Test in Bengaluru

    What type of infection/illness can Folic Acid Test detect?

    1. Folate deficiency anaemia 2. Malabsorption syndrome (along with other tests) 3. Megaloblastic anaemia

    When is folic acid test done?

    Folic Acid Test is done when there is a suspicion of megaloblastic anaemia. When a patient is suffering from malabsorption syndrome, to check if other deficiencies are present. When a pregnant lady has history of babies with birth defects or previous miscarriages. Whan a person is on folic acid supplement therapy.

    Why do I need a folic acid test?

    You will need a folic acid test if you show signs of anaemia like pale skin, shortness of breath, easy fatiguability, poor general health, if you are pregnant or are showing signs of other vitamin deficiencies as well.

    What causes folic acid deficiency?

    Inadequate intake, malabsorption syndrome, bowel surgery with extensive removal of bowel all can cause folic acid deficiency.

    What is Folic Acid Normal Range?

    ● Infants - 14-51μg/L, ● Children - 5-21 μg/L, ● Adults - 2-20 μg/L

    What is the Folic Acid price in Bengaluru?

    The Folic Acid price in Bengaluru is Rs. 399, including free home sample collection.

    Can I get a discount on the Folic Acid cost in Bengaluru?

    At Bajaj Finserv Health, we aim to offer competitive rates, currently, we are providing OFF on Folic Acid. Keep an eye on the ongoing discounts on our website to ensure you get the best value for your health tests.

    Where can I find a Folic Acid near me?

    You can easily find an Folic Acid near you in Bengaluru by visiting our website and searching for a center in your location. You can choose from the accredited partnered labs and between lab visit or home sample collection.

    Can I book the Folic Acid for someone else?

    Yes, you can book the Folic Acid for someone else. Just provide their details during the booking process.