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Creatinine, Serum Test in Hyderabad

Also Known asSerum Creatinine Test, Sr. Creat

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About Creatinine, Serum Test in Hyderabad

Creatinine test is a blood test to measure a protein called creatinine in the body. Creatinine is found in muscles and thrown out of the body exclusively by the kidneys. It therefore estimates how well the kidneys are functioning. Creatinine can also be measured in urine.

Creatinine, Serum Test Overview

Test NameCreatinine, Serum Test in Hyderabad
Also Known asSerum Creatinine Test, Sr. Creat
Booked for 1000+ times
Report time6 hrs
Preparation required.No fasting required

Purpose Of Creatinine, Serum Test

  • Creatinine blood test is done to rule out any kidney disease.

  • To monitor kidney damage.

  • To understand efficacy of dialysis.

Who Needs Creatinine, Serum Test?

  • Anyone showing symptoms like swelling of feet, high blood pressure, anemia, voice changes or breathlessness.

  • People on dialysis.

  • Patients of kidney failure.

Preparations and Precautions

  • No special precaution required

Creatinine, Serum Test price in Hyderabad

  • The regular cost of Creatinine, Serum Test is ₹120 in Hyderabad. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

Creatinine, Serum Test Price in Hyderabad


Collection Type


Orange HealthHome Collection₹130
Redcliffe LabsHome Collection₹140
Thyrocare Technologies LimitedHome Collection₹190
Dr. Lal PathLabsHome Collection₹300
HealthiansHome Collection₹399
PrimeGen Healthcare Laboratories Private LimitedLab Visit₹120
Aster Clinical Lab LLPLab Visit₹140
Yoda DiagnosticsLab Visit₹150
Medi 5 DiagnosticsLab Visit₹160
Core Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.Lab Visit₹165
Tesla DiagnosticsLab Visit₹170
Radiance MeditechLab Visit₹200
Matrix DiagnosticsLab Visit₹200
Likhithas Diagnostics and Speciality LabLab Visit₹200
Aira Medicos Private LimitedLab Visit₹210
Vijaya Diagnostic CentreLab Visit₹220
Sathya Diagnostic CenterLab Visit₹220
Sprint Diagnostic CentreLab Visit₹230
Avigna Laboratories LLPLab Visit₹239
Premier Hospitals Private LimitedLab Visit₹250
Tenet Medcorp Private LimitedLab Visit₹250
Konnect Diagnostic CentreLab Visit₹250
Lucid Medical Diagnostics Private LimitedLab Visit₹260
Elbit Medical Diagnostics Private LimitedLab Visit₹279
Neuberg DiagnosticsLab Visit₹290
Swasth Medical AssociatesLab Visit₹300

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Frequently Asked Questions about Creatinine, Serum Test in Hyderabad

What type of illnesses/infections can creatinine test detect?

Creatinine blood test can detect reduced kidney function and kidney failure.

What happens if your creatinine level is high?

High creatinine levels in themselves are not life threatening. It indicates that the kidneys are not functioning properly and that can have serious health problems.

What level of creatinine indicates kidney failure?

A serum creatinine level of more than 1.2mg/dl in women and more than 1.4mg/dl in men indicates kidney failure. It suggests at least 50% kidney tissue is damaged.

Why do doctors test for creatinine?

Doctors might ask creatinine test if you have signs of reduced kidney function, or if you have high risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes or other auto-immune diseases.